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Death Parade 11 One of my friends  [[SPOILER]] and so when I saw dat [[SPOILER]] I be like.....i know this reference
Should lol. Well good luck.  You have done C++ before right? Arduino is basically C++ with some extra pre-defined functions, and pre other stuff that it sets. But essentially you just wire up the photo sensor on the bread board with resistors (if needed) and connect it to the correct analog input that you set in your code. You just have to initially do a base measuring of the laser on the sensor and do a cout << " TEST: "... This one has feedback and what seems to be stepper code example in the reviews and question/Answers Yeah that looks good. Not sure what sensors you guys had so i just posted a lot of them. But yeah, do you have exp with arduino and wiring this stuff? The steppers above and like most require jumper cables to what...
Buy yourself a full Arudino. Much better for future projects Either get them prime shipped legit from Amazon or get a Chinese Infiduino for $15 and get it a few weeks later.  Ebay is your best friend for everything...
Yep In stuff like this, even though it's a cop out to just do a servo instead of doing a continuous power of a high amperage thing such as a hair dryer. ESPECIALLY if you guys are art students without a Electrical Engineer of at least Junior level. Plus it's going to easier with the servo really. Not as instantaneous or fast, but it works. Plus Arduino IDE comes with pre-written servo code. You of course have to modify very large portions of it to fit the movement values... Even cheaper simpler With your idea, the only question would be how to interface a commercial laser alarm system with say an Arudino's analog inputs or even through a possible Arudino prototyping board. Much harder, probably requires a bread board, lots of resistors, and an Electrical Engineering team-mate that is at least a Junior to make it. this example utilizes any cheap laser printer, but then a general...
One of the better shows in the last couple years 2008 post really. While I felt WA2 was better in a romantic aspect, Shigatsu hits the bells on the themes, struggles, and underpinning emotional connection that the characters have. 
  You dont' like it yeah. But it was honestly fricking awesome for those of us that did. (many of us)  [[SPOILER]]  Overall, I loved it. Much more so than say KareKano or Angel Beats
yeah, it's pretty good Decent ep of Kiseijuu  Just finished Your Lie in April Pretty much the contestant for Romance Anime of the Year No bull, it's as straight as you can get it  There were some flaws to it (mostly from the manga and canon story that the anime faithfully adapted to my knowledge), but it ties up very well. 
This is the main thread btw Just start posting and introduce yourself there. Don't worry about how long it is, we welcome newbies
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