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Dang How was the movie? Even if it is a compilation :(
lol I have yet to open the retail package We can all be a lazy panda
same one, i just like it lol  wut :( much sad...such sad. Music was very awesome yeahSmooth rick roll lol
Dang, nice ep of UBW   Can't wait for the next one lol
Decent ep yeah. Only issue is the slight drops in animation FPS throughout it if you watch a bit more closely
The OP to UBW is quite epic  Wut..... Y U NO RIKE IT?I believe that it is  Where's my share? Nice that we both liked this ep! yesNeverforget lol We forgot about it lol. Working with cooler stuff right now
I still prefer Hyouka and Clannad lol
Im still shaking from how much I loved that episode of Oregairu    Feel is adapting this season extremely well. Gosh the props they deserve
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