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I meant if anyone else says the lines Ikoma says on screen with him as to answer the question that was posed moments before
Once is enough for the almighty search function!         STYX HELIX FULL
OooooOooo That ....guy Love how two letters is enough
Ok I give...who was it?
Still unsure about new episode of Kabaneri   But currently im sailing with Lord Biba as he is currently still more 'righteous' to me. 
I remember seeing this a while ago! eyyyy that movement into insanity Lol, I never had issues with them as I just use the provided take-apart screw drivers I am given.  I haven't seen any since episode 2. Is it a show to watch?
 Not a big list but always a good thing of course! Lots of exciting things with CD Projekt these days. They must have much more bargaining power now that The Withcer 3 earned them international renown and is the current holder of the most video game awards and GOTY of all time! GOG isn't officially aligned with CD Projekt RED as they are each just subsidiaries. But legal talk aside, they share the same office last I heard haha. Pretty much Aleksy asking Cyrl to put the...
 Yeah, 1+ year wait! 
THEY NEVER UNDERSTAND! Niceu! That was exactly what I was doing before I dropped the minor in business. About to graduate in CpE though! oy oy oy! I never bothered  with honours programs and things :/  Decided to spend my time doing  actual business and engineering experience which is worth more on CV than academics for it.  https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/4ljp9q/everything_known_about_kyoanis_new_anime_violet/ This thread is not enough! Seriously, absolutely...
 I completely forgot ECCs were even a thing still hahaa. What major did you decide on btw? haha exactly!The loudness war has helped teens worldwide. It's made them more angsty
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