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 Didn't know so many of us were like this haha!  Yeah I get very red as well Don't know how you get away without using WINE to run some baasic Windows programs I would keep an open mind throughout the year. :) 
 As red as this? By GNU I meant more of the add on stuff that use FOSS stuff from GNU. Some people these days even want to call Linux as GNU/Linux but yeah you right on that. If its JUST the base Linux kernel then no GNU is in it unless later add ons from the Android OS itself add on features, compilers, toolchains that GNU had a hand in....which many do. Richard Stallman is all for this GNU Linux approach lol. He hates using the word Open Source from what I re...
 I'll check it out in the coming days :D Do you get the Asian flush/glow? I get it pretty badly haha. I get both drunk and kinda sleepy. XNU (Apple Mac OSX and iOS) vs GNU (Android / Linux)   My favorite question to ask beginner Computer Engineering sutdents is what GNU and WINE stands for to see them struggle. I love recursive acryonyms.
LOLOLOLOLOL That's not just any ordinary representative...he's the boss of AMD Radeon Technologies Group! http://www.amd.com/en-us/who-we-are/corporate-information/leadership/raja-koduri 
 i5 750!!!! That's.....slower than a skylake Pentium! Wonder what they can do with a legit CPU from the modern era  Why 2018? Ryzen is doing a legit launch very soon. Late 2017 is probably a good bet for those chips.  Decent watch yeah :D its basically regular magical girl + some darker elemetns like Madoka lol....nope. The HK416D (.22 version) and this are basically brothers. Both licensed and made by Umarex. Still nice to hold though.  Say, how prevelant are AK74's in...
 I'm not an art or graphic student so Wacom rarely comes up for me. I've only used their stuff rarely so not too much knowledge in how they are doing lately. NEED? Do you though   I still need to see more numbers from Vega but so far I'm pretty hype on Ryzen
 I was so sure you were gonna quote my post with the Murica stuff in it lol. The show with the blade in it was Yuki Yuna is a Hero. Pretty good show with a S2 coming later this year. A lighter (but semi dark) Madoka Magica kinda. Lol true on the AR. It is built by Colt though and is AR-15 pattern to a 22.    
That's a WiiU emulated on a PC?   I take it the WiiU is on Left and the PC on the right?   IF this is just from taking the regular textures and smoothing, upsampling, and then applying the dynamic shadow and effects to it...then it looks pretty good
Dang! Pretty sweet to find a read out for a AAMML member when just watching a stream and going  when you hear a user name lol 
Where did you see that? Screenshot?
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