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Just made an Unboxing video if anyone is interested  
No there is no seperate line out on the E11K However you can use the headphone out on the E11K as one. 
 Well, that's just part of the market for Linux. Lots of open sourcing and people doing there own things.  I believe I played with Arch int he past. The general LINUX IDE's and distros do seem much simpler than Windows. But it's more of a faux amis than anything. 
Yeah. I don't know how I mistook I.  I just took a look at it again and did a triple facepalm. I even did a light bit and scratch to make sure, and man. I don't know how I mistook it. Probably exhaustion maybe.  My impression of the body stays the same however. 
I just did a Homer Simpson *facepalm*. I wrote the review on a 14 hour train ride across the country. I guess my 5 senses were a bit off . Anyway, I put a cross through the part you mentioned but kept it intact for people to see it in case.  Thanks for the heads up. I should have just seaerched around the S5 BW page to make sure.
Brainwavz S5 Review:  There are questions, and then there are questions that you get asked constantly. One of the most common requests of knowledge from me are on if unit X is better than unit Y. And commonly enough, Brainwavz is thrown into that loop every so often. This is probably due to how popular their untis are in the price range and the rave reviews they typically get. And so today, I have the new Brainwavz S5 with me, and I’m wondering if there is truly going...
Lol But yeah, I don't use the 4S because I do have DAPs 
Just took some glamour pics of the X1                    
Yeah, I wasn't sure what you meant by Album Arist. 
I'll be awaiting it.   I liked the X5 but it has a bit of a treble and general sound sig that makes it hurt a bit.  Hope the X7 is like the E12 in sound 
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