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You don't 'technically' need it. You can definately go with something more budget oriented but the X5-2 is a nice kit if you have the dough for it.  I've honestly had it for a while  .......just forgot I had it....and didn't open it for quite a while lol
 Just enough actually. While loud, I can still 'listen' to stuff when I pump the X5-2 to 120 on H gain. This indicates that for older tracks where the action happens well below the noise floor. The X5-2 may not have the oomph to amplify it loud banging rock for the HE-400S  This doesn't mean that the X5-2 doesn't have the power to give older songs enough amplification to be loud enough for enjoyment. But it stops there and won't go into 'loud loud' territory. Which is fine...
Ugu........... My car has too small windshield to fit any additional decroative stuff in it. I was originally going to put a Gundam Model in the middle console as decoration. Obviously it's joints and all that would be perma glued. But alas...couldn't happen
I only heard the HE-400 briefly  so I do not remember them too well. But I do like the HE-400S.  Using X5-2 as USB DAC right now with HE-400S as headphone. Watching movies and what not...... 
  Listening to the X5 Second Gen with the HE-400S  Beautiful stuff!
Y U NO FAT ENUF yep....story of my life.  But I got a car so that's all that matters. Driving all dem female pandies
Haven't had a snack in a long time I'm not eating enough for hibernation 
Dang What sacrifice to the gods of HF must I make to join?
I'm the ruiner of gifs. The harbringer of destruction and doom....i am...the bow-wow Just finaly opened the new X5 Second Gen after sitting on my shelf for like two weeks...tis nice.  HD IPS Screen and some of the best parts from Burr Brown
Can I join this club with the cool kids? I swear I'm cool.
New Posts  All Forums: