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Tedious maybe but it's part of the game. That's much cheap though. Most stuff now costs like hundreds. Want a new loot bag? 900 orens that is wat  I'm on a bugged quest...dang..gotta restart it. I did it it in the wrong order. Game won't advance properly
Gold is part of the fun. Seriously. You may think that you are poor but it's intentional. The game forces you to use crafting, dismantling, and selling and haggling prices to make money. I made 4000 orens at level 8 in about an hour from the diagrams and materials that I had. Yeah. White Orchard, Velen with the Baron may seem like you've already finished 50+% of the game....but nay. If you were to say even finish all the question marks, quests in those two
Curently at 30 hours in The Withcer 3.   I'm 25% done with the best.   There are three acts to the game with sub act/cities in each act. I half-assed the second city of the first act and now am at the last region/city of the act......and that's even with half assing the events/quests and story in the second.     This game is massive holy *****. 
the link is broken Day 4 of playing the Witcher nonstop..I AM the witcher.
Dang jaq-chan. Those are some great looking do you braid them? And dang vant kun ...... Sorry for ur loss. The only right thing to do is to give it a military class lighting it up with some AKs and convincing yourself to buy a new htpc even though the other one still works
Nice looking build. Now get some white sata cables lol Yeah....not even at 12 hours plus. Note that I'm referring to 20% of the map. ...I'm at 20 hours now....and still on the same part of the map.
 lucky? yepRight..i felt that way 1 month i feel freeeeee  nah, lots of peeps just startingyeah...i need to. Still havent played Ep 2 You are just starting to watch this? It's a nice show The members of this thread, including me, gave it the Asspull-that-I-Enjoyed of the season for the season in which it aired.  The winner of the Asspull-that-nobody-enjoyed of that season was obviously Aldnoah Zero
Not sure if it is Skyrim level But let me tell you....when they told you the game had a lot going for it. They weren't kidding.  They took the Witcher and Skyrim-fied it.... I'm about 12+ hours into it....and im only on the one region just past the beginning prologue....which represents 20% of the world. I haven't even finished that 20% of the world at all. 
My exams are over!!!!! Yes! Ha
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