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Yeah... Most things are common sense as to what is allowed Only rule most miss is the no discussion of banned members or their sites rule. Past that, its all common sense
I really hate that bastard Zachary Keck, the dude that writes for the Diplomat.    Everyone of his articles are crap. 
Very light discussion involving the industry, news, general production. And very very normalized art.  Past that...don't post :/ 
Ok...gosh [[SPOILER]]Always get your priority straight...or else
It baffles me when hentai have better production value and quality than full worldwide anime series.......
 There you go. It has resolution, but not quality sadly
Really!?   The RESOLUTION of the pictures are high. But the pictures are indeed a bit grainy and mid quality in general.  Not to fear, new pictures will be taken with a much better one 
There is some @ function that you get when you type @ but it's basically useless if your email or some settings aren't set up right. Like mine haha
Ah gatcha! Yeah. We LOVE to rant in this thread. It's one of the few safe places people can come to rant even though they know it doesn't hold up logically. I do it all the time. This thread is for the purpose of ranting without thinking too much when you get emotion at a topic (and anime of course). Some rants make my small business heart sink  As most here aren't business minded people.  And lol at his story. I read that this morning...but I only read the beginning and...
I started a thread on the E11K if any of you want more information   Early Impressions of a VERY early pre-production sample are there. These impressions will be half a year old by the time the final unit comes out. So please take it with little mind.      Also unboxing video and more pictures. We all like pictures right?
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