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There are certainly reasons for going against the officer. Many valid points at that. But the only problem with those points are that they are socio-political ideas that are outside our current system. Meaning that for them to be a truly valid point for a protest, one must also be arguing for mass system change towards X where X must be a valid change ideal and not some made up bull. I'll support claims against the officer only in circumstances such as those as that is...
 I don't particularly agree with what most protests are on about in regards to Furguson. There are more legit things to protest about than the trial, and resultant actions, or even the shooting itself. Not NSFW.  But she was the key animator. She should never have posted stuff like that under her name. Hence why many go online anonymously and do it that way.  It's all to do with the 'dream' and world building that goes on. Viewers have pre set notions of the worlds their...
Yeah, that was also another nail in the coffin of showing mass favorism, and neglect of profesional attitude towards her work. 
 It's warranted though. She pretty much committed EVERY mistake possible. She didn't show professionalism at any stage. But worst of all is that this is Japan, and even worse, is that this is Japanese animation. She pretty much went out to discredit, disregard, and put out material as an official key animation artist that destroyed people's worlds, their views of characters, and destroyed some of their favorite members innocence.  There is a huge amount of 'worship' and... Schiit hit the fan with the key animation person for Studio IG. The summary is in the comments above.  I'm really digging Parasyte the Maxim. It's by no means too 'anything' in terms of holy goodness. But it's just such an enjoyable show to watch  Very few series has plot execution and most importantly 'flow' and themes as well as Parasyte is doing. Plus I'm loving its internal...
 Just two 7870GHz's in CrossfireX. I lucked out on getting them when I was in the market. 
To me, it's like posting performance charts of the new lambo and the new corvette. I won't be buying or afford those two. It's nice to look at and quite amazing to talk about. But it doesn't hold any real value inside my heart   SEGA bundle is out   Just a note that most of this bundle is DLC    Jokes on you SEGA. I actually have ROME 2 and want the Gaul DLC, just never bought it. Also, I wanted the sonic racing game. HA! Jokes on you.
Yeah, I've been an intern at a few places so I understand ya  And yeah, impressions almost never cost $100. Pretty much sub $30 for most places.  dat nostalgia...nostalgiad so hard too
 I actualy like her Chinese album Love Song the most out of every other The Chinese mastering is lower in quality without a doubt.  There is an extra .3 - .5s of white noise ahead of every track. A lot warmer too.  -_-  It's a trap Reminds me of this:  Or this change
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