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It's why I subscribe very legal Swordu Arto Onrine Dang, you are going...so much into it...   
Crunchyroll is love....and life
Why did the OP shock you? Probably because Holo is best girl
oh my god   I am dying of laughter        
  I love analyzing of anime      This vid shows the representations in Spice and Wolf OP1
shenmue is the same for me. I keep hearing about how nostalgic it was...but never from anybody ....like at all    oooo that looks nice...now I want to watch it as well
That's pretty cool it's part of my childhood too. All recent western adaptions of it to appeal to eastern audiences....have been pretty horrible.
Something is happening with it?
Just finished UBW after like a month of delaying the last few eps       Well... I gotta say that I loved the epilogue episode the most out of any other episode of the entire show.     FSN UBW was a very fine show indeed. You can't doubt it. But it's pretty much the star anime poster-child that has a lot of bells/whistles/ and story backing to it without much underlying oomph to it in my opinion.   I found it to be too much rising action without much of a climax....
 yeah, it was done pretty well. Episode 1 that is. I heard ep 2 is more SoL so who knows. and thanks...but Laplace really isn't my thangi love the 'okay' and nah, I don't like traps....although the one in Steins Gate was done really well and especially broke my heart when [[SPOILER]]  bucket list? fool. I have another 60-70 years left before I kick the bucket. Hell no to kicking the bucket when im this young Laplace, yeah now it rings the bell. Not really m y thing...
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