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 I'm pretty sure there is an easier way to get your feet wet     And the rimfire exclusion is no longer there in my state (CT). So even rimfire ARs are banned as well if they have the features that the wording notes of.
 I've heard of Benchmade so there is that. I'm a bit less likely to spend over $100 on a knife to be honest.  It's a pretty well known character from an anime  I don't comment on Youtube sorry lol  That made me disgusted at myself for even clicking on it I can't imagine that being an i7 or there being a 5770 before...looks almost like Athlon X2 years/generation Yeah.  MSI GS63VRPros:i7 6700HQNvidia GTX 1060 6GBSteelSeries Keyboard. RGB Keyboard10key NumpadThermal Cooling...
Never even heard of Spyderco lol Konosuba S2 will be glorious. I don't plan on watching Gabriel, Gintama or Akiba Trip but the rest are game for me as well.
   All good man! Just wanted to gather some opinions. What shows you interested in?
 Dang, i had high hopes
 That's good and sad to hear for both though. 
I swore I would only watch one show a season with the genre of: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things (without romance)   But here I am watching or planning on   Interviews with Demi-chan Urara Meirochou Maid Dragon   and god knows what else.
 Fixed blade probably not my thing at the moment. @deadlyloverWhat folding blades do you recommend for about $80? VX has some nice suggestions above. Wondering about your input now.  Good question as well. But at the same time....its just a hobby right. No harm no foul  Wonder what effect this will have on AoT The manga hasn't been very good lately anyway It was obviously Linus 
The limiting factor of course 
 I haven't even heard of Scalebound lol   Yeah, we aren't even on top weekly or monthly active threads anymore haha. My uncle and aunt are RI residents. We'll see hehe. My markmanship is ehh. It's alright. Dang, your uncle gave you some nice stuff. I'm looking at a WASR in the future for sure :D
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