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 Of course! Just like fakku and it's own account linking You get to show all your friends how advanced you are!The CM QuickFire Rapid probs
heheheLOGI (Tech) ftw !!!
Hibike Euopho ep 11 I just did a girl scream and waved around the room  That scene when [[SPOILER]]   My heart...just burst
 I love the title of the doujin they used for the promo pic and the tags they put on the bottom  oh god....so good
Crunchyroll's new social media function               hahaha...yeah.........no.....thanks
asspullsI should have known....after EP 8 and all that..... I believed....I BEWEAVED!I'm super salty   dangit Kyo ani......with your record of [[SPOILER]]
 don't spoilerz ze ending it picks up near the middle of it from story format into actual....shizz nit  Yeah, it's a bit confusing...just know they are fighting monsters and enjoy it...yupI like the $50 price range of mouses personally. Seems more features personally and what not.  Wired ftw! I decided not to read UQ Holder as I'm still salty about Negima I re-read Negima about 3 years ago...but can't remember any of it..but i do remember I was salty...so i shall stay salty
Hyouka is a better show than Hibike yeah but it's still a good show. Hyouka has better usual animation while hibike has key scenes that are aewsome. I haven't been reading about hibike eupho since I didn't used to watch it  YEP SAME I just started Yona of the Dawn as well last week. About in ep 3 now. Not bad...much better than i penned it at first If you read manga TYG....I highly recommend Shin Angyo Onshi. Basically a more mature and more laid out version of Yona of the...
 i don't have hp capability on my compy right now  Don't have any DACs at home that are easilly plug and connect atm Only have full size hard to drive headphones And computer only does integrated audio out  I'll plug the X5-2 in it when i'm free lateryeah..that was an awesome ep for sure. Asuka senpai ftw btw. I know you like dem megane TYG...so don't lie to me about the awesome powers of Asuka senpai Yuri yuri it up! I ....was ok with it.  Yeah... the first few episodes...
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