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"And you don't seem to understand. A shame you seemed an honest man."https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/4nadnq/what_are_some_interesting_factsstories/d425omzFacts on Main always bring up its song hahacan't use scholarship money on it?Also I forgot you got a laptop from relatively recent. I went into college in 2013 with a 2008 MBP so I had to upgrade haha.
Thanks for the heads up Haiburi! Getting any new college laptop?
Hope none of the anime you've been watching lately give you any crazy ideas on re-incarnation or pain sharing! haha
 Dang, that is quite a list! One does not need a reason to watch Netoge but simply do. It is what being an otoko means Nice! What job? I haven't demod Grado's long enough for an opinion hahasteki!
So teenage angsty!? hahah What other shows you watching this season besides the glorious Sakamoto Sama?
Oh right I forgot they lived on "Aircraft carriers" haha! Reminds me of the The Pilot's Love Song. Another show I enjoyed quite a bit.  Both are currently in their mid zones in my opinion. Kabaneri's entry two episodes was honestly too fricking epic beyond any proportions so I get the idea of it declining. But I had my expectations set right on what they could do past the first two episodes. Re;0 didn't have uber epic first few episodes but rather just had a constant...
I hope so haha. But it seems they may be gearing to alternate AOT next time though :/ I don't remember seeing actual warship sailors in GuP!?  Swipper no Swipping other ppl's waifus! But yeah, another short episode that leaves me wanting mooooooooore Gets another full ED repost from me to lengthen the hype train
I do agree on that :) The movie was a fun watch and I do like my tank battles more. 
Top anime What I Watched for me is Haifuri           or 
 I'm very meh with the song which is why I do a singalong with his opening narrative haha. I like Ninelle a lot better imo. I expect the same as well as we only have 4 episodes left before a possible S2 announcement. So my bet is that they will have him do some stereotypical thing that breaks his current imposed "nice guy" character and makes Ikomas arguments stronger as a cliffhanger. Only for S2 to make the cliffhanger into a misunderstanding and putting laBiba-sama into...
New Posts  All Forums: