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Read the manga, way less censorship WMO? Is the show...good? which reminds me i have to still watch S1
My foe     Tsun Mosequto
ahh yep. Same. AM3 CPU as well
 super magical. like...lazy editors or somethingI love how we have the same parts lol didn't you used to have 5770 as well?
It's a good show to watch definately Much more watchable as a weekly show though Yeezus and 50cent dominated that show.
i haven't seen them yet....maybe ill have to now...meh. i'll just watch akatsuki no yona  Shaft animation sure is nice...great..now i want to watch itlol I love the subreddit with kawaii moe rappers and all thathttps://www.reddit.com/r/gangstaswithwaifus               haven't seen ep 2 yet but ep 1 was quite good
dang....now i kinda want to watch it thanks to shiro pan
 Those are some great faces. I wouldn't stop laughing all day honestly Chitoge one is bestYep, simple solution to a problem. Plus it lessens bloat on a game's resources in terms of adding other sprite things to the engine which requires more resources for download etcx Yeah, I'm waiting to see what Apple Watch Gen 2 will be like #FirstWorldGameOwnerProblemsOfOwningItAlready
It's why I subscribe very legal Swordu Arto Onrine Dang, you are going...so much into it...   
Crunchyroll is love....and life
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