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To anyone that has seen Serial Experiments Lain  Please tell me if I am right on my hunch of what the series is about. I'm having a hard time fully finishing the series so I want to know if I got the memo right  [[SPOILER]]   Help me out FAM!
I woke up today thinking it was the Sunday that Re:Zero would come out on.....turns out it wasn't. My feels when that happens Spoiler alert picture from anime: [[SPOILER]] Being Subaru is suffering
Lol How could I miss out on the true best girl! You had me beat. You right
Confirmed Haiburi for 666 devil that will bring about armagedon or its equivalent......the failure to deliver on Violet Evergarden (click zoom)
 It's gotta be realistic dawg. But same, I agree and feel the same.  And nah. Currawong said that Huddler used us for science experiements lolSkype skype skype skype skype
Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay! @TYG Yeah true true on waiting and what adaption. I'm fairly certain it was confirmed as an anime series though.
I don't usually get hyped for shows. But the Violet Evergarden PV was just too beautiful.....I need Plus. I have a thing for Kin-patsu shojou! (Kinmoza represent)
its a bit warm yeah but in standard conditions it doesn't overly throttle past what you may expect to be reasonable which is the key idea. And not random throttling due to bugs.I've read the three reviews on the 9550 from Notebookcheck in depth before buying it.With such thinness and power, I expected some give granting it is reasonable and it is
Depends on what you consider normal throttling. With the latest firmware, it doesn't have any abnormal throttling. Initial release did and there was a slight bug in some of the semi recent ones but currently, it is fine. Throttling happened in recent FW when computer switched powre modes of Mains power -> battery or vice versa and then had the user opening up a high resource program like a game. This is the only time the throttling bug would happen. But granting you leave...
Dell XPS 15?Its a 14" laptop size (I use a laptop case for 14" laptops and it fits perfectly).And uses the combo Thunderbolt + USB C spec. PCIe SSD Samsung PM 951 2GB/s R and 650MB/s W. Nvidia GTX 960M and Intel HD 530 in Optimus hybrid switching.Got mine for $999 refurb in condition that was practically unused.Sub 5 Lbs with standard battery config
New Posts  All Forums: