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Then that is most likely a problem on the side of your source output, a cable you are using, or the device you are inputting that signal into. Optical Toslink requires much more care than digital coaxial or 3.5mm analog auxiliary.  You can not bend the cables, and you need to keep the lens relatively clean and to never touch it with your finger.    You need to either switch whatever you are outputting a optical signal with, and or get a new toslink cable, and or get...
Other source devices have optical output people want to use it for The majority of sources with Optical Toslink also feature Digital Coaxial but some dont. 
Probably due with a mechanical issue   Check to make sure nothing on the slim drive is smacked in place with the plastic of the case.   Take out the DVD drive, and then put it back in tightening all screws.      Press the eject button while upright and slowly lay it down. See what angle it comes out at and if you can hear any noises that might signal something is/was blocking its path or a mechanical action clicking into place
Hi Everyone, never made an introduction here.    I guess I like listening to headphones actively which is why I prefer them for when I want a real session.   I prefer speakers for general computer use, Youtube, and non-serious usage. But at a sub $300 price point for a complete setup, headphones still offer a great price to perf ratio.    Anyway. Welcome all
Try Beyerdynamics DT 770/880/990 take your pick
I liked the teens react to SNK video better :D
 lol I see you got some fightin' spirit!
Such asspullery for even including Ebola as a measurement of time comparison
I don't get the ebola thing Everything else makes sense as it has a finite time for the media comparisons but Ebola?...where the hell they get ebola times out from?
Dayummm ...  I definately saw that comming
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