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Had high expecations for it. It was an OK movie but did leave it kinda salty as it was still too SoL and not as serious...oh well. Still cute
I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY AMERICAN FREEEEEEEDOM Being Subaru is suffering She's trying to break my dedication to EMF...but it won't happen. 
 Lol. All I got out of Elfen Lied was [[SPOILER]] So...FRICKING....ANNOYING. The band is called Porno Graffiti and likes to scream. Good songs but I honestly think they or the production just can't seem to hear or be annoyed by the sound anymore which is why it made it in.The only reason it is still standable to listen is because one guy was kinda smart enough not to make it too loud.    I liked the serial nature of it without going too far. Really enjoyed it as a hook for...
LOL. The enthusiasm TYG has with EA lol!!!!!! I'm interested ikn Titanfall2 and BF1 so will see how they are and will go in with my expectations. 
Cuz she is the Emilia-tan Major Fairy Her smile...we must protect that smile
 Ahh gatcha on LA. I was confused by how much english was in the poster lol. Cool on CDPR identiy in Poland. I kinda hoped they were a bit bigger in terms of pop culture identiy but oh well. For me, I just can't name many other things I identify with Poland past CDPR and Soviet technology. Seeing as how Witcher 2 was provided as a presidential present to Obama from Poland years back, I would expect it to be a national pride. I mean considering that it's the current world...
On the Boku no Hero Academia OP (The DAY)   Why.......do......they.....put....a....FRICKING high pitch sound in the beginning of the song!?     It's pretty distracting to me. Almost like they are trying to replicate the 15.7KHz sound from old CRT tvs as a reference to Deku watching All Might on TV.    My guess on it is that the producers or song writers wanted to add in the effect but seeing as they are older, didn't have it bother them as much
Awesome episode. We must protect that smile.  But...YOU TAKE THAT BACK ON OUR PRECIOUS EMF! EMF FTW! The makers of the anime just tweeted that ARC3 will start next week and that Subaru will suffer even more  
I've gotten two confirmations on it and it seems the web is in agreement that that is the main message. There are probably other theories and sublte inferences but oh well.  Many "products of their time" include stuff like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Akira of course. All were enjoyable to watch in those times but only hold up to those that cherish it or hold it in cult following in the current day. I've been watching SEL for the past 1.5 years unable to complete...
 For the time it was made probably is the thing to say here :/ I have been avoiding all discussion on SEL for the past many years so I wouldn't get spoiled on it. But I'm only 5 episodes in and I'm already pretty tired of it and was wondering what I analyzed out of it was the actual message or not the full idea. Is that in Poland? Posters are kinda weird to have real people faces imposed over the actual characters lol How famous or respected is CDPR in Poland? From my...
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