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  Got the second ReZero novel! Completeing my collection!   Thanks santa
 This is legit! I personally find the most asian looking packages of rice when i buy to make sure they are legit.  ReptAr has a Sig? What are the laws like in the UK for this stuff? I knew he was into airsoft but not guns. Because zombies are rotting and rotted food tastes like.....well ...schiit
Is that Mexican Chinese rice!?? I'm so confused
 Murica. Virginia here (for 4 more months)  TYG is a party poooper    I can not refute that statement.  Reaction when someone tries to break into a gun owners home  I like my pistols like I like my soviet women. Stronk Hell yeah! We be fighting in narnia! Who is ReptAr? Ra97or?
 Lol. First post I see waking up. It's like being congratulated for waking up at 3PM  I get your sentiment on not hating or liking it. I'll have to check out Bird Turd CG show now  You followed my Humanity has Declined image posting!  FREEEEEDUM units are best units  Forgive me but who is the red haired girl?  The glock was fun for sure. Pure OMG to not access a gun due to lock issues lol AK ammo isn't that hard. Lots of people sell US allowed ammo. it's just kinda expensive.
@Tilpo and other math science nerds It turns out that the math and science behind this scene from the show "Silicon Valley" was actually correct and and even had a paper backing it which is posted above
Those are such sad gifs :( aww...bad memories Sorry man. Won't be there. I've only been to AX and it was meh
Wut lol  
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