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I use Windows on my Mac for school.  The experience using Windows on a laptop has never been a good one. Especially the one I get using my desktop. It's scrunched up, and the touchpads for the most part suck. Obviously, one of the good things about Windows is its adoption by any company so there are products out there that are 'good'. Those are far and few though.  I pretty much can't stand using Windows with a general touchpad. There are ones with gimicky pads and touch...
Yep, same. PC as desky, and Mac as lapy.  I have a much better experience with Mac OSX with the touchpad.
Any impressions of it?
I'm not much of a design student. I can appreciate their stuff though. 
Good questions, but let's see after IFA happens so we can get a real feel for what it can offer us
Just looked the guy up I don't like his shape fitting designs. I love Ives industrial look. 
While there can be a case of how they ripped it etc.  Very rarely, if the press is the same. Will you get a discernable difference in quality. That is if they all came from the same press. 
Someone who encoded the FLAC (as in the uploader) probably ****'ed up
I'm still on ep 5
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