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Posts by bowei006   Start at 1m 44s     Anime in review by one of the most famed anime reviewers.     He delivers so much pwnage at 1m 44s to the next 20s..OH GOSH. My stomache! Especially the hipster part
There will always be an improvement......but for newbies in the field. Spending the money on a portable set is fairly high in diminishing returns and how well one can hear it.  Portables are efficent headphones...because...well, they are portable designed.  I would say to demo some amps somewhere. Hell, plug it into one of the better class A/V receivers at Best Buy and play music through them. Different amps that no matter high or low in quality are still representations...
Nope... I rare dropped it after ep 1 which was hella terrible.  I...didn't watch it :( The only thing I read about it was that there was a lot of  [[SPOILER]] How are they going to show that on the anime? Do they show the ecchi parts at all then?  The legs of the people in the top picture gave it away The second one was much harder due to clothing covering most of their bodies another anime to sell stuff I actually liked the Arpeggio anime...quite good...
Who are you talking about for this^    I'm not sure if you are taling to your SS, vwinter, or me.    I need to knoess so I know who is being offered the free game...whatever that game is. 
There has been hundreds of comments and replies from FiiO on Rockbox. Do we need to beat the dead horse every time a unit comes out? Its not currently possible due to how FiiO does lisencing with their fw and SoC.
Doki doki he he
Hey Borisu. How much do you like the Grisaia VN? A lot of people say its good. They keep on mentioning an Angelic Howl arc that makes up for everything and I'm confused
lol...what do you fly then?
Nice nice! I remember the days when I used to play a lot of VN Not that much for me anymore :/
For a moment, I was like, YAY, not Malaysian airlines Then I read the wiki So basically....same country, same city. 
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