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  Water is wet.  The idea wasn't that the 860M outperforms the 275M. It was rather a $680 laptop having a graphics card like the 275M when $850 laptops marketed as gaming class sport Intel HD GPUs.  Again.  It wasn't get a desktop. The whole discussion was on laptops and performance on laptops. It would be like going to an enviromental conference on altneratives to CFCs and making a speech about 'Just using CFC's when the whole topic was clearly on an alternative.  We...
Yeah, it was quite the abstract in the series. It wasn't my cup of tea, but it was certainly a good work. 
I talked about Sunrise's plan with @jgray91 before. And it turns out its comming true. Ignore my whining and I know Jgray will wish death on me for not liking BF but whatever.  Sunrise is revitalizing Gundam by essential restarting the entire userbase of it. This was pretty much proven in the...
I'm saving up a weekend to finally start the new Gundam G. 
It's a good season for sure.  I've only been let down by one anime this season whereas other seasons have given me something like 4+ letdowns.  The one that let me down was obviously Kari :/ The promo materials and graphics didn't really show how bad it really was. *sadface*. 
That one was pretty decent. Textbook in pretty much everything it did in terms of adversity, character progression and background story.  Considering most anime can't even do textbook literature elements correctly (due to them not raking in the money). WUG should be applauded for even getting that far.  It wasn't stellar by any means. But WUG was able to create a middle point of baseline materials needed for a series while still satisfying the fans in Japan.   However, the...
Yeah, I dislike most idol anime now. They aren't that good. Idolm@ster was ok. The closest to an idol series that was good would probably be Amagami and that wasn't exactly idol idol but a personal idol   YAY! I got people drinks1
If you shave a little more off. You can try for a 270X! The 760's price isn't low enough for a recommendation so there goes that.  See if he wants to go for the 6300 FX or the Pentium. If he wants a pure gaming rig. Using the pentium will allow him to get a 270x  Otherwise, the 6300 FX is a pretty smart upgrade for no cost addition. (need to change motherboard as well of course)
Considering Korea was conquered by Japan for a very long time. I wouldn't say them speaking Japanese is that big of a thing
Because KYOANI right?  It captured the Japanese audience. Tamako Market series that is. 
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