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I've always wondered how genius the Onion is. In where they have general articles that everyone can understand. And specific references a key few canI'm glad to get this oneI always wondered who decided to name it the K7XX. Especially since the name itself has been used frequently in the past to mean both the 01 and 02
I didn't really care personally as I saw the anime so I know what happensIts a bit unrealistic there...but there is real depth.Anyway. Play a bit more and if u don't like it...well no idea what to say.I'm fine with the combat system. Controls are fine for me.Reviews for it on PC are very good as well
 Hmm? Sending two durian probably wasn't that expensive 
It grows on you lol. But I do get what you are saying, and it's just how the game and show is. If you've seen the anime, it is a lot easier. But basically, this game is about war. It features a lot of deaths. Deaths of townsfolk, fellow soldiers, and destruction of lives. The game recognizes this by showing death easilly, but glosses over them as if it wasn't any biggie.  It's a similar idea used in Schindler's List. Where the haunting aspects of life and death starts off...
Don't let Jgray read this 
 I don't need a schiit ton of buttons so I personally prefer Logitech mouse Their new wireless gaming series (not that it has to be for gaming) are quite popular. 
Nice work man! Seems the 6s are kinda similar It really depends. If it works for you, it'd be a steal....however on the off chance that the fit isn't your thing...then it's more lukewarm. 
lol  I've been playing for a few hours now My initial worries were that the age of the game may not make it 'age well' in 2015. That's not the case thankfully  If the graphics weren't as semi glitch at times ( as they are doing CG with anime cell look in real time) and with more fidelity, it would be perfect   If you were a fan of the anime. I think you'll like this. I'm basically watching the anime right now....but playing it as well :D
I lost out on reserving posts...oh well   but wait...why are we reserving posts again? 
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