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 Quoting myself because it seems we already got the Calyx M. Not gonna get it myself then.  It's not new like you say so it can't be done. We don't want year old products sadly. 
 I didn't think these were new? I heard the new PS500e and RS1e. Never ever gonna get the RS1 or e after hearing the e. Ahh sounds good. I think I can get one of these. 
 I was told I can get them, but to be honest. I don't want them right now.  And yeah. We already got the new Hifiman cans. I have the HE400i with me right now. It should have come out already but it's been delayed. And the HE560 has already been released.  Anything else?
Gatcha on both.  The latter isn't an issue but the former does look interesting. I heard one recently but haven't heard the original so I can't say. 
Ahh the Porno player. Yeah, we have coverage of that already and the AK. And by new expensive player, are you referring to the 240 and the new mk2 versions of the older generation AK's?   Anything else? Headphone especially. 
Quick guys     Give me the names of new head-fi related audio products that are interesting.    Has to be new, and something you think is interesting in the real of a headphone, DAC, amp, source etc. 
About to partake on Corpse Party...wish me luck .
There are only so many Murica gifs out there guys. So rikkun doesn't wasn't to get Anushole ice cream with us? And I kinds wanna watch corpse party now @b1o Dude. You are playing so many VNs. I remember back when I player the most in this thread. I think that this article explores something that is good. I wouldn't think it would emit light. But rather that due to how light is absorbed and due to its imperfect mech/humanoid shape. That the absorption would be uneven and 'curved'. Thus causing light 'rings' to eminate from the structure.  IT IS HIM, TRACY BE JESUS
 I read a lot about them on Reddit and Slickdeals and really. If you do them really really correctly. You are fine.  What really really correctly means: You fill out all the forms. Signature and dateYou mail it a week before hand in case USPS **** up postmarking dateYOU READ the fine print. Some try to trick you and don't allow packing slip or vice versa or require a specific type of invoice etc. You TAPE the UPC onto the form. Many times.  This is one of the most common...
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