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I just had a moment of insight     Barakmon, the anime that is showing this season. Instead of sounding like Barack Obama. Sounds like you are saying Black Man in a Jamaican accent....   -_-  
Doesn't matter  When I post spoiler anime pics. I always add another 6+ pics I have in my HF recent photos collection so that they won't show the spoiler up top. I just happened to have the E11K at the forefront of the collection, and so I used those Nah, this one looks like someone smashed a keyboard to make a foreign name. 
Just finished Aldnoah ep 3     Not bad, lot better than I expcted.     Inaho is still a ******hole Mr.Cool thougg
@Aldnoah Zero episode 3 35s into this episode...... and I'm pulling a blank face. While Terror show uses realism in the form of near plausability and just pure awesomeness. Aldnoah Zero uses realism when it fits the situation, and forgets about it for every other time.  35s in..... and I see this [[SPOILER]]   Close to 3 mins in. LET'S MAKE UP RANDOM ASS FOREIGN NAMES FOR PEOPLE! YAY!   [[SPOILER]]
I'm always amazed by how fast you find threads, and how you are able to just 'poof' into threads that have anything to do with FiiO  
I still have one key left for Payday 2.   It's $5 if anyone wants it. 
No Subtitle Muster Race 
There are different types of what you are talking about. The one you are referring to is the Mifi lisence I believe. However FiiO's LOD doesn't require the authentification that authentic stuff uses. And FiiO hasn't been granted a Mifi lisence yet. Who knows That is good logic. But it seems that in every other market, it is usual to have competitors in an area. The LOD area is 'small' but not smaller than others I've seen that have large amounts of competitors.  Yeah. The...
Yeah, first season was great I've always wondered this But why has no other company stepped up to make LODs? I know LODs for iPods are fading out due to lightning, but two years ago even. There was no real easy way to get a cheap and decent quality LOD for Apple devices besides FiiO. Unless you lived in HK or another tech developed region of China, or even more unlikely, to have a very very techie and audio friend who could make one. You were basically left with only FiiO...
Iconic yes and probably.  I....couldn't get into it What show? Legend of the Galactic Heros remains one of my favorite anime
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