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HMS Yume will not sink! 
 Originally, only land owning male citizens could vote. This was due to the idea that land owning people were better educated (very true in those days by a huge margin) and that males would of course be better at such decisions. So such an idea was originally implemented yes. Not that I am saying it's a good idea. If you really keep an eye on international news and press releases, you'll see just how 'normal' and human they all are in their responses. American wealth today...
Can't believe I am saying this. But STUDIO DEEN SAVING ANIME 2016!  Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju , Kono Suba, and Sakamoto San are putting them up on the pedestle.  Both Rakugo and KonoSuba are held in high praise by fans right now with many expecting Sakamoto San to be a good watch as well thanks to the source material. The animation does dip and it is noticeable that they make concessions (especially in KonoSuba), but past that, they've worked well with the directors and...
The wait is worth! Plus I like to have all my long term stuff at my real house if you get what I mean :)
It's plot man....a whole lotta plot.
 I completely forgot about it! Thanks Rikkun. I'll have to find out what it is in 2 months though as I am away from home right now 
 KonoSuba hehe
 Trump worries me yes. And so it is the people's job to try and elect someone who can best lead. But of course, as great as this sounds, it is also democracy's greatest flaw. As Winston Churchill once stated "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.". The personal attacks and taking away from the real tough questions are actually what happens on the international scale as well. Politics between great nations like the...
Handshake not verified. Pulse was off.   Sensible or not, this is democracy manifest. As much as I do not care for Trump, I support the idea of his running for the POTUS seat using the Republican ticket. I do not agree with him, but will respect that he nonetheless is a choice of the American people. The base of the country itself was on the principle of the 'people's man' who hears their voices and unites them. Him being an odd-ball, non incumbent, and people's man who...
He's saying in moorese-ani-bruh code that he is willing to sell his liver for pachinko machines that he will then win on to buy the book.    You need to blink back in the same language to give confirmation or else the secure handshake will fail without correct client acknoledgment at the right clock cycle. 
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