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I finally saw the Konosuba OVA that I've been putting off   I haven't laughed that much or hard watching anime in a long time. I honestly love this show so much.   STUDIO DEEN SAVED ANIME 2016.
thats a nice looking laser canon! Sadly, I haven't finished playing Wolfenstein New Order yet lol I finished Doom 2016 in a heart beat though
 I'm a fan of Japanese metal as well!   hehehe And yeah, I do thank you for bringing my attention to Humanity has Declined. I remembered when it first aired and you were a strong proponent for liking the show and I pushed it off. I finally saw it a year ago and really liked it. Watashi is one of my favorite female anime characters at this point.
 Oh ok. Nice! Grand Order was nice and Rie Takahashi was definately a high point for me. Pokedex reminds me of  You know what else makes tea taste better? Better :D  I would have foregone the heavy kettles and just bought tea leaves lol.
 The Hibike Euphonium keyframe looked like some doujin stuff from farther away lol You got a tea kettle? lol What is inside the Fate Grand Order material stuff you bought?
Check out the MSI GS63VR  Ultra lightweight, i7 6700HQ, and also the GTX 1060 6GB mobile edition. I bought one for a project team. Downside is 3hr battery lol
Ufotable Just posted a new years card and Sakura is in it with a hnnnnnnng     There is just something about Fate characters and Kimonos that.....just make it so good           Saekano characters in Kimonos are also OP as hell  
 Lol, we getting into future theoretical physics now lol. You got me there with the Space Shutle thing....orz I didn't know you liked Erased that much. Hmm  Anime I enjoyed this year in no order Ajin Demi Human Season 2 91 Days Alderamin on the sky Erased Flip Flappers Gate , thus JSDF  Girlish Number Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Haven't you heard, I'm Sakamoto Haifuri (High School Fleet) Izetta: Last Witch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Keijo!!! Konosuba March comes in like...
  Me from all the FATE hype of 2017     Saber was featured on Newtype for Jan well.....FOUR FRICKING FSN series coming out this year!   So fricking hype  
Just finished the movie OVA as well. Archer in this series looks much more like [[SPOILER]] which can be a bit spoilery but oh wells.  I don't belive Butcher was involved. What we see here isn't Fate canon but rather just really a story for a mobile game which is why the ending last 20 minutes were the way it was. Still entertaining though. I enjoyed the fight at the japanese temple as it had many nostalgic fight sequences and references 7.5/10
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