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Both Degaulle and I got them. Quite good. Not a problem Shipping took like 1 month+ but whatever. $1 total.   not bad imo
Free Worldwide shipping the code Z099PLAYEE532 
Just watched it Nice match, you could have maybe even gotten 10 kills or something :D @TYGYou know you can buy $1 custom ordered mouse pad?
I still have my faith in it in some way shape or form.  There is a level of resistance built into markets like these and this should be, for the most part, another one of those resilience moments of drops and raises to a more manageable level. 
Akum no Riddle has gotten quite nice to watch   I was wondering that this show could possibly be better executed but after finishing it, meh, I guess its executed quite nicely for what it has to do
Might be the people selling the cards who don't wanna mine anymore in the current mining economy
Where are you seeing a sub $200 7950? hi Jjacq-chan. Welcome :D
Yeah, I had one before as well, those sucked.  Glad to see you are liking your job at FiiO  It's always fun talking with their staff members  Check it out!! :D I got the S107 and I hope its awesomeClariS is legion, they do not forgive, they do not forget   Ah, you have an S107 too I see :Dtry ultrasurf
It's one of the most popular RC vehicles on the web for its price :D Lots of awesome fans for it I'm a huge fan of heli's and planes and love playing sims :D   Syma RC helicopter is on sale. 25% off. Really wanted one for a bit so I bought one.
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