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 So much plot that episode......Do you need someone to help with interntional shipping?
 Dang, I honestly did not notice haha  Trump is trump. Effective at media and mobilizing the masses on his campaign. With him as the top Republican candidate right now, I don't expect myself to switch parties :) Unfortunately I agree. Her past history with lobbyists and 'dynasty' pretty much is just unfortunate and sad when you look at it. But she may be the best the USA has got this round. She's not on a 'high' ground in any way BUT, what she is doing isn't new from any...
Haha, a little too old.  I'm checking out The West Wing right now.  It's an interesting election. Pretty much between a rock and a hard place for EVERY single delegate on the table. I don't care what people say about Obama but he at least held a more moderate common ground to unite American opinion over. All three of the main-line candidates with focus and mention (Clinton, Sanders, Trump) have things that make them not as 'ideal'. But of course what would you say is...
It's one of the only real-live action TV series I've seen in my sentinent adult life apart from Breaking Bad. Both were excellent. I don't know much about American politics. Barely any at all. I'm 'more' knowledgeable in inter-country politics and the rationales or histories behind them. At best, I make for a Secretary of State that has far too little bias for the country itself. 
Well just finished House of Cards up to the latest Season 4   Brilliant stuff really. One of my professors at College had at one time urged me to go into politics. As I saw more of the, I grew to, and lost interest in such an idea.    Brilliance at its best
So DLNA is set up fine now. It works well....too well. It scans and recognizes new media files I dragged and dropped onto the network drive immediately. Makes it so my router attached HDD almost never goes to sleep :/ Its very fast though . reviews noted it as being faster than even dedicated NAS box in same price range using same ext HDD (USB3) and transfer protocol. I don't have any media that uses 400Mb/s network transfer so lol. As you guys can tell....I'm...
Yep. New Laptop with PCIe SSD transferring local files over 5G AC wifi to routers network drive. Currently showing as doing 40MB/s on local at peak and around 20MB/s when it is moving between the small files.  I was trying to watch Netflix on the same wifi SSID with Netflix's 4K bitrate on my HDTV. It had about 30s of grainy footage before it cleared up lol
Nope.I had too much on the same band and signal. A constant 40MB/s (320Mb/s) through my wireless network while trying 4K Netflix.The measured throughput should handle it yeah but we are talking latency and how it can ramp while such traffic travels throughIt streamed fine. Just had grain for 30s while it buffered.
#FirstWorldProblems   Buys nice $200 Netgear AC1900 R7000 router to pair with 120Mb/s Up/Down I buy (and get 95Mb/s U/D effective)   Still gets distorted LQ Netflix streams on first minute startup because am currently overloading wireless with 40MB/s (big B) of network file transfer.    
 Talking, yep. That's pretty much how I got all my jobs and interviews. If I fail an interview because they wanted a super duper technical guy, then it ain't me and we both walk out happy that we didn't hire/work for the other. It's how my take on jobs and interviews are. I am good with X and not good with Y. If a job or interview fails me because I didn't have enough Y then that's better for both of us.  I am not really saying fake it till you make it, but each and...
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