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Here they are  
I got the TE 5 and TE 7 lol. I don't really decide what I get. Bosses decide and have the companies send it which is nice on my part as for logistics.  They also arrange the return labels (we return everything back to manu unless they told us otherwise) so I don't have to worry about it.   Thanks Borisu! Wish you luck as well. Full Time Job that is an internship yep!  Watch Shigatsu yesss! Lol...not I Ask Rikkun Your Lie in April actually came to an end in April as well  I...
lol Did you make this as a test just now lol?
Ore Monogatari lol   Pretty funny episode imo
 That's pretty funny really Even HOTD didn't do that bad on ANNwut lol?
I used to read a bit of the manga so im quite aware lol
 So like HOTD?Thanks 1000 euro is quite a bit..dang
 Lol, setting anime as due date HW...seems legit What happened? Did you move?It's work for class :( Thanks, my friends said it was good too Try sending an email, and seeing if you still can   
So much work every single day    Literally only have like one day to binge on anime a week lol.  Owari Seraph was the last airing show I saw before the week started. Very excited for many of the new ones that have just come out           Who saw Yona of the Dawn? Was it good in your opinion? One of my friends just discovered the show and binge watched it. 
 Yeah, I'm liking the series personally. Above expectations without a doubt. Hope it gets into some 'real' plot though\\ There's almost a 'kiddy version' of a Ghost in the Shell that they could maybe pull with it. 
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