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First 1:45m of the new Barack Obama anime     I gotta say..   It was totally Mandom.
You sure German doesn't need any more FREEEDUUM? Well there are a few. Some of them being principle, relationship, price, freedom. Principle: The idea that marriage isn't a set idea that modern laws only allow exceptions to clergymen to makeRelationship: You want your brother/best friend to be your wedding officiant.Price: Prices for most officiants range from $100-$500 depending on number of rehersals, how fancy etc. Freedom: Similar to principle but one in having the...
Bad connection somewhere probably. I would have thought a voltage regulator (or something of that kind)
 See Below. Called Open Ministry. I don't typically talk and post rants as a 'human' in this thread. That was one of the few human opinions I hold when I am in a ....more secular state. Most of my rants are from the other state as I'm sure you've known from the time you've known me.   I am not religious in any way.  Its structure is protestant Christian, but that is it on the religious side for this Church.  This church is designed and built so that you don't have to be...
And yeah, new members or those who haven't yet.    If you wish, please take part in AAMML tradition of topping HF out.   This is the highest rated post ever posted in this forum. If we get 4 more upvotes, we get to #6 most upvoted.   What does that do for us or why does it matter?....... I know some of you must be saying:   But, think of all the....   INTERNET...
I like the way you think!
:/ Keep that wallet secure!
.... I want to meet that guy
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