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I really like Yume but the anime is going full steam into Mary which makes it hard haha
Made a thread in the group on what shows in Winter 2016 you guys liked best!   http://www.head-fi.org/t/803086/winter-2016-best-shows
Just wanted to know what shows in the Winter 2016 lineup you all preferred the most?     Here is the relevant chart! Rank away fellas! http://anichart.net/winter     As for me, I would rank it like so:   Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Erased Konosuba Showa Rakugo Gate S2 Utawarerumono False Faces Akagami Shirayuki S2   Other shows I liked but not enough to rank rank were Dimension W, Phantom World, Schwarzesmarken!     Post yours yo.
Welp   Now that shows are wrapping up. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash gets my most favorite show of Winter 2016 followed by Erased :)
 It was mostly done as a sort of action or step towards showing that they are making way on preventing future suicides. They know it means **** all but they have to show some progress to the people who (successfully) complained. 
 The fear that the drug wars produce, how infatuated the urban population is with it, and the pervasive production of hit series dealing with the topic show it quite clearly. The war is a failure. It is and has always been a half-assed effort.  I do not support nor accept the War on Drugs. My take on history and actions of governemnts is generally one of leaving the politics and as much bias as I can out of it. One thing that you can note from such historic lessons is that...
 It's my home wifi haha. We technically pay for 120Mb/s but we get an effective 110Mb/s out of the wall at max from the times I tested. Not that I'm complaining. It was a momentary glitch. I restarted the wifi on my laptop and restarted my web browser and that fixed it. I was setting up some NAS stuff at that time so that may be something haha. "In essence, it creates a world after its own image" - Marx referring to how the idea of what the middle class and nations of...
The saga continues on this week's episode of Dragon Panda G!
 Of course. The coorelation of book smarts and what they will do for social classes doesn't exist. Surprisingly, when looked at throughout history, those that are born from middle or upper class have both been known to want to screw people over AND also fight for the people. There's just no real coorelation at the moment. For example, most of history's top fighters for social justice, and equality were from middle to upper class families.  The banana scandal was...
 I've heard of her but have not done any past research on her or listened to any of her speeches. I've admitted that I'm not that well versed in actual American politics on the base level (of single politicians, bi-partisianship in parties, and voting people) and this is true even now. It would not be right for me to do a measley few minutes worth of internet look ups (all of which look nice on her) and make a decision on her character or what I think. There is a problem...
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