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 Nah, not gonna wear it into the office by any means...well i couldyep. The neck always gets me I was walking around my local mall Nah man. Anime shirt attracts dem felines Lol I'm just seeing what awards W3 gets
That moment you find a puella magicka shirt at Hot topic and that you'll wear with no shame....but its a t shirt so u can't. I can only wear polos or v necka
To the moon? 
 Those do look nice though! Great looking model as wellNobody really. Just trying to find matching stuff. lol. Hipsters and good sound!  Yep....minimalism is nice Checkmate Atheists  
on ears are still an option of course. Just meets more critera and what not
Hmm, there's something off about them I don't like Fashionable in terms of how it fits and appears when you use it together as a package with your stuff. They don't stand out and have 'fancy' minimal qualities to them. You still get the headphone look but without having to worry about design as with the full size or portable on ear headphones
The Amperior would definately have worked.....if I wore a fedora, had a full beard, had Nintendo tattoos, and worked as a coffee barista..    Yeah, the M100s were a bit dissapointing from the sonic direction for the price it was. Definately not bad for the price, but nothing out of it. Above mediocre to mediocre comfortability. Nice build materials though
Yep, what Deadly said.   Service in your community is very important.   While CM and Corsair do have good high end PSUs. They don't have NEARLY the impeccable history that Seasonic has or that the upper units from EVGA do.   Check out warranty info and decide.    Since you are in New Zealand / Australia area. Check out the popular high end PSUs from China/HK. China has a large presence in those two countries and may have good prices/warranty terms. Check it out but...
Yep...always the big...ehhhh moment. Vmodas are ok but a tad bit too stale for me. Mainly because Val tended to go for DJs
 those Beyers are indeed niceReminds me of Vmoda being an option.  They are just a tad too aggressive though (14 year old me would think current me was crazy)
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