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Nice ep of Dungeon Pickup though. Very good production values
Bad memories from hs?Plastic Memories ep 3 Those 6mins of actual development and 20mins of comic relief......
meh, still a good thing   
Every episode of Yahari Ore has been breaking my heart. The music in the background, the facial emotions, eye movement and complexion.    Such pain. 
welcome back!  yeah, so many people making half baked manga these dayslol, that is a nice shop you did.
yeah, it looked fun. I'm excited to play it personally That's like WoT... RNG lol
How did you get the invite? How you like it?
#weaboo? Wishful thinking yes. I've seen thousands of hours of Japanese I do not have an actual capability of Japanese. One week of living in Japan would be so much more englightening to learning the language than all the tens of thousands of hours of passive listening to them talk has given me.   On the sub-topic of French.....listening to Stromae while studying lol. 
 I would think that this chart has a lot of romanticism in it. In that people would put results that would be a bit more dreamy and wishy. Especially when it is known that France is one of the largest intakers of anime in the world through known and actual surveys. And note that only 9 people note that they speak off. We can see the romanticism through how despite the languages being like that, the conversational tab has a massive second place of people...
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