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Aldnoah Zero End [[SPOILER]]   It was a bit more graceful....but it still pulled a Guilty Crown.  From imperial standards, it gets a 6/10. For 'good'. In terms of enjoyment....4/10..... lots of rage Not to mention,  [[SPOILER]]  The more I think about it. The more I want to punch everybody in AZ B.S asspull m
I love it  Problems:Fix with glue  k! Looks good though. I like the darker scheme you went for!   New Steins Gate Anime Sequel/Alternate Timeline has been announced featuring the main characters of the original series     S2 CONFIRMED POI!
We can all poi
poi poi +1 
During the super scenes. I'm fine during those scenes. But normally, it is not nearly as spikey Also noting how masteful the studio was with the coloring of her hair. They used different tones during the story as a subtle visual clue towards her lies. 
 i dont like her eyes or the super spikley hairThe scenes with the cousin were funny :D    But I prefer the main 3 :D But hey, we gonna have another 3 girls to choose from in Oregairu s2!!! HYPE THURSTERS STARTED!
Kato is better in ep 12 IMO   Good luck!
Just finished Saekano   Hope there is a season 2   Very nice watch. Nothing overly ambitious or over the top. But it is a harem done much better than usual.   
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