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Just saw Nisekoi s2 ep 1     I remember why I love this series now     So comedic and ridiculous. All the stupid funny moments in this episode were perfect. I have not smirked like that in a long time. 
I didnt know they had that function lol
Ahhhh that makes sense and also makes it a lot less impressive now that I know you guys didn't just write arbitrary code lol
 Nice, what did you run? I know right? surprised me a bit What are you using to get this data? and dayum.......that effort to make the chart in excel lol We can never seem to agree lol Lol. It brings a tear to all our eyes
The post above was from May 2013 so about two years ago ....god how time flies....seriously
Two years later and I wonder what this list looks like?@Tilpo Run your magic again maybe?
Hope you get better Shimakaze Chan! 
[[SPOILER]]   Thanks mate! Just finished Arise ep 1 Hmm, I liked the execution and character animation/art of GITS SAC 2 much better. this was a bit untextured at times with wonky animation and poor action sequences imo
I re read that 1.5 years ago. Good memories lol but overall a tad bit disapointed. 
Lol I didn't know these existed until I got them yesterday  I knew Fostex had IEMs but they never caught my interest to look into the model name or what people though.  I hear you guys saying the TE 5 is I guess I now can officially say that I heard the TE 5 is nice lol
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