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I would be surprised if the X1 didn't. AAC is a pretty common format and is the style a lot of people have music in due to iTunes.  if ALAC (.m4a package) was supported. The chances of AAC not being would be slim. 
Ahh...surprise as well
Oh lala Who is it?
 GET UP PRIIIVVAATE! And give those HD600s a big smooch as you'll be moping up rain today! Now sit and give me 100 pushups for every time you loved a song on your HD600s! Get to it!!!!
All this stuff looks really good!   Can't wait to see it. 
Any of you seen   Blassreiter? Recommended?
The anime with the long description was called Viper's Creed. Mediocre series. 
So Gunslinger Girls + Phantom Requiem for Phantom + Burst Angels + That anime show somewhat recently dealing with cops on transforming motorcycle bikes
There are multiple oppurtunities, don't worry. 
Oh right, that is what it was lol. 
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