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Newest episode of Gundam IBO is awesome as usual.
It's pretty good the first 5 hours were a whole lot of cinematic stuff....almost lost interest but then it gets gud  Are you a sound science hero for fun?   I read Dead Tube a bit last year. I should catch up now lol
Got Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain about half a year ago and only just started playing it     45Hrs in and only 26% completion....holy crap. This is gonna be a while. 
 I'm liking Kuzu no Honkai a lot. I read quite a bit of the manga last year and the anime is doing it a lot of justice  The anime adaption is very good. Basically it is doing the manga justice. It's not really NTR as much as it is themed around the idea of those searching for love, but each with their own issues and thus the creation of those triangles  
Holy crap   Just went through a hellish intro week back at college.   All my senior CpE classes went HAM at weeding out people. Massive projects before first week even finished.
 What happened? Not when the computer state is set correctly (high performance without any sleeps in between). I've used a few gaming laptops and all have the issue of messed up optimization states if you don't give it a proper restart. Basically its where you change performance settings to Balanced or Power Saver or turn the computer to sleep mode and turn it back on and try to change the performance setting to High Performance again. Most of the time, the laptop won't...
  I've never shot one but considering that statement is officially a part of the rifles does not sound good indeed haha. Its almost as funny as how a knock off segway company in China eventually bought out and owned Segway
I read previously that a joke name the initial version of the SA80 had was the "civil servant" as it didn't work and couldn't be fired :D     I like the look of the SA80 but the documentary I saw on it a few months past was a bit funny   British tried designing a bullpup rifle combing ideas from other European and primarily German gun makers Initial version pretty much sucks.... Little faith was held in British enginuity that it had to be sent to German company...
I thought a healthy dose of long distance truck drivers carried? Yeah, I spent time on the range with an instructor twice. It was nice to get good real world advice besides just the gun training. 
 Parasitic loses to having that on really 
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