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Just looked the guy up I don't like his shape fitting designs. I love Ives industrial look. 
While there can be a case of how they ripped it etc.  Very rarely, if the press is the same. Will you get a discernable difference in quality. That is if they all came from the same press. 
Someone who encoded the FLAC (as in the uploader) probably ****'ed up
I'm still on ep 5
I did try some STAX  009, 007 and the 202 I believe
Dayum man. I don't try to covert people like crazy. Some people do indeed work better and have lifestyles that are meant for laptops or other platforms. But if they are laptop PC gamers and don't care for a laptop. You can bet your ass I will try to convert
Dayum, that is delish   
I got 2 this year that is 
  OPO has no contract
I got two friends to build desktop PCs this year 
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