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Rescue Apple disk to the rescue
Rozenberg, please hide that Aldnoah Zero fight spoiler on the previous page   I haven't seen the episode yet and was quite dissapointed at learning of it. 
Not as much when you consider that they were $2,000 to $3,000  They are packaged in easy transport Pelicans Once you get access to a facility like that, its pretty much easy grab and go which is probably why they lost so many. Because it was so easy to just grab some and run.  One of the cons of dem awesome pelicans unfortunately
Audeze just announced that someone stole a quarter of a million USD ($250,000) worth of headphones from their warehouse in a breakin!   that's like...100 headphones man!   That sucks. I hope they catch the perp.
Episode 1 was $2 the other day  It's ok for a $2 episode fo sho
 But cubic is also metric no?  just change feet to......meters or something lol.  Gatcha, most of the nice Noctuas here are the cost of very decent better than 212 air coolers so I wasn't sure.  PM haiburi, he reads up on fans a lot. 
I got the entire season pass and first episode of Life is Strange a few days ago.   The total for all five episodes (four of which aren't even out yet) was $7.5 instead of $19.99. Considering it just came out, not a bad price.    Published by Square Enix and made by a studio that has showed - with this release- that they have a vision that they wish to pursue despite adversity. I'll gladly support them.   The writers and gamemakers of the studio were told with their...
CFM is the cubic feet per minute. How much air it pushes through in 3 dimensional volume per minute that is. He is looking for high end specialty fans for PCs from Enthusiast makers  Look up some reviews on Noctuas highest performing fans then :) But do realize that sometimes, depending on the fan cost, it may be cheaper to sell your cooler to a friend, and buy a better cooler instead that performs better
 Fans aren't my expertise sorry :( I do know that people liike ScytheNoctuaCougar check them out and see what works for you. You need to specify if you care aboutPWM (i know you chose it) for what it can do with CPU heat temp and calculate fan speed depending on it. But if you don't care about it, you can forgo it. Some of those fans are also more meant for performance than silence. Choose one although there are good middle ground fans that can do both RPM != CFM CFM !=...
A tad bit but not as much as say with a HifiM8 or a JDS
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