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 I love that My mother has unlimited data still and has LTE. It baffles me when she can upload stuff from her phone faster than the computer due to this. 
stop bringing back the memories poi! ~
poi desu poi poi poi! desu!
Yes Please utilize the manufacturers website for manuals, specs, pictures etc. You'll find it much more helpful than waiting for the company head to respond. Just click User Manual and it will download in a zip format. Extract it and then view in browser or with whatever application you so wish. 
Chapter 48 of Fuuka       ...   .....   .......   Seo Kouji has max troll level turned to 11 now.   Asspull of all asspull of asspullery
It's happppening POI!
I found out whose it is Someone from AAMML set me as default shipping from other moments and his pckg came to me lol. 
Did any of you order some Puella Magicka Weiss Trading cart set on ebay?     I just got one in the mail and am not sure if one of you accidently sent it to me?   I know some of you have my address and may have had a default shipped to me
4K gaming + GTX 970 lol The GTX 970 can only pull about 30-60fps on most games at 4K on medium to low settings with barely any bells or whistles. 
lol at those with the 970 doing high VRAM usage situations   In non-CrossfireX, I have a full 4096MB of dedicated VRAM for applications, rendering etc.    But obviously in VRAM mirroring, I only have the 2 GBs but hey. I play only at 1920x1080 so its not that big of a deal. 
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