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The show was really stupid yeah..Inaho had too much plot armour. Every fight episode was like Power Rangers where he always overcame all to victoryInternship. They wanted to hire me but I'm too young still and have two years of college left.They are recommending me to the VP for employment next summer.If that doesn't work out I'll go to Lockheed Martin down the street.Currently working at General Dynamics on nuke missle stuff
Just got the new custom made cup from Shutterfly     My job at the company (bottle to right) entails Nuclear Missle launch so I figured this quote from A/Z was befitting the cup. 
Watching Himoutou Umaru Dang...its funny and I do like that chibi. Only issue is that she is the person EVERYONE hates in real lifr
Spoilerz >_Quote:Originally Posted by deadlylover Prison School is probably my favourite ecchi show. Read the manga. Much betterDon't lose your wayHe is in UK with surveilance
Just saw Charlotte episode 6  Holy schiit schiit just got real.  All the stuff in the OP and pre-airing posters are now being unveiled. The top theory right now is pretty legit as well This is the main theory:  [[SPOILER]] But man......it's getting good. Nice work Maeda
eyes changed.10/10 anime physics/biology
 I'm...so...fricking curious now. It's like something I honestly didn't even realize until /r/anime made the guess at itlol!~ Do I look that familar? I guess Micey watched many of my videos *blush*  Watashi...kininarimasu!Anything that is recently new yep. And by recently new I mean in the last few years. Just not the first generation consumer ones. As long as you aren't doing constant reads and writes all day and night, you'll be fine. Modern SSDs can handle much larger...
Get to sleep Rozenberg!!   but yeah.. I'll just watch the anime.   Yuki's voice is just so nice and the moe 'gomen' she gives every now and then is just too...... *nose bleed* for me.
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