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Steam Summer Sale can't come fast enough   I really want to buy   Wargame Airland Battle Wargame Red Dragon     Schiit. One of the only times I'll shell out games for non AAA titles.    I love European Escalation. 
I'm surprised that Chobits was so prevelant at your fair...or from what I could tell from the pics. Loved that show. Did ELISA sing Euphoric Field?
The sheer amount of KLK in those pictures was TOO DAYUM HIGH.
I just looked up some information And I am absolutely floored how high China is on the list. Considering the hundreds of millions of rural living citizens. I'm not sure if the lists ignore them or not. I looked to about 5 lists and all 5 had China above many other top 5 UNSC nations. I may have to look into this more. I believe this is based off of the urban population maybe. Is one of the only conclusive studies...
Yeah I guess that is it   On One Week Friends   I know they made the male MC annoying as hell, steel-headed in every way possible, and a screw up everytime something good he recommends comes up.   But it's still annoying. 
American Food Caution Labels   CAUTION. STEAM IS HOT!  
Dayum, that dedication I read this comment in bed a few hours ago.  For some reason, I fell asleep after. And dreamt I saw ep 3 of Captain Earth (I haven't yet) and dreamt that I heard the song you were referring to. are poisoning my dreams  Lol, that gundam set! I want..but can't afford ELISA OMFG YESSSHHH! I absolutely love her song Euphoric Field. PLEASE TELL ME SHE SANG IT!
Did you make and notice this yourself?
Not bad, but also not exactly the best. I would recommend the Brainwavz S1 or the Nuforce NE 700M for Trance and EDM more than these The more neutral oriented nature of the AX30's makes EDM a little thin
Thanks for the review Fortune will have it that it is being released onto Blu Ray in 6 days!
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