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DAng, that is quite some type of support Huddler has got    LOL! You are violating the men's rule #1!!!!!! Every otoko should know this haha That takes quite the effort Crystalmark is good for general stuff. But the stuff that happens at differnt sizes and the types of IOPS it can do at them may be important depending on your uses.
 That big pic looks like it is from Your Lie in April And woah. Ddin't know you could embed live Soundcloud links in !  ...That moment I read the linebreak comment and it turns out to be about a slime girl fetish haha 
Panda Commentary reaction Yep, everyone needs to release themselves. Shared gender toilet? Well now we know where Jgray's mind has been recently. .....How dare one cut the queue. That is akin to murdering a baby that belongs to the lawd himself.  Well I guess this can only mean one thing. A fear of public interaction when going to the loo. A fear of the good lawd himself when "things" start to happen. And above all. It's a lucid phenomena that can only be fixed through the...
 That's quite a statement but I guess it must have some truth to it based on other stuff i am hearing  Her English parts were outdone by her awesome Japanese skills when she reverts I just happened to be in LA during the right time haha! So...fricking...hype....for....the LAWD Shinkai to come down and bless me Never started but I did hear it was unorthodox in some aspects
Eyyyy hmu!  I'm going to Vegas the weekend before so it's all good man!
Messaged you! I am currently living in LA county for the internship so I can take LA Metro which I will have an unlimited pass for to the convention :) There isn't a schedule up at the moment so I can't yet plan which days I want to go for it. I guess I'll just buy the 4-day regular pass for $90 unless you have another suggestion Dang, 100k is a lot of people! .... Never actually been into actual LA yet so I'll have to see what that is like haha. I don't have any current...
meetup and teach me your ways senpai! I know nothing of how conventions work lol
so...fricking...excited.The actual Japanese release will be late August so seeing it almost two months early before even Japan theatres gets it and almost 1.5 years before Blue Ray release to fansub is gonna be amazing.Fangirling so hard right now to even be in his presence when he gives a QA!
I'm going to Anime Expo 2016!!! Woot. Excited to realize I'm in LA for once haha. It will be the world premier of Makoto Shinkais new movie! Gonna get to see it and so excited. He will also be attending g
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