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 I nuked my laptop two days ago accidentally. Got a little trigger happy with sudo.  I deleted the partition table for my two Operating systems (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Windows 10) AND also deleted the EFI boot partition. I did some basic file recovery with a live USB (Ubuntu 15.10) and used that to download the new 16.04 LTS (and make it into another live USB).  ProTip. Unless you have a USB3.0 USB drive with at least 16GB of storage space, you should just disable...
I'm currently using an older Ubuntu 15.10 Live USB to download the new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS through bittorrent. The USB I'm running off of is a bargain bin USB2.0. That moment when your network transfer speed is faster than your current OS drives RW. I'm stuck maxing out at 7MB/s instead of the top out 13MB/s my network can do #FirstWorldProblems
 Definately. I still remember back 5+ years ago how it was still a relative dream of a goal that there would be online anime distribution that would have: Current anime that is being aired in Japan for the season Have that show available for user viewing in a reasonable time after airing in Japan  Be affordable Be a unified platform that had a plethora of shows so that a multitude of services wouldn't be used Have a lot of shows So far, while it's not perfect, a large...
It's amazing just how far the industry has come. At this point in time. Actual fansubs are on their deathbed. The near height or possible revitalization of them last I recall was in 2011 with Fate Zero. I remember this well as it was when hi10p was getting cray support and a lot of groups were switching and posting guides about it. I couldn't get the first episode of Fate Zero to display properly until I finished their install steps.   At this current point in time. If an...
Yeah I know right!?  There is ALWAYS hype haha. But mainly because of Girls Und Panzer which is a similar franchise that re-started the war-sim w/ cute girls idea and became a huge success in Japan and overseasI only heard of it after Netflix licensed it :D I still need to watch it :) Not being licensed in US and relying soley on actual fansubs is making life hard for Macross Delta to be recognized unfortunately
A reddit /r/anime thread today on shows they appreciated a lot this season named Netoge as its top choice   http://myanimelist.net/anime/31404/Netoge_no_Yome_wa_Onnanoko_ja_Nai_to_Omotta   It looked generic and the comments said that it was best pandering material of the past few seasons. The comments reminded me of Outbreak Company and how I also greatly enjoyed that show so I decided to demo it but with my hopes in check..   Well      I'm...
 I didn't realize it was a GuP like show as the name....well I didn't know what it stood for or read the synopsis. Plus I didn't know the script was written by same person so it never appeared on my radar. So far so good with the show though :) I'm guessing that like GuP, Haifuri will soon attract the attention of WarGaming's popular game World of Warships now like World of Tanks did. If you liked GuP then it'll be sure to please you :D
Not exactly. More like a successful Tokyo Ghoul + Parasyte the Maxim combined together  If you liked Parasyte and the general premise of the Tokyo Ghoul show then I seriously recommend checking Ajin out on Netflix. Very cohesive series that executes itself very well and fills the 'serious' hole that Parasyte couldn't.  Yeah, definately a surprise show from last season that I didn't expect to like so much
But then it's not hot fire! @akiroz Borisu, I just started Ajin after hearing you talk about it and since it is now officially on Netflix.  .....this is wow. Can't believe how little attention it got. Well I do. It wasn't officialy licensed for any U.S distribution until after it aired by Netflix and is also CGI making it offputting for general people. The fan subs that were out during the original run was also very bad :( Dang.....really enjoying it
 Yeah, it still has lots of mystery. GuP is very clear with it but its more SoL which is fine. Very good formula that meshed with a whole lot of fans including me. Haifuri has a bit more target towards those wanting more plot oomph. It's hot fire   poi poi it is very good so far yeah! very much looking forward to next episode  Yeah really digging it. It could fall flat if it doesn't hold up its twist ante but so far so good.    
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