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  I've never shot one but considering that statement is officially a part of the rifles legacy....it does not sound good indeed haha. Its almost as funny as how a knock off segway company in China eventually bought out and owned Segway
I read previously that a joke name the initial version of the SA80 had was the "civil servant" as it didn't work and couldn't be fired :D     I like the look of the SA80 but the documentary I saw on it a few months past was a bit funny   British tried designing a bullpup rifle combing ideas from other European and primarily German gun makers Initial version pretty much sucks.... Little faith was held in British enginuity that it had to be sent to German company...
I thought a healthy dose of long distance truck drivers carried? Yeah, I spent time on the range with an instructor twice. It was nice to get good real world advice besides just the gun training. 
 Parasitic loses to having that on really 
 I love how the meme of him jacking the laptop reached him already haha! The moment news of the laptop being stolen happened. Satire images of Linus started popping up haha
That moment you stay up an extra two hours to catch the CR release of episode 2 of Seiren       Gunna be worth. I swear     Any moment now    
 I see it mostly when the surrounding and characters move at the same time. About it. I don't eye it too closely and sit about 10feet away from the TV so not that bad of an effect haha Did you ever watch Black Bullet? You said you were gonna continue this show (I dropped it after seeing ep 1) for the loli. Made me wonder what you thought of Black Bullet which was loli lovers paradise
Im more just salty that they used their hand drawn animation frames in such a way. So much excess without need. Plus having the VA for Mio (K-On) moaning lewdly (all she does) bounded up is a weird image
Hand Shakers ep 1:   I was expecting horrible animation but this wasn't that bad.   Lots of CGI backgrounds. The bad stuff I saw was them not matching up the moving characters with the moving CGI background in time yielding some funky effects. And of course the shaky bad chains.   There is lots of excess background character movement and outside designs....which probably took a lot of effort to draw. Not even sure why it was included. They could have used their...
 It's not about the double checking. They have plot armor. Each character that has died and come back was essentially dead...... Of couse. refinement happens and all that. I'm mostly just ranting at all the comments I read on other forums and Youtube about the MGS universe been a masterpiece.....no...its a cluster ****.  It's plot points individually are nice. But then they had to sticky glue everyone of them together 
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