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 Haha sure thing. No need to go that far.    EMF!!! Emilia-Tan Magical Fairy FTW! But yeah. Rem is definately thawing the ice on my heart. There is a non-canon side short side story the author made on Subaru and Ram where they get married and have kids. It's not a spoiler as it's essentially fan fiction....except from the author, and sold to appease fans that wanted the couple.   [[SPOILER]]
Spoiler tag my friend. But man....brutal episode......so much that I was like At the end  It's a fresh departure from the norm and really revitalizes my faith that darker shows can be made that entertain those in both the west and east.
That's pretty cool with how they use it! I had to do some assembly programming in school but nothing overly complex  Explosions everywhere
 Dang, you go to way too many cons.....and get pandas to buy delish H from you like a ecchi manga connoisseur  Not censored? Where you watching it from. Crunchy has it censored  HxH?We now know who tracy's anime counterpart is.     Virtual excercise for japanese fans now to cheer for their idols!
 The lawd of electronics repair? Just watch it while it is airing :D Make capacitor/resistors great again!     Well dayum....that's really fricking good man! Haha yeah, the show was much better than anticipated! I very much so enjoyed it
Still jittery and excited by just how much Your Name moved me today. Been digging up all the non-existent information on it and man. Most of the main cast were relative newcommers or nobodies but their careers will definately take a huge rise after this.   Simply fantastic and it just pains me that I can't buy it for another year or two......  ....seriously. I just want to buy the US release BD now but the problem? Funi got the rights to it and most likely will gouge on...
Random marketing is best marketing?  Mayoiga: It's a decent watch. It had mixed ratings due to its spaz like direction. They were intentionally executed weird stuff but at the same time random so leads to people not knowing if genius or not Joker Game: Hype on the show was unfounded mostly because people did not expect the show to be mini short stories. The show itself isn't bad if you are into short stories of each of the members but it isn't a continuous focused shot on...
not for a while sadly Its debuting in Japan in 2 months+ so you'll only have crap cams for a year before the Japanese BD releases. Giving you good video but crao translations. Followed then by official us blue ray release
Your Name lived to hype. Imagine 5Cm/s + Garden of Words combined. All the faults of each fixed and stitched together. Amazing
Tomorrow is the day where a boy becomes a man. And it's at Anime Expo!   It's the world premier of Makoto Shinkai's new film, Your Name   I'll be swooooning during the film and after at the QA/Autograph session with Shinkai himself.     The most notable meme at AX 2016 this year is mostly of:
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