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JUN CHAN!Yeah. The manga is very eggcellent!
On the OnePlus Its just a conspiracy and I hate sensationalism so im gonna wait and see whats up
Lol. You are in the group now so dont worry. You will be notified by mass pm
lool, nice that you called it!
It's nothing special TODAY, but it did help create/popularize the idea of shoujou and what not TODAY WHICH IS WHY IT MAY SEEM BORING
lol Shipping almost always kills it.   Anyway, the VA for the new sailor moon is the same as the old its basically a VA trying to sound young.    lol at the episode though. So realistic in some parts 'how do i Kick butt?'
In the show lol. The store had some crazy 95% sale. .................................  But still, they choose the worst VA. The voice is SO FRICKING annoying. 
@ TYG   Is that a German Iron cross!!?!?! da hell
Sailor Moon    95% off sale!!!?!?!?! WTF?A?ARE they crazy?
THANKS! yes! My minions!
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