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Doki doki he he
Hey Borisu. How much do you like the Grisaia VN? A lot of people say its good. They keep on mentioning an Angelic Howl arc that makes up for everything and I'm confused
lol...what do you fly then?
Nice nice! I remember the days when I used to play a lot of VN Not that much for me anymore :/
For a moment, I was like, YAY, not Malaysian airlines Then I read the wiki So basically....same country, same city. 
Wait what? Which MH number was it  (not saying that I auto assume its Malaysian Airlines or anything )
What? How Is there a phone version of it? A full one?
Hey AXEL!   I just realized, we met many many years ago   The E17 was my first audiophile unit I ever bought and I was very active in that thread     Ddin't know you were too! I guess we spoke to each other many a moons ago without knowing! 
^Is that SG on your laptop screen in VN format?
That's kinda funny. But yeah, Comic Sans is something that can't be taken seriously if a tech company uses it.  I personally like Segoe UI Light(Microsoft standard font, you probably can't use this maybe), Roboto(Google/Android standard font), or Myriad Semi Bold(Apple standard).
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