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*wink wink* nudge nudge i see i see  Yeah, the series is fantastic honestly. Deserves every rewatch it deserves.  Yeah I saw that too. If Kino can get another season maybe we can get Spice and Wolf S3  Ah ok I see. Thanks! I don't think my VRMs get too hot but we'll see
 Kyouko was so hidden that I didn't even realize her in the past eps. so nice Yeah, Saekano is one of my fav romcom animes. I'm almost done rewatching it and I almost forgot why I loved it so much. I recommend rewatching it if you haven't yet. Considering the Saekano anime aired in like January of 2015 and got a super fast S2 announcement in like June of 2015, it has indeed been a long time  I had a feeling you put them on the VRM haha. Mind linking me the pads or whatever...
 I want to support the GITS movie to support future anime movie makes.....bad or not dangitTomodachi!!! yesss~  You can kinda already see her being like that in the current anime though. Lots of firey side comments she often makes Yep! It's been what? 2 years! Welcome back man   Real life....but its too cruel there That's such a cute gif   I've been fairly down low on the audiophile thing for a while now too...but not as bad as out of stock earphones lol We need to...
NANI! Fight me IRLKato (lol, auto corrected to NATO) is best girlYeah. I get drained too
Re-Watching Saekano right now with /r/anime     And it honestly just re-affirms my love for Kato Megumi! So based          
Me finishing ep8 of Kuzu no Honkai  [[SPOILER]]  
Gosh, I'm liking Kuzu no Honkai so much this season.   but it HURTS SO MUCH to watch!     Here is the full ED with acoustic intro
Does anything beat listening to Perfume on the way to take a test? Listening to 575 for ole times same :3
A club I'm in had a valentines day crafts session so we made our own choco. EMT!
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