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 It's too...buttery and cute Dang! We've been talking about DJ Owkawari for like 3 years here Micey!!! We need to Steve Jobs-ify you asap!
Reminds me to finish watching Kininiro Mosaic  
Expected? More's a law....a law of anime that is.  I'm reading the Gate JSDF manga now and I finally get what people are complaining about the anime. The manga is like watching Louis CK do a skit. It's hilarious and light-hearted for most of it...but man...the serious tone that overlaps most of it gets brought out frequently in between the jokes. The anime seems to be the super abridged family-friendly version of the manga series as the people are saying though. 
I'm not too big of an aero nut....but man that first ep 0 of the new Gatchaman Crowds Insight     The JSDF Air wing's own F-15 modification fighters were breaking the laws of physics and capabilities like 8 mins in lol.   They were exhibiting rear Z-axis movement that is only capable of from planes with thrust vectoring technology. And even then, not to the level of what the show was featuring.      .....yep...i understand this means nothing and is a show...but...
 God that looks great....wish I could have real sushi as well
 WOO! I'm at about 100 and haven't finished it yet lol another thing we agree on. Fantabulous gameLogitech FTW
My heart is cracking in half from yahari ore.   The newest episode incorporates some EXTREMELY subtle things to it that can only be noticed if you watch its careful split frames.   What I love more is how indirect the show really is with what it's trying to do and doesn't out right say it.
Just bought Cities Skylines.   The only purchase I have made during the summer sale of any online disto really.   I'm looking to buy Microsoft Flight Sim X if it goes on sale for $5 again like it did last year. 
 Nah, not gonna wear it into the office by any means...well i couldyep. The neck always gets me I was walking around my local mall Nah man. Anime shirt attracts dem felines Lol I'm just seeing what awards W3 gets
That moment you find a puella magicka shirt at Hot topic and that you'll wear with no shame....but its a t shirt so u can't. I can only wear polos or v necka
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