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Hey, a decent track of Beibers I can actually listen to
I see your tastes a bit more now  I'm liking this show too much. So meta
I made Ramen last night it was so dissapointing Nice, what game is this for? I say girl in back right is best girl without evenknowing it
 Yeah... Something weird as hell happened I think it may have to do with  [[SPOILER]]Isn't it the same ED?
It pulled back in its darkeness I liked the Tsubasa arc  but seriously....I hope it goes back to the main storyline. If it literally just ended there. I would be so dissapointed. 
Wait Did Kare Kano just go sub plot arcs on me?
Holy schiit. Reading Kare Kano because I wanted a light hearted romance. This schiit is turning super dark
  Yeah, Media Access Controllers are a bit difficult to work with at first. But once you got your terminal foo down. They aren't that bad.  Check out some 17" laptops from Lenovo Y, Gigabyte, Asus ROG, MSI, SAGER/CLEVO, and if you want some premium priced goods, Razer and Alienware if you want to venture into that zone.  There are some 980M laptops in the sub $2000 range I think. That'd be nice to have  (just be sure to buy a well rated/reviewed laptop cooler with it). 
It's an industry unfortunately. There's a lot of threads online about him and how his talent is used, restriction of IPs, his name just being 'dropped on stuff', and how much of core material he actually has a play in. So far, it seems that he has very good talent, but the industry just keeps name dropping him on projects he really isn't in by just having him write a general outline..... then they credit him  and plaster the name up high.   He revealed a lot of the schiit...
I believe Urobutcher only did the back story and doesn't have the real works to it? I don't get it?
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