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 Go buy? Not really as in more of a, you could.  A lot of people buy stuff that you don't hear about with cans and things that may seem unreasonable. Mainly due to the nature of this being a hobby on disposable income of older gentlemen.  The HE-400i was very fricking good paired with the expensive units at CAF, but did a bit more poorly with DAPs and other budget units. The 560 didn't have as much of a problem imo. 
Well, I was basing it off of the 1% (or we are the 99%) movements. And taking it out of that in using schitty fake math to say that a College grad with real experience is thus a rare rhino That's good that you learned stuff like this at least. Some people take so many years before they start to realize stuff like this :/
I thought you were talking about Arpeggio of the Blue Steel for a moment.  That was one of the VERY surprising shows that I highly expected to be pure utter crap after the first episode. I was proven very wrong. Not saying it was amazing or didn't have its fanservice moments. But it was by far crap. I loved its mainstream but also plot driven goal.  Plus, #WarshipPorn is always welcome.   I just checked out your Warship pageLOLOLOL Republic of Singapore Ship launches two...
#.01%AcademicFirstWorldProblems As an alum of an accredited engineering program in the U.S that isn't a community college. You have FirstWorldProblems of the .01% of the first world itself.  Congratualations Micey. IT's been a long journey, but you've made it this far!
 BOOM!  Yeah...but no real Engineering school would allow pass fail for every class  Yes I did. Thanks Micey!
Nice! I wish College of Engineering was pass/fail LOL! Thanks Micey!
Yep. We are the largest thread on HF as well Otaku have massive obsessions with stuff. Naturally, we top the site.  Link to promo page?
Lol.  It was just an educated mindset guess on my part. What I described in terms of a mangaka launching MANY projects is well known of. And it's pretty much well known how often they start screwing stuff up as they didn't realize it was supposed or did get popular.  The ending style of Future Diary and the middle parts pretty much just screamed it to me.   You sound like a little kitty I know of Stares glaringly at @HybridCore I've gone to Washington D.C many times! I...
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