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Gonna keep watching of course. Very interesting.  I seriously hope it gets....somewhere. 
 Certainly not a bad graph for a $20 headphone....not bad at all  Yeah, but granting that these were sent from the head honchos themselves for Headphone.Guru and all that.  I have to do it by the book.  Multi camera angles. One full view of myself. One offscreen camera for closeup of unboxing that I can switch to.  And using an external microphone that isn't on any of the cameras. Then gotta tie in the footage all together with the dedicated microphone I will do that for...
LOLOLOPLOL   just finally saw after credits of Grisai!     The commentary the guy makes is SOOOO FRICKING hilarious  
Lol at that Japanese! I wasn't expecting it's throwing off my schedule  It's a curse that I make videos.  I can't touch the boxes/open them until I make a video....and that won't be happening until tomorrow. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I want to listen to the new Momentum In Ear right now....but cant   Finally watching Grisai  Don't get it. It's such a weird series. It has a serious undertone, yet has all the moe elements.  It is deeply rooted in VN elements (very much...
Thanks! I'll have to check out the new IEMs next week when I get to opening the boxes. 
How do you like the CX300? But yeah, I was only directly notified of the Momentum In Ear they sent.  Haven't listened to any yet. 
Just got the newest gear from Sennheiser in!     .......   ..     I wasn't told that the extra CX was supposed to be in the box as well. Oh well. 
 1) The 970 is a great card with many good features. But do remember that as of right now. The R9 290X and 290 are still faster and cheaper. the 290X can be found on sale for $299 often now and the 290 for $230. These two cards in stock formats are faster than the more expensive 970 But the 970 has its own good things about it that make it nice. The difference in them is really only around +- 5 to 7% 2) Nope. Nope you wont. In SLI and CrossfireX. Vram is mirrored. You only...
Saw first EP of Trinity Seven The triple usage of you know who (can't spoiler tag on mobile) got confusing Not a bad first EP though
 Rejected!   I've had enough of the monogatari series. 
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