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 I completely forgot ECCs were even a thing still hahaa. What major did you decide on btw? haha exactly!The loudness war has helped teens worldwide. It's made them more angsty
Do we get more engrish like that from Aliez? Also congrats on college choice. I heard my brother gloriously stood in for you as a "Insert_Generic_Asian" here at a swim meet award ceremony hahaha! Can't tell them apart so Copy+Paste I guess haha. 
hmmm. How about the Kabaneri of Iron Fortress OP??? dang...... I like the beginning part of that song but not that rest. 
I was tasked with setting up audio and technology at the new real estate office near me.   So in-mounted ceiling speakers are now set up......guess what I play to demo it???.....hell yes. STYX HELIX and ALLLLLL the ani songs! 
 wow! Dang. I didn't really like the main OP for Kabaneri but ehhhh I was told that it was intentinally meant to be pronounced like Miss Android with that tid bitEmilliaaaaaa-tan!
 Adding Boku no Pico to that list anytime soon?   I was reminded because one of TheIshter's latest anime covers featured it! :D 
 The cliffhangers are pretty damn good though. I hate them but it makes me want to see more!I'd say that it's a pretty good watch that has so far exceeded my expectations.  Yep! Lots of car crashes!
Welcome! And yeah, both are good but the current episodes are pushing Re:Zero a little over though in terms of personal preference. 
Both Re:Zero and Kabaneri are trying for the more than AOTS now....they trying for AOTY!   At the current moment, Re:Zero is currently topping Kabaneri for that title though! 
Eyy. Pretty good cover of Re:Zero ED "STYX HELIX" on a guitar. I was pretty impressed with the production values and the good audio mixing. There seems to be a light filter effect on DR enhancement or soundstage enlargement used but it was mostly tasteful IMO. I listened quickly on laptop speakers so i may be wrong.   
New Posts  All Forums: