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Yeah, it is a great show Link me the video? Even if it is still your brother being in the forefront of it. I'd still like to see it  And thanks man!  
Bishonen desu ne? ~~
I don't know the word Noodle-people?
The manga was fine. 
Y'all ******** need Jesus     Legend of the Galactic Heros is amazeballs
Might possibly be color profies?   I have no idea as well
The current Mahouka ED is growing on me. Gotta say, I'm liking it. 
 Nice! See, put a little effort in and it rewards Is that a good dayum? As in...dayum, not expecting such awesomeness? Still a few eps behind  
K ON Ed 1, Don't Say Lazy is stuck in my head I wish to thank Evey for always having animu music on my DAP. Even new ones I discover! Only one I couldn't find yesterday was Hyouka ED 1
No... Please no. Don't even mention that name.They are pretty much banned from most audio sites due to their behavior.They are a disgrace.Noble was born from heir
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