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Shouldn't you be doing signal hw by hand?   @Muinarc  Currently on episode 4. Interesting stuff, but gonna wait until I have more time to finish off more of it. 
The US govt is one of the largest givers of student loans here.......It is also them that made it by law. That student loans cant go away even if you declare bankrupcy. And who allow 14%+ interest rates to be given by Salie Mae because FREE MARKET and no govt while actively pursuing govt intervention in other industries./opinon and bias
  Because Murica   Dayum, I didn't know you knew South Park or would get my reference :D
.....below 2GPA?.....holy cow play VN's with uber boob like no tomorrow...  Just a question...are you doing well socially? It seems you may be substituting life with VN's...
Did you like NGE? Especially the later episodes? If yes. Watch it. Otherwise, no
Completely forgot California was as big as it was...Regarding Borisu's question  Anyone demo M3 yet? Is it good?
...oh hell yes I am! ONODERA BEST GURL Yeah. Do note that even my overall ratings have to take into account anime specifically targeted at groups. I think Mahouka is currently doing very well on the overall scale, but of course. Like anything in life, if you don't like the stuff it does. You won't care for me giving it a decent overall score either. Anyway, I watch anime like this, and so far. Mahouka is quite itneresting in its own right. Just my 2 cents. ONODERA BEST GIRL
Yeah, the two lead characters are slightly more interesting than normal. Especially in how far some situations are taken. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Especially the main characters mysterious abilities
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