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  If that laptop has an extra slot, why not drop your own SSD (as in buy one)? Unless it isn't friendly to upgrading. 
 Needs banana for scale  
When did you guys get a silver X3 II?
what deserves the fire of an 1/10?
no, my desktop was never put on my desk
 Decent desks. Got one of those ultra long Ikea Galants yeah :) Pretty stable, but not as much as say an industrial solution so don't put a schiit ton of weight on the edges.  Rikkun had the glass top edition of it. He said it was a finger magnet but that it was also easy to clean
I do too Just saying that it's better than those who just see images of it will take it for
 Reply to both  [[SPOILER]]
They see all the preview ecchi pics  It's part of the show. It has to sell somehow.  KyoAni is doing the same thing lately. Ep 1 of Amagi was filled with FanService
Despite how much people like to schiit on Cross Ange.   It has more character development, internal drive, and actual motive and sequence of 'change' than most shows on the market. 
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