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The moviehad a lot better development of the relationship between the two but I liked the male lead, side characters, and initial premise of the manga better.  If the manga had an extra 3 chapters (the manga had long ass chapters) to develop the relationship. It would have been perfect. 
Just finished All You Need is Kill manga     Not bad   The movie had some great things about it, and the manga did as well.   I liked the movies logistics and later bonding scenes better. But I liked the Japanese manga type romance and motifs that are shown in All You Need is Kill. 
Kanye sama will agree with you :D it happens to the best of us Just read Kuzu no Honkai Wow. They went quite into [[SPOILER]] territory.......  ..........dayum... I hate this stuff as it pulls my heartstrings
It's because I don't let off my shift key fast enough before moving onto the next word.  I'm just typing very fast and sometimes isn't fast enough to remove my pinky from the shift key.  Bakapanda is also too lazy to rectify it
Thanks for the thoughts. Guess its another one of those  Wow...dat ending of the new Shigatsu Wa kimi ep 15  [[SPOILER]]
Anybody see Isuca yet?   What ya think?
I agree with it.  I personally liked ep 3 a lot more though :/ Onna.....hmm. I guess she found herself into a hole in the ground  ..... I'll see myself out 
Better general backstories in Death Parade ep 4 But I liked the sentiment of episode 3 a lot more.  Ep 4 plays a lot more on emotions that most people at some point have, but to extremes in its character. Whereas episode 3 plays more on the  [[SPOILER]] dealio. I prefered the mini twist in ep 3 as well.
Ahhhh sorry to hear that :(
About to watch it I liked 3 a lot due to the lovely but soul hurtful ending
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