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Its all a conspiracy
lol. German Thorge questioning the heer of Singapore and Murica It was.....a true anime  A lot of these 'OMFG WTF' pictures, reportings are generally isolated incidents or fabricated.  I've seen more than my share of 'crazy chinese media' that turn out to be fake, or from gag publications than from real ones.  Be the yard stick of quality you wish to see in the world. 
Looks nice. Reminds me of RHA's newest tunable IEM that uses different nozzles ( and filters and schiit inside it) to change the sound signature 
 Lots of College....lots of college.  Hyperventilating...collegeYeah, I knew it was going to make boom boom in the anime community once I saw the beach episode...the VN selection screen. And ESPECIALLY the glorification and blushing angles of the best girl.  Let it be known that Pharrel successfuly became one of the first if not the first to put his waifu into a MV.
  The 560, from my limited demo of it, would be better for metal however. 
  Pharrel is one of us.   I heard his new MV features a lot of anime in it     but holy schiit. I did NOT expect how many anime themes, general references, VN's etc they reference in this.    It's all custom done too.      He is one of us!
I'm the writer of the article above!   Feel free to ask my any questions you may have about it 
The 750Ti's selling points are its possibility for low amounts of cooling apparatusues...and in some cases, none at all. Low power draw and the W for performance it does.  But since none of these matter and no Nvidia specific technology interests you (if it does, you wouldn't be buying a card this low in the tier anyway) Physx and Cuda shouldn't be an issue. If you even need to think about if you use anything with probably don't. Photoshop doesn't benefit from...
Amazon is pretty good about returns. You pay return shipping back though if you want to be a good moral citizen. If not, you can tell them some crap and get free shipping back. Just don't open the box so you aren't a ******* about it. That will pretty much screw everyone over if the box is returned open.  Sorry to ask, but what 430W do you have again? The CX 430 isn't a favorite of mine since it is so crappy. But technically can still do it. It's quality is just really...
Just finished Aldnoah Zero episode 8   I like it a lot more than Valvrave   It has a bit better execution in its plot. But it still has a SCHIIT ton of Valvrave WTF episode ends that....make you wonder WTF
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