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Generally no. the E17K isn't that much more of an improvement It does improve on some things, but you generally want it to be worth your trouble to do a stack
This thread is an aggregate part of the internet Spoiling stuff just ain't our motto  Plus, you never know if someone hasn't seen a show. 
 Shin Angyo Onshi wasa so fricking goooooooooooooooooood  The manga was very very meh in my opinion. So many parts just not fleshed out or done well enough Made by Sunrise woot! They officially have to make some attempts at censoring   
most people I read from said the manga was a very good alternative for that route in the VN though.Anyway. It did many things extremely well and that I give it props for.Have u ever read Shin Angyo Onshi? Anytime I read about when people talk about how amazing Tsukihime is. I think of that manga as what my level of awesome should be.That manga starts a bit slow without much that is too wow. But....well itgets good
@akiroz   And or whomever has ever read or played the Tsukihime manga/LN/VN       I finished the manga just now. I liked it but I didn't think it was amazing. If there wasn't such a fan base around it, I wouldn't even consider/give it a second thought really.     Very underwhelming considering how many people declare it as the lawd and holy savior of manga 
Don't remind me about why Season 3 isn't comming out
 super yummy :D That all looks quite yummy! Have only had basic versions of both :D
Your card can be full of music yes  FiiO only recommends that it be empty for a 'just in case' reason but I've never had an issue with it
Just saw it I'm liking Cross Ange quite a bit. Not for anything major but that it's just really enjoyable for me to watch The latest episodes....have some very interesting fan service that deal into the plot....hehe lol Just make a beehive and fill it with drivers
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