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Don't let Jgray read this 
 I don't need a schiit ton of buttons so I personally prefer Logitech mouse Their new wireless gaming series (not that it has to be for gaming) are quite popular. 
Nice work man! Seems the 6s are kinda similar It really depends. If it works for you, it'd be a steal....however on the off chance that the fit isn't your thing...then it's more lukewarm. 
lol  I've been playing for a few hours now My initial worries were that the age of the game may not make it 'age well' in 2015. That's not the case thankfully  If the graphics weren't as semi glitch at times ( as they are doing CG with anime cell look in real time) and with more fidelity, it would be perfect   If you were a fan of the anime. I think you'll like this. I'm basically watching the anime right now....but playing it as well :D
I lost out on reserving posts...oh well   but wait...why are we reserving posts again? 
 That's what I was getting from it.  But yeah...most sound cards have DSP comming out through the digital PCM already You have to read the specs and make sure that if you want to use another DAC with it (like a headphone based one) that the PCM outputted is stereo  Some cards output multi channel PCM without ability to set it to only output stereo. This won't allow it to work with headphone DACs. Some cards don't add in the DSP virtual stuff into the digital output by...
I've always wanted to rewatch the anime. Now I don't have to. I get to play the legit version of it And I get to support SEGA and the original creators when I bought it  Darcien  The fight scene with her and the soldiers was so B.S though lol Also....her being the  [[SPOILER]] But's all good. I like how nonchallant this series is with death though. It's around them and it's just another part of life, just as life itself i s. 
They are easilly gogalable ;) WINTER-SALE20-GROGRE Here you go, use this. It will give you  A STEAM KEY. Not proprietary software. They sell legit steam keys and are one of the major players for it. So no need to fret.  GMG is quite reputable to buy games from and safe. Don't worry. That coupon will make the game $12. Cheaper than STEAM was   I'm playing it right now. Liking it so far. It's a good mix...
  Ok Japan.....   Schiit got real really fast.    LOL   I don't get why they keep doing this. It's like they are putting that out there not for any real development but because it keeps the 'possibility' open in the fans heads leading to more sale of materials in hopes of MC X Imo or some schiit like that.   I saw the anime so I know....but seriously...
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