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  Official photo for the new drama CD for OreGaru!   TH900s?
Senpai SEES all who are nice And sees all who are naughty 
 I'm more fixated on [[SPOILER]]  Brace yourself, tears are comming. 
 Honestly, this epsiode turned one of the weakest things that I thought it sucked at into a massive plot turning point. So much dilligence in meaning. Such high animation quality and calibre. No character B.S. Such hnnnnnng scene during this episode too.   [[SPOILER]]  MAGNIFICO!
It's a spin off sadly...
The plot was the biggest thing I hated.  It was the weird ass sequence of events that killed it for me. If plot events aren't flushed kills an anime for me.
 Yeah, I don't fully hate it...but it gets annoying really fast when so many do it. Zankyou and Valvrave are some of the worst offender AAAs of recent memory to commit it.  Shigatsu Wa Kimi was amazing to me for this reason. Everything was pretty much genuine. At first, what I thought was B.S turned out to be the largest turning point in the latest episode.
\   This is amazing!   The singer makes fun of the song and its lyrics so much. The last 30s before the ending were AMAZEBALLS. Oh god....but seriously...the lyrics in ALIEz are pretty much gibberish and a mix of languages fitted together to make the song sound good rather than mean anything
lol   I wouldn't really say he 'earned' it but rather got lucky....very lucky. He's the Mark Cuban of indie video games. Right place at right time....
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