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Sup guys. Just finished the first hell week of the semester......so destroyed by it. Just finally saw/finished Episode 11 of Charlotte. Da hell....gawwdd.... me gusta I like it a lot One of the biggest issues I have with anime and general story writting is with situations and plans [[SPOILER]]  I liked it a lot but felt the pace and changes to the story and characters to be too drastic. Probably due to the 13 episode limit of this show.
I believe it was translated incorrectly The current stuff up to a few months ago was decent...but honestly nothing special. 
Yep. Exactly. They suck....but that's the thing and they signed up for it Nah. For the summer.  I already worked at a DoD contractor last summer so this won't be that much different. 
The judge is correct in the sense that her violating the contract lead to dissolution of the band.Her singing it and violating it are all problems on her part. Idols in those countries are widely known to sign these and are told about what not to do. She signed it as she wanted to be an idol. However she violated it and that's that. 
Yeah, the anime did her quite well Manga is so ooo much more crazy See a doctor
I just read the manga basically lol. You should do that.
Finally starting to watch Sora no Woto.   Decently praised anime that I've never checked out. Especially with 'soldiers' but with a take on music.       Episode 2: TRIGGAA SAFETY! Do you girls not know what that means before you start messing around and jumping on each other!! WTF     Also.....   Super advanced last generation autonomous tank...but WW1 style rifles as weapons. They are using what seems to be Arisaka Type 38 rifles produced in 1905 for IJA
Much nice PC!  +1 for not buying a Corsair CX650 or something lol!
 Well....so are we in for more dissapointment? At least this time there is source material they have to follow and not butcher to suit a mass audience right?.....right?
Ahhh....my b....who is doing it then? *panda lazy*
New Posts  All Forums: