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Yeah, I'm looking forward to it The MC in some ways reminds me of Lelouch at times.. ME GUSTA!
Thoroughly enjoying No Game No Life   I liked the first episode better, but so far, besides the slight pukey elements in episode 2, it is quite interesting.   Plus.....dat fan service.
Yeah, at 12mins now and am loving the characters and the flow this anime is going at!
5mins into the first ep of No Game No Life and I'm liking it quite a bit :D
It feels weird owning
The site deleted all my domains tht lead to hf Yeah ,Sorodemo should not ne red but that is about all I have qualms with. I leave some of the higher ratings in harem to the guy liking it
I just got   :D   And it points to mechy     Get unlimited free domains right now   After you find the one you want, DON'T click checkout on the bottom. Rather go to register for new account and go through it. If your registration doesn't go through, it means somebody JUST got that domain.   AFter that, in your control panel, you can easilly and quickly add and forward domains you just got to new addresses...
 Flip flops=speakers and amps? I agree with that list :D I thought of those two shows when the No GAme no Life image was posted yesterday
Swagbuuuurrdd lolYeah it was quite bland. Kyo Ani probably needed a boost in revenue.......
Dude on REddit posted a nice chart of all the anime he saw this season and his opinion on them  I agree with most of them. Differences being a few here and there where I would interchange 3 ep rule for watching.   The only series I don't agree with on dropped with is 'Still the World is Beauitufl". That is a pure watch on my list.    Have LOTS of anime in my list. Last day of hard work was the last 30mins ago. Just finished writting a lab report and a pre-lab lab...
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