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 Well....so are we in for more dissapointment? At least this time there is source material they have to follow and not butcher to suit a mass audience right?.....right?
Ahhh....my b....who is doing it then? *panda lazy*
Isn't this being done by Kyoani? I'm wondering if they can pull this off? But hey..let's see. I enjoyed their last few series. Not very substantial but all very good fun.
Holy crap This ad just popped up on Nyaa       They know their target market well....very well
I put this image through Google DreamScope       Terrifying  
Yeah That's what I said to myself Final Audio Heaven 6 didn't make any sense. The only thing that fit into the phrase is the Heaven... -_-
 Hints? maybe I don't get the reference Those look like Final Audio brands and it says Heaven on itWait...seriously? dang......
cosplay scenes in ep 5 of Umaru Himoutout       ummm...are they trying to make a cameo of kiniro mosaic?  
Kinda not really. It's a WMD. Will and has not been ever used in our lifetimes yet. If they ever do....see AZ quote and pray to Ani-God hmm good question but like the others said. Prism show AZ re-popularized a near dead quote. Fiat Justia is all that remains of it in modern times with the Georgia SC being one of the few in the modern day to actually use the full Latin one.     
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