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I'm waiting for Ajin S2 to release fully on Netflix before I start bingingYep. It is officialThe old Thinkpads have an allure to me. Very pretty.Why did you need one for? My bad if you already saisAre you referring to Shakugan no Shana and Magical Index (with railgun misaka)?I've seen and liked the Railgun segments of Index.Never seen Shakugan no Shana
Me reading the Code Geass R3 announcement
David Bowie heheheI've never listened to a native SACD. Wonder what that is like.Hey! Welcome :3I'm watching those two and enjoying the.. Fairly good series. Both solid 7-8/10Hey You reminded me I still have to finish WolfensteinI just saw the R3 announcement. My hype thrusters are activating.If it is bad, we can do the same we did with Eureka 7 Ao and disown it! And pretend it ended at R2! Haha
So true. I'm loving it.Sad there will never be a S3 as the books are over.I heard Yuki Yuna is a good one. I never saw it but S2 is coming out.Or watch the Gundam Thunderbolt movie. So hype. Fairly standalone too as wellEnjoying that one as well.
Why did I never watch Baka to Test?   I'm such a BAKA.   It fills the void that KonoSuba left in me.  
 You just need to train from the very best!   Yeah definately. Still on the fence on if I should jump on the ship though  Yeah, I need to decide soon
 The resale market of the HD600/650 may just get destroyed by this lol But think of the gains! It's like mass gainer...but for earsYeah. Went to the World Premier of it in LA when it was at AX :D Was in same room as Shinkai. Brilliant film. Absolutely do recommend It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!
What you guys think of the HD 6XX?   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx?referer=KQ3CAV#_=_   For $199 with free USA shipping sounds like a deal :D
Wow! Definitely interested in a set of these.
 Haha sure thing. No need to go that far.    EMF!!! Emilia-Tan Magical Fairy FTW! But yeah. Rem is definately thawing the ice on my heart. There is a non-canon side short side story the author made on Subaru and Ram where they get married and have kids. It's not a spoiler as it's essentially fan fiction....except from the author, and sold to appease fans that wanted the couple.   [[SPOILER]]
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