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One of the rare cases where the older art is soo sooo soo much better That art on the right has to be a still? The one on the left is multitudes more detailed and probably a higher quality promo pic of that time. (ie the hair and clothing ripples)
I read that as The Lord of the Rings at first and was like...wut?
  I gate it two eps and noped it out
Please don't remind me of Tamako Market   I wasted so much of my life watching the series and then hoping for something substantial in the promised movie.....but in the end..nope :/     At least it wasnt' as bad as the people that wasted their lives on Glasslip lol 
Nice! Did you have dinner with Frank or any of our guys at Guru or 360? That lol moment when you realize they get rid of the words on the ED a few seconds prior so people can use them as lol and yeah, overall i enjoyed it as well
Demo the new Haruhi basd Nagato spin off. You seem like the kind that may like Shokugeki no souma and etotama. Dont forget sidonia S2 and Yamada kun :)
Half of them air this week (week of 3/30 to 4/5) with of course some stragglers the week after. From what I know. Oregairu and UBW continue later this week in a few days   Now just need CR confirmation
[[SPOILER]] Im salty
Aldnoah Zero End [[SPOILER]]   It was a bit more graceful....but it still pulled a Guilty Crown.  From imperial standards, it gets a 6/10. For 'good'. In terms of enjoyment....4/10..... lots of rage Not to mention,  [[SPOILER]]  The more I think about it. The more I want to punch everybody in AZ B.S asspull m
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