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 needs banana as it looks small without scaleI need more processing power personally Maybe a 860M at the least  Not a fan of the Core M whatevers Want at least one of dem HQ Mobilities for 4th and dem U for 5th. I don't care much for weight so i don't mind carrying a paperweight with me  I just puked looking at that wasabi sandwich with wasabi bread I actually uploaded this here last year lol!   
Yep while some cite Crysis's inefficency, when you balance it out, running Crysis/Crysis Warhead at such settings is about as hard as running Crysis 3 at those settings. It's like Crysis wants to be consistent with being hard as balls to run at high settings me gusta
  If that laptop has an extra slot, why not drop your own SSD (as in buy one)? Unless it isn't friendly to upgrading. 
 Needs banana for scale  
When did you guys get a silver X3 II?
what deserves the fire of an 1/10?
no, my desktop was never put on my desk
 Decent desks. Got one of those ultra long Ikea Galants yeah :) Pretty stable, but not as much as say an industrial solution so don't put a schiit ton of weight on the edges.  Rikkun had the glass top edition of it. He said it was a finger magnet but that it was also easy to clean
I do too Just saying that it's better than those who just see images of it will take it for
 Reply to both  [[SPOILER]]
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