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The ninja should stay
Cuz #CollegeLyfe
Are you a gamer with a desktop? You need 3 of the same with small bezels Do you need it for productivity?....its harder
Yeah, I forgot who introduced me to it It was probably a few months before that first post and from Bdawk senpai most likely. 
Flower Dance is an older song around here on AAMML :D 
I keep tabs on mine I check its SMART status (not that this is always indicative) but also its relocated sectors, temperature, and the general number of errors it has recorded. 
Death Parade 3   Not as much brain excercise. But like the others, very good.    the ending scenes in the credits are INCREDIBLY intelligent of a move the studio is doing. The post credits are great stuff to have as well.    Very fun show to watch
I loved the 4+ different names Ange tried on Sala!!!! It was hilarious
Dayum   Saekano is getting more and more meta and awesome
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