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I wouldn't agree with that. What 8man said was very indirect and full of uncertainty. It was implied by what the creators wanted it to imply. But he by no means outright spat it out.  For some people, it's hard to really tell what is happening as this build up happened over two years time with the running series. 
Lol. Just don't look at BeQuiet if you need something that fits lol
Everything's fair in loli, tsun, and dere......said all the otakus out there. Yep. While encompassing every little idea or opinion is fine. That is the lowest level of thinking you can do. Following ideas from Blooms taxonomy, and thinking patterns of high level 'thinkers'. A lot of thought processes aren't done out in speech but where each user already thinks about the idea beforehand, comes up with logical solutions, and discusses them at meetings and efficenctly then...
 ........dere...yeah...Note to Michelle Watch this on protein
I don't get why teachers like this in series are always single and's like....badgeting to all the otaku males out there or something Yep, we know that you didn't like it for melo drama...but you know what has even more melo drama? Clannad...and I dig that shizz If Germany came with Rammstein... I would become an honorary European and vote the crap outta Rammstein  Yeah..but tis a good show You can always read it online I like fluff Yo.... Ditch...
With her natural gifts...i mean plot
 I know....can't believe it boriiiisssuuu TYG, Ri-chan and Jgray kun of course. But we love them and their pagan satanic answers to moe. The artwork did take some getting used to. I getcha on that. But I liked it. It had more depth to it than the traditional moe anime generic girl look to it.I keep telling you that for a reason. I know you stick with those...but a little convincing doesn't ever hurt  You know what would be more awesome....reading that manga  *hint hint...
I've spent almost 50 hours on it......yep..... You should also get into manga
First Place winner of Eurovision      Second Place of Eurovision       I like the second place winner better
 Most of us here like it too...well except TYG  doing well man. The Witcher 3 has taken over my life
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