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Yeah, Im with Muppet and others. Congested, thick, large size, and on my model, it had sibilance.  Yeah, I loved the UERM as well. The Kaiser 10 wwere a step up however, but also a major step up in price. The 400i's are wicked smooth. It's good because of it, but for some hifi-philes, it is lacking a bit because of just how smooth it is as well. Yeah, I know what you mean by the mid and treble on the 560. I note that EVERYTIME someone asked me about them today. Too peaky...
I did it. We went out at 1am to get midnight breakfast. It was awesome.  Even better!
A lot of people call me Bo! It's all good! I believe Frank has a copy of some people's names and handles.  If I recall correctly, the Lyr used the standard IEC power cable. It's a cable one can get for $5 at a used anything shop.  
Did I meet you today Byrnie? I had one stop by with his father that demod the AK240+Chord with the LCDXs I believe.    Either way, the Head-Fier's there today were great and very respectful.
The one thing we can all agree on. Extremely thick sounding. The one I heard was sibilant. Not extremely, but it happened often. There are crossover controls but I didn't/wasn't able to toy with those.  The moment I heard and affirmed that there was sibilance on the went down the drain for me.   UERM and Kaiser 10 on the other hand are fantastic. 
Second day of Festival is over   Lots of cool schiit   I walked out of the Festival today with an HE400i. These babies are comming out in August-September and are sweet as hell for the price of $499.     Can't use them though. They are sitting in the box for the next half week. It terminates natively to quarter inch and I don't have a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter with me sadly.      ---     When I wasn't spending most of the day at the D.C HF meet at the festival, I...
Great to meet you today Bill! I am Bowei, the guy who sat next to you with the Hifimans and the AK240 and CHORD HUGO setup I was babysitting for my friend Frank.  I got one of your HMS bracelets (funny stuff), and liked how practical a lot of your stuff was to the average Head-Fier. Great to meet you and everyone today though Bill!
Already there!!
The 560 and 400is are comming to Headphone.Guru for review. Awesome cans that I heard today. 400i's were smooth but the 560's were much more dynamic. Especially in that the 560's had a great spatial presense and a wide soundstage and a much better frequency seperation than the 400i.  However, the 560's have a slight spike in the upper mids that aren't harsh, but are a bit of an annoyance at times. It's just not perfected and is slightly off. It's a bit too sharp at times...
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