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I get those all the time......
Wut lol no It's the ya know...ya know. 
No hotlinking my friend 
I dig the ....well you know  
It's been a few years but man, I'm rediscovering the potential of the HFI 580 and modding.    These headphones are so close to being fricking fricking awesome, but I always felt the mids to be a bit too hot and with a need of a bit more soundstage.   I think I've been able to rectify these problems at the moment     It's a fairly #SchittyMod by all means, but it works quite well        But basically, if you look to the right pad for a moment. You'll see that I...
 My sides when watching this video...too much "Easy peasy, Japan is evil" oh god. That was amazing.  Still working my way through that :D I honeslty can't recognize them at all..just can't That is so  MANDOM! How was Barakmon?I'm one of those guys that has a REALLY hard time learning Chinese and other pictogram based languages due to my inability to recognize the characters. Like when comparing song names, it takes me close to 4 times and bare memorization to be able to even remotely kinda remember what the character 'looks' like. My learning difficulty of the language is in here. Past 4 strokes and it's impossible for me...
Gotta seperate the 'different' ones  Do they hold the same place in your heart? Seperate but equal is not equal ya know 
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