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Did you make and notice this yourself?
Not bad, but also not exactly the best. I would recommend the Brainwavz S1 or the Nuforce NE 700M for Trance and EDM more than these The more neutral oriented nature of the AX30's makes EDM a little thin
Thanks for the review Fortune will have it that it is being released onto Blu Ray in 6 days!
nuh uh!! Haven't seen Mekaku yet.  I don't like her either. 
It's been 3 years, and my god. The OST for Guilty Crown still can't be topped. 
Watching new episode of Still The World is Beautiful right now :DDDDD
WoT GUP voice pack is making my day so much
 I've thought about this and rather than calling it exaggeration, it's more of one based around positive feedback. Where the other party sees and lives his world as is, and thus believes claims to be widly exaggerated. It's just realistic depressionism view on the world.  Important yes, but treat them like schiit still? Yes as well. But if you keep doing that, you are positively re-inforcing ideas. You can't kill an idea, a symbol as easilly as you can others. I'm...
I also wrote multiple in depth posts for SSY :D I loved loved how overt they did things!!!Two lines from the French Natinonal Anthem resonate within me.  The French have the highest rates of protest and what not. The two lines translated are: To ARMS! Citizens!Form your battalions! Great stuff!
Racism, sexism, class-ism, and division. WE SHOOT AT YOU, and WE DIVIDE YOU. We pit you AGAINST each other We make you UNTRUST each other.  I don't totally agree with Marx's plan towards pure communism, how it works, and how his economic system is done out. But his ideals on class structure, people, and equality is something I hold absolutely dear in my heart. I don't fly the USSR flag for fun. I don't fly the UN flag, Russian Federation, or PRC flag for fun. I fly them as...
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