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 The anime series doesn't finish the series btw..... It ends on an continuing note. But the anime doesn't finish the story at all. Not even close. The manga started in 2009 and is ongoing. The anime ends on chapter 43 of the manga...currently the manga is at about chapter 90+ so yeah...... yumm. FanserviceoooIOIoooOO.....dang sorry about that. Take some more morphine derivative medicine. It might help. Nice!! Logitech FTW!!!
Just finished Yona of the Dawn.    Episode 22 was a pretty fantastic climax to the whole 'rebirth' of the princess into a warrior type of thing.   Overall, I'm quite pleased with the series. It does have a few too many slapstick comedy scenes but still handles itself well in the serious moments. It is officially a reverse harem but it isn't exceedingly far into this genre and produces a well balanced story that doesn't fall into whole romance or harem at...
Get well soon TYG-dono oh dang. I read about these before...and abhored the idea of ever even getting one.... Dang...man....well hope you can...at least sit comfortably read manga  all your life are belonghs to us hmm not sure. Try DL it.you custom made that? dang..nice faster than the speed of.........snow? lol. There ya go buddy. The 'real' way of doing things ooo snap. Take some of the nice American morphine based pills that we consume 80+% of the world's supply...
Been binge watching Yona of the Dawn Dang. Still keeping my attention Although not as mature or fleshed out as Shin Angyo Onshi, it features a lot of well developed tropes and character backgrounds that keep it interesting. The characters also have a bit of dimension to them outside the norm in their reasons for why they are doing things. Some of the dialogue from Yona was unexpected and sets her apart from many other generic 'katniss' heroines you can find
It was a very nice self contained campus within the middle of Atlanta. Some of its dorms and other campus things were farther away from the central campus and requires a walk though. The campus itself was nice and had a lot of College mojo feel to it and would overall be a nice play to be. The newest building there (forgot its name) that is really nice is a located close to the dorms and isn't in some random location which is nice. However. Two of the new professors that...
Just finished episode 6 of Akatsuki no Yona   Dang...   I like it quite a bit.    The info graphic and what not made it seem like a crap show.   One of my friends recommended it to me...and man...  me gusta
I meant your university stuff and your pursuit in higher education and post! Nope. not yet. I'm running Univ given Win 8 Enterprise editions so the pop up to upgrade never showed up I added the gif! And nice work Micey! I wish you the best in nailing it! At least you got a call back.  I have never gotten a call back or so much as a phone call of interest from the hundreds of places I applied to. *sad panda* 
Used to have one of those... 1000% no thanks see below.  but yeah... BMX have no 'real' suspension apart from the qualities that are innately built into the hard frame my friend had one of those old GTs
Ahh gatcha. Thanks. I gotta see that then  oooo you are right. I missed that....im an idiot lol...you seriously don't....it was pretty bad oooOO, you got the X1 Carbon then. I thought you were going for one of the T series..but I guess that fell through. Get a legit piston or something thenNice that you are doing active stuff and congrats on your thesis! You are moving up! I'd say that's quite an accomplishment Rik. You may not hear it that often online but Panda-sama be...
 yeah. Flat terrain isn't bad....but on Murican Appalachin mountain windy roads...forget it.  What is with the ^-1? 5 hours of biking for a geek is still...kinda hard Nope. One of the members dropped to pursue studies. A new girl joined into ClariSI haven't finished S2 Will I be able to understand it if I watch it?
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