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Oh yeah. Forgot someone else already reposted it. I even remember seeing that post this morning.
Read my spoilers from before This is exactly the kind of B.S 'technicaly we answered your questions' kind of thing PP S2 is doing.   NSFW (not spoken words, so no subs needed, just feels)       (It's a few minute short anime and so I don't find there to be a need for a spoiler tag for the information below as it is a semi wall of text)   It's from the studio that made Neon Genesis, Madoka, and all that good stuff   It's a high quality anime short that is actually ultra depressing.   There are multiple theories towards what the show is...
Yeah, that was the straw that I had to just say F it at Reading some commentary and it seems my hunch was right. This is Tomino doing it on purpose. The 80s-90s style of animation and plot sequencing was A LOT different from how they are now.  I know this is his style, but I hate it.   Great spoiler analysis of Code Geass and the relationships of Lelouch & Suzaku Offers great...
I'm a bit dissapointed in Gundam G Reconquista   I'm currently on epsiode 2, but EVERYTHING feels like it is from the late 80s to early 90s in terms of animation and plot sequences.    Everything is defying the laws of physics in ways that are similar to animation of that period (things look like they are 'ghosts' floating around, rather than suits actually flying). And how weird all the execution is.   Nothing in terms of the politics, social engineering, or how...
Most of us rage dropped that long ago lol
The series is not bad at all.  For most viewers, it is hard to notice.   Most of the holes we are referring to, are actually addressed by the series. Most just aren't satisfied by the explanations, or missed the subtle 'answers' the show is giving us. 
Far Cry 4 runs like schiit on some hardware. Not just yours. Nvidia is a lot better on it, but it is by no means perfect. 
On the internetz of course 
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