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Dayum, I missed the part with everyone posting their PC's for best e-pen. 
I was lucky enough to hear both at CAF and was able to take the HE-400i for review.    The review will be up soon (I'll post it), but I'll put down my general impressions and comparisons of them tomorrow.  
Hey guys, I just got news and word from a release by my friend at Fischer that Kennerton Audio, a new brand by Fischer Audio will be premiering products at IFA Consumer Electronics - this year in Berlin - with some nice choice...
Now that Nyaa is down, getting it through xcdd :/ IRC     Anyway, got the new Mahouka through this way.   And it's funny. Japanese pronunciation of Chinese.   The dude says something that sounds like 'she' in the anime. When he is saying 'shi' in Chinese which means yes or the 'very well' that it translates to.    Kinda funny
It depends on your headphones and personal opinion really
Just did some slight listening with the X5 and X1 on bassy tracks. (No EQ on both)   The X1 fares a bit poor with bass. It's a bit cleaner, but also very lacking in quantity production. 
Yep, T-Shirt :) Yeah, FiiO has gotten pretty big  FiiO has a huge following if I recall Lol, not sure how they will make them available if at all  I'm a special Panda hha But no, it's as Twister says.   Yeah, I'm 80% sure the back is plastic. It doesn't have the same feel, scratch feeling, and general look and temperature as the rest of the metal frame is. 
Just made an Unboxing video if anyone is interested  
No there is no seperate line out on the E11K However you can use the headphone out on the E11K as one. 
 Well, that's just part of the market for Linux. Lots of open sourcing and people doing there own things.  I believe I played with Arch int he past. The general LINUX IDE's and distros do seem much simpler than Windows. But it's more of a faux amis than anything. 
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