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Lol almost looked like infinite ryvvius or heroic age.Why? The art style is the kind similar and used in gundam seed.Dayum sonNice! I brought a Bluetooth headphone to the meet and it works well! Mine was sent by super melody and is pretty good.
Haha yeah going to caf in Washington DC.I'm meh about the e11k but the e10k is nice
About to leave to uber audio trip
Don't we all :/ don't we all!  You're from Winnipeg Canada? Hmm one of our review groups dudes is from there. 
....i learned...the ecchi way Am I? I'm at an audio show.  But I can't give away the pre-production unit. It predates finalization by nearly half a year. 
And the yaoi....oh pops out of nowhere. 
Well some things happened and I ended up with two of the not-yet-released E11K's     I guess the only logical thing now is to make a -Does it Blend- video with the extra one. 
lol Eves eyes are getting blown out
Maybe you'll go wheeeeeeee 
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