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Yep.So keep it secret (if you wish) who your SS isYeah...I thought the same. It almost sounded like graph is calling for a strong Malaysian man to come and take him to Kingdom come lol
Happy holiday and thanksgiving guys! Watashiwa kininarimasu! The top 30 review said something that I agree with about Hyouka. Hyouka may very well be the best effort at non-action SOL as of yet. Clannsd after story is still best but Hyouka was too dayum good
 Yeah, all the economics and trading in Spice and Wolf is fun. But I really really like the relationship between Holo and Lawrence S&W is generally taken to be different here in 'Murica. S&W is generally implied to be the key shortcut name of Smith and Wesson, a major gun and military equipment manufacturer in the world.    Just finished rewatch of Season 1 in one day :)I dig the Senny's because of how forgiving they are indeed :)
I'm always absolutely in love with Spice and Wolf when I watch it.    I loved it when I first saw it nearly half a decade ago and now.     It has an ingenuous way of going about it's romance and relationships. It's almost criminal how good they are at it.     Other anime (including well known Seinens) go about it towards a climax of people having feelings for each other.   Spice and Wolf pretty much bypasses it and goes straight into the couple like bickering,...
I'm almost done with the first season of Spice and Wolf. Started a few hours ago      I saw the entire two seasons in 2009 (noticed that season 2 was airing and so decided to watch the series)     Great stuff! It has a lot of real world economics in it. And most importantly, it has an adult (yet still anime-like grounded) reality of romance and relationships. Good stuff
On the imperial scale, I wouldn't give it an 8 6/10 in where MOST of the score that gave it a +1 from average of 5 came from its deep intricate plot, twists, and non-linear progression. 
Awww, glad and sad to hear this  I very disliked Rebellion personally. The story and idea behind it was nice. ....but I felt like stuff like that should better be left as a collection addon novel. The animated form of what they were going for didn't shine through as well imo.     In my foray to look at top anime perceptions. I found this post with 1200 comments on what people thought was an anime that deserved a 10/10   It lead me to one person here:   Making me interested in Madoka movie...
Yeah but then they decided that there be WAYY too many useless letters in that stuff 
Yeah, ATi Radeon still sounds more right of course. But guess what? AMD Radeon has been a thing for about half the lifespan of the term ATi Radeon. ATi Radeon phrase was in use from 2000 to 2009 (5xxx series) so 9 yearsAMD Radeon was from 2009+ to current, so 5 years.  However, ATi Radeon HD was only used from 2006 to 2009 (so 3 years). ATi Radeon without the HD was from 2000 to 2006.(so 6 years) AMD Radeon HD was used from the 6xxx to 7xxx series (1.5 years from 2011 to...
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