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Posts by bowei006   SEGA bundle is out   Just a note that most of this bundle is DLC    Jokes on you SEGA. I actually have ROME 2 and want the Gaul DLC, just never bought it. Also, I wanted the sonic racing game. HA! Jokes on you.
Yeah, I've been an intern at a few places so I understand ya  And yeah, impressions almost never cost $100. Pretty much sub $30 for most places.  dat nostalgia...nostalgiad so hard too
 I actualy like her Chinese album Love Song the most out of every other The Chinese mastering is lower in quality without a doubt.  There is an extra .3 - .5s of white noise ahead of every track. A lot warmer too.  -_-  It's a trap Reminds me of this:  Or this change
Yeah, that should do. I updated my older thread to reflect the naming scheme you got there. We have nearly the same one, but yours had 'Gift' in it which I added to mine. It makes sense though. I should have had it in my older one. Because hey, are we exchanging members across the world? I wouldn't mind flying to Kuala Lumpur and never comming back again 
This isn't the thread  It's annoying as the first words look the same (kinda) so I get confused between tabs often. 
Where have you been Evey? We talked about your ani-song compilation recently   Helped me out a lot on a long bus ride :D Although I don't know 95% of those songs.  Need mooooaaar figurines of [[SPOILER]] ?  
I've decided recently that I'm going to put ani-songs as one of the referenced albums on all my magazine/columnist/site published reviews from now on  I've got Guilty Crown in the past and this time I'm going with ClariS's new album Party Time  My current review that is yet to be published has Alan (popular Asian singer that has done Ani song before) and also Aldnoah Zero ED :D   Because why not? Someone reading them might spit out their soda as they realize that their...
^ What you said  Any company worth their salt would at least honor it or reduce the cost for a replacement or RMA.
Every time I worry about being an intern at a company. Like what do I need to over do. Do I need to know advanced algorithims, do I need to have to handle the entire mainframe. Write a company report etc. But then I read stories on what most interns do, and I wonder WTF I'm worrying about. 
Milestones!     We are 24 days (days in Christmas) until our 3 year thread anniversary!   We have 817 pages left to traverse before we hit 10,000 pages on this thread. At our current rate, we should hit this in July of 2015!   It's been two years since Project-H. The project was started in October of 2012. The thread on November 25, 2012 (today 2 years ago) for nostalgia.   This year marks the second time that the Holiday Gift Exchange has gone on. We have nearly...
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