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Guess u are the one getting Durian then
Oregairu was quite a refreshing show to watch. However just like sakurasou, it had a lot going that it just barely missed the mark on in terms of being a tremendously good seriesIt is never magic hour in Germany is it?Nope kitty says nopeI love your spoiler info for the seriesBecause its so true. Only problem is that this is an adaption so its not exactly kyoani that did it this way.However kyoani executed it in the typical way...It seems like this show was popular in...
I finished watching the last (real) episode of Amagi Brilliant Park a few hours ago The Reddit responses to it were perfect for how I feel about this series:       All of these comments are amazing and pretty much show how Amagi Brilliant Park was to me
I don't know man... I think they were going for the TH but then just didn't do it 100% correct The color of those cups and especially with the indented flat piece before the ciruclar piece is very TH900 ish. The color is really fricking close to the FOSTEX I just think they were going for a similar looking one
  Official photo for the new drama CD for OreGaru!   TH900s?
Senpai SEES all who are nice And sees all who are naughty 
 I'm more fixated on [[SPOILER]]  Brace yourself, tears are comming. 
 Honestly, this epsiode turned one of the weakest things that I thought it sucked at into a massive plot turning point. So much dilligence in meaning. Such high animation quality and calibre. No character B.S. Such hnnnnnng scene during this episode too.   [[SPOILER]]  MAGNIFICO!
It's a spin off sadly...
The plot was the biggest thing I hated.  It was the weird ass sequence of events that killed it for me. If plot events aren't flushed kills an anime for me.
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