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Just wanted to say I've been using this new toy for a couple days now and It's absolute bliss with my Grado's or Beyers.    It's got enough features to really let you sculpt your own sound even if you're going into an ipod.    Provides excellent sound quality when used as a DAC as well!     I'll post some good pics when I get around to taking some. =)     Don't hesitate to pull the trigger in my opinion.   Drives my 32 ohm cans and my 250's both...
I'm a bus / longboard commuter and I have to say...I love wearing my Grados out!   When I'm pumping through streets I can turn them down a tad and be fully aware of the bigger scarier things on the road.   When I'm on the bus I crank them up and enjoy.      And who cares if you can hear my music anyway! Who knows, might be some good looking girls fav tune she overhears (haha...that'll be the day though. Seriously.)     EDIT: Wow I just totally...
I think I might spring for these as I'm in need of some on the go audio solution.   I'm in Canada, is that a problem?
Oh, because I live in Canuck-istan I'd be happy to pay the shipping to get them to veer a little north of the states =D
I would love to take you up on this. The funds are a little shy for now though. In a few days I'll be able to pull the trigger if no one else will hehe
For Punk and Rock though, it'll be difficult to beat the pure energy of Grados. If you have a local Hi-Fi shop you should pop in and audition some Grado SR80's. You might be impressed enough to listen to all genre's on them!   There are some 10 minute mods that can really up the amount of bass that you hear with your grados.  All you need is a ballpoint pen and a hairdryer! hehe
This is really helpful? Why not explain?   For what it's worth I second the vote for ultrasone.  Although I think some beyerdynamic cans would suit your needs well too. They may need some amplification to really be driven to their full potential unless you went with some low imp beyers which I really haven't heard out of a portable player. 
I've recently emailed Lloyd about ordering that beauty of an amp.    Very helpful review, but how much did you pay? I'm assuming that you bought an assembled one as well, correct?   Anyway, I'm very happy to give Lloyd the business as he's just a few hours away from me here.  It just happens to be a bonus that this system sounds godly with Grados! 
I'm using a Pro-Ject DAC Box FL with my tube here. It's a solid state DAC but it's nicely built and shows it's colours well even though I'm only using Grado SR80i's at the moment =D    I got it at $99 on sale at my local shop. They're in the ballpark of $200 though I do believe.   Anyway, in my case it's a great deal on a great piece of equipment.      I've tried it on it's own from an optical out on my macbook and even then un-amped the clarity of sound...
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