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Looking forward to seeing the pics/stories/impressions from this meet. Especially about the new Schiit Gungnir and Mjolnir which I believe are gonna be there :D
  X2. Great read. I've always felt copper cables sounded better actually, more realistic sounding.
I'd normally recommend some good powered speakers for your budget range though. Maybe something from Adam audio?
  Looks interesting. Don't think many people own that combo so it'll be a risk though.
  My understanding from talking to the local distributor is that the M51 is designed to be the higher end, superior product. However, they also mentioned that if it is not paired well, the 390DD has the potential to sound better. The M51 though taken for just its DAC and pre sections is higher end though, hence the master range allocation
I absolutely 100% dislike the d7100s look but if it seals alot better than the d7000 and has better sound quality, it'll probably still be a winner. Price is really high though.
  I only owned a pair of T5Ps for a couple of weeks before letting them go. The above statement is more or less accurate though I personally felt that they were more than a tad bass light. Simple put, if you like bass/like cans like the hd650, these are not gonna be your cup of tea
Good choice though you couldn't really have gone wrong either way. I personally liked the LCD-3 a lot more than the HE-6 as I felt in was more engaging but ymmv so will be nice to hear what you think.
Sweet write up dude. Thanks!
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