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So, are you rockin the standard amp card?
Alright guys, I had to sell my JH 16 a few years back due to money issues. I am now ready to get back into some nice IEM's. Looking around the site it seems that I am going to pull the trigger on the Legend R.    My question is: A lot has changed since I left the scene & want to know what some good and great DAPs would be for these. I would like to sit around $500 range but I can go higher if there is a significant performance improvement.    Thanks for the help
SOLD In great shape, no scratches or dents and 100% working. Build Date: 2011-04-06 PM me with questions. Buyer pays shippping
My JH16 are actually shorter than my other IEMs that I have (Sleek CT7, UE 18 Pro). They are the most comfortable IEM I have used. 
Hello,     I have used them for exercise. I use them for all of my yard work and use them for shooting. They work very well for just about everything! The only reason that I'm selling them is because I got the JH Audio JH16 Pro after I got the CT7 & don't really use them anymore. They have been great but I prefer the sound signature of the JH16.
I have up for sale my Sleek Audio CT7 and W-1 wireless system. All of the original items are included: -CT7 -Earphone Cable -Pelican case -Wireless reciver -Wireless audio adapter -Charging cable for wireless system -Carrying case for wireless -Original box and instructions for the W-1 wireless system These will need to be remolded for your ears, there are a few places that will do them. Fisher hearing quoted me $90.
Sold! Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
They are custom, so you would have to get them remolded from a company such as UM or Fisher..
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