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I got some orders from August-September a few weeks ago.  No shipping notice, they just arrived one day.  Well worth the wait.
I agree that Mojo is brighter than DAC-19. But not as bright as the Schiit dacs.
Mine only plays on balanced XLR input only when the switch is in the up position. When the switches are down, no sound. Have not tried the RCA unbalanced input.
I have a Liquid Carbon that I use balanced, and a half boat Burson H10. I agree that the LC is the brighter of the two (though not overly bright like Schiit at all), and find them comparable on soundstage. Different style amps, but both are excellent. Both sound great with planars and the HD650.
 ZMF Omnis and HD650 primarily.  I have also tried Alpha Primes and T1s, but the others sound better right now to my ears.  Even the HD650s sound good with the DAC 19 and WA6.  You would think that combo might be too slow and rolled off, but it's not at all.
To add on what Stillhart said -I have the DAC 19 with Amanero and 2x RCA outputs - one to a Liquid Carbon and one to a WA6. They both sound great and much more similar to one another with this DAC than I expected. The DAC 19 does not soften up the tube amp to my ears. In fact, it seems to tighten it up and make it more punchy but with a more spacious sound.I got the DAC 19 with Amanero so don't have a comparison. But given the low cost, I thought it made sense when...
I have the LC with a new DAC-19. Phenomenal combo. Gets better each day.
My Carbon is dead silent on both balanced and single ended. Hope you figure out the problem.I have been thrilled to find the Carbon immune to the RFI and hum that has plagued both of my Woo amps in the same room.
 I'm using these.  They are fine, a little squishy but do the job.
That's interesting. I have a Mojo, LC and a DAC 19 on the way. It will be fun seeing which synergy works well for various headphones. I don't have an HD800 but do have a T1. I actually like the T1 straight out of the Mojo, which surprised me a bit. Looking forward to trying it with the DAC 19.
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