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I have one of the Mediabridge cables and they do not fit.
I have an HD650 with silver cable that I usually listen to with a Woo 6.  Very nice pairing, warm with lots of air.  It is the only setup I use for classical.  The W6 also drives my Mad Dogs decently, but not quite as well as my vintage Sansui 881 receiver.  I think the Mad Dog orthos need more juice.
I have. Sony STR 7035. Picked up at the Goodwill. Nice clear sound. Good headphone out. I have enjoyed with both HD650 and Mad Dogs.
 I have a Sansui 881 and a 2000X.  The 881 is my favorite of the two, but not by much as they have a similar sound - lush, but not loose or unrefined, good bass extension.  I also have a Pioneer SA-9100 that I love.  It is more neutral and very powerful.  All of them work great with Mad Dogs 3.2.  Power to spare.
Please let me know if you have one of the iPhone compatible cables from the Denon AH-D600 headphones that you would be willing to part with.  I bent the jack on mine.    Thank you!
A pair of Heir 4.Ai universal IEMs in perfect condition, bought in 2012 when the Wizard was still on board at Heir.  In addition to the stock cable, I am including a BTG Audio Sunrise CIEM cable.  This cable was selling for $95 new but has been discontinued by BTG for the time being due to supply problems.  A great pair of IEMs and a great upgrade cable.   Price is $360.00, and includes PayPal fees and insured shipping by USPS within the Continental U.S.  International...
You may want to try a silver or SPC cable with them. Some find that tightens up and extends the sound signature.
I would look elsewhere for something that sounds decent straight from a Mac or phone. Perhaps Denon AH-D600.
The Vmoda cable works, but it is longer too.
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