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What i'm missing is space on my phone, grate app BTW. By any chance canopener could download flacs from Dropbox sometime in the future?
no, not yet, what I'm missing?
I've been giving this xba headphones a very long listen, and I'm starting to like the overall sound, bass is punchy and better controlled that the monster turbine pro gold, 535 are less bassy, but can give you a very pleasant surprise, with the right music. sony's do a better job of presenting electronica and pop songs, deep bass & powerful, the best part not leaking bass into mids, at least not as much as the pro golds. Mids are still preferred on the 535's they can...
I just bought the xba-4, i have the 535's and the monster gold , of the tree I vastly prefer the 535, as stated above it has the more natural sound, well defined, and almost lustful mids. wile the xba's do excell on the bass it recess the mids also the highs are metal sounding, to harsh to me who is coming from the 535 that are known for clipping very high freq, still getting use to the sound, but for instrumental music, i'll go for the 535, fun punching bassy songs will...
Thanks, now let me research witch is the one for me.
So before I take the plunge to custom IEM, I'll like to try some big cans before, I really like my IEM as i need the isolation and portability i won't replace them for that same reason, but I'll like to get my ears some big can treat. I've been researching for days now and I don't find the right one still, i wont compromise size or form over sound quality, this are for home use so can be as ugly and big as they can be:D Source is a laptop with a mis. flac collection,...
@jchandler3 are you on battery power when this happens?
I have been testing my ibasso D6 since i got it last year along with my ipad1 with allot of mixed results (solution probably berried in this tread, who has the time?) . but i think i finally found the prob. here is the original combo: Ipad1(iOS5, >60%battery) + FLACplayer(1.2) + (24/96kHz flac files) + CCK(w or w/o dock) + ibasso D6 (on battery) + SE535 = Heavenly music everywhere I want.
The triple flange is the only tip that I don't get that painful sound, I'm use to it by now, but I was very uncomfortable at the beginning to use the triples but you get use to int and worth the cleaner sound. The sound was unbearable with all the other tips. Also the triples give you the best isolation.
D7 on its way to be use at the office with my 535s and workstation, wondering if I use the built in amp or pair it with my D6, you guys think it matters in the IEM realm?
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