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Can someone move this to the relevant section? I apologize for this.
Its been five years since I bought my IE80, so since its out of warranty, I wanted to do a little maintenance on my own. Especially the nozzle, I intend to replace it since it is possible to remove the nozzle from the IE8/IE80. It has sort of a bayonet mount which can be opened by twisting. I'm guessing this information may be useful for anyone who has accidentally damaged their metal filters in the nozzle and anyone else who intends to repair his/her IE8/IE80 on their...
In mumbai, india, there are not many stores where I can find very good iems, Not to mention iem accessories. I found this on ebay, can you tell me if it is compatible with pl50?   Also I want to buy some triple flange tips too Which out of these will fit the...
I own a pl50, and Im from India, can you help me with some more information regarding how I could get me some foam tips. I previously bought tips but they did not fit.      
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