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I'm considering buying a pair of ADAM A3X monitors. Will the RCA outs on my Audinst HUD MX-1 work with these monitors? Also, can I use RCA to XLR cables?   Thanks :)
I'm thinking about getting a pair of KRK monitors :P Should I get the RP5 or the VXT4? 
Thanks! Any amp recommendations? 
Hi :) I've recently been looking into a speaker set up and after reading many reviews, the Paradigm Atom v.5 seems to be the best choice within my budget.. But I don't know anything about speaker setups :( All I know is headphones. I'm using an Audinst HUD MX-1 as a USB DAC, what do I need to get these speakers to work and what would I need to do and what else would I need to buy?   
Hi, I'm wondering which of the two amps would pair well with a UM Mage IEM, I'm going to be using an iPod classic as a source.
Yupp. Nothing so far :(
I think the MK V is solid state.
Hi :) I'm wondering if the MK IV is a big improvement over the MK III and if it's worth the extra money. I'm going to use it with my Sennheiser HD600 and an Audinst HUD-MX1 as a DAC.
After reading many threads, I've decided to go for the Little Dot MK IV SE. Thanks :)
I listen mostly to Metal and some Acoustic folk :P My current portable rig is the Etymotic ER-4P and the FiiO E7 coming from a 5g iPod classic and my home rig is an Audinst HUD-Mx1 and the HD600. I'm looking for a neutral/mid eccentric portable headphone :)
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