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I would love to evaluate.  I love classical music and feel like I am a desriminating listener. Being retired gives me lots of time to become emersed in the music. 
Hope to be selected to receive these iem's.  Would like to review them.
1.  Comfortable.  Can use them for hours without tiring. 2.  Neutral frequency response.  No screaming highs or bloated lows.  Just a natural sound. 3.  Cords do not tangle and are durable.
My Sennheiser 545 headphones have had shorting out problems since I first bought them many years ago.  The intermittent problem has discouraged me from using them and makes it so that I can no longer bare with the frustration.  I would love to win some new Sennheiser.  Good luck to everyone but, I hope that I might be the winner.
I love Electronic music. I especially like Moog music like 'Bachbusters' Tomita's Planets' and Mr. and then Ms. Wendy's performances.    I also own the Dr. Dre 'Detox' headphones.  I have reviewed headphones (i.e. In Ear Monitors) that you can view here on Head-Fi as well as Amazon and other headphone sites.  I would love to evaluate your Spider headphone and especially compare it with Dr, Dre's premium product.  I must admit that I am not overwhelmed with Dr. Dre's...
Well, I enjoyed the article.  Although, the examples were not true audiophile in quality, it did show that there is much more out there than the buds that comes with the mp3's of today.  Let's be happy with baby steps into our world.  It can't hurt and may be the link that will excite a newby into our world of audio.  Having wrote in a newspaper, I understand that sometimes the best you can hope for is that they spelled your name correctly.  This is far better than that...
I remember Patrick Norton when he co hosted Screen Savers with Leo LaPorte.  Brings back fond memories of back in the day.  Enjoyed the interview.  Jude, you are the best.  Thanks for keeping us updated on the latest.
I received a message from Akio that I was a lucky winner of this contest.  I have sent him my shipping information and look forward to receiving them and posting a review.  What a great time to win these with Christmas happening.  Again, thank you for running the contest.
When it comes to understanding Classical music, you have got the man.  I've played the piano, violin and advidly listen to the classics.  I temper this with some jazz and I have a good collection of both genre.  I enjoy headphones and have owned Sennheiser as well as a number of other headphones.  Personally, I have enjoyed the Sennheiser signature and would love to be a part of the experience in December.  Being unemployed gives me the time to devote to analysing and...
Since I am unemplyed my only chance of listening to the V-Moda is to be lucky enough to be a reviewer.  I entered the contest earlier in a post but, just in case you didn't see mine,  I listen to classical music and jazz.  I have reviewed in-ear headphones on this website and would love to give the V-Moda a review.   Thank you for your consideration,   Ron J. Wilson
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