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I was chatting to a Bike Shop Manager a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about the outrageous mark up on bike parts...he basicly said that he could not compete with internet sellers on price because the price the importers give him wholesale is still higher than the price+shipping for an internet purchase.  He went on to explain the reason....aparently it is a requirement (Law) in Australia for the importer not the manufacturer to cover the warantee on a...
Bass vibrating fine hairs in your ear.?
With the ever increasing popularity of portable audio it really surprises me that more studios are not getting in on the benifits of Binaural recordings.    Is the expense of recording for Binaural so much higher than a Soundfield recording?   Having heard 'Explorations in space and time' I would love to have binaural versions of all my other tracks.  I know there are plugins that can simulate the effect, but are they as effective as a proper binaural...
Also consider that  headphone impedance is just an average, it will vary significantly over the full frequency range, so an amp with 'headroom' will be able to fully drive the phones over the full range.
James these phones will rock you world mate,  just make sure they get your address right as mine were sent to Australia via Austria so they took a week longer than expected.  As far as fit goes mine seemed a bit tight (slightly painfull) in the right ear but came good after about a week of listening.
+1 For AddictedToAudio. I purchased my CLAS and ALO Rx MkII from them.   Also thumbs up for Headphonic even though I did not eventually purchase from them I got some good advice from the person I spoke to on the phone that actually lost them a sale.  The guy was actually interested in helping me, not just selling a product, that deserves kudos in my books.
Jeez patent law is funny, just because it is driving a headphone, a system (active crossover) that is common in a high end hifi, infringes on a patent.   So if JH were to market it as an active crossover 'pre-amp' with phase correction of each output channel designed to drive a multi channel power amp and also sell an iem that has a removable crossover module would that get around this patent.    Sad really, I just hope UE does not just sit on this...
No worries..Thanks for you help.  Looks like I will have to wait for this firmware update.
I don't want the Solo to charge the Ipod I want some way to charge the ipod while using the solo i.e. external battery and cable designed to plug into the solo, ipod and charger.  If this is not possible I wonder are there any mods that put a larger battery in the ipod??
Has anybody figured out how to wire the Solo and Ipod to an portable battery type external charger to charge the Ipod while still playing to the solo?
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