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You can have TRRS and have a ground for each channel, that is not the same as balanced. Balanced drives the signal + and -. A right channel with its own ground is just that a single ended with a ground on the right channel and the same for the left. To have balanced you would need double the circuitry but I have employed separate grounds with a final ground to one point but basically R and L were different, within the circuit. It works well. I have a home amp I just built...
Looking forward to what you find out. 
I have it to the left of the time and battery indicator. I had to restore mine also due to taking out the SD card without unmounting it. Kind of a pain.  I found the apps. They are all running, quite a few. I can see some I would disable but since I am getting a good run time I may not bother. 
No, no amp. With an amp it runs much longer. Today I have had it unplugged for about 7 hours and running. It looks to be down about 10 percent. That doesn't seem enough but just a little of the battery is black. I guess I could get an app for the battery percentage but I have found the indicator to be easy to use. I haven't stopped any apps but mine doesn't show any, which is confusing. It is from Japan. So that time is with no amp and I haven't touched the apps. 
Yes, normally it is best to be as low an output impedance as possible, to avoid frequency skews due to changes in driver/crossover response. Frankly I don't have any transducers that sound bad with he DX90 either. That wasn't the case with the original AK100. It had resistor in the output that gave it a high output impedance because they were trying to protect the circuitry from a short but it messed up the frequencies and therefore, the sound. I took the resistor, one per...
I am using a TRRS, which takes advantage of the dual ground. Seems there is more pin point imaging but need more time and to go back and forth.    Ok, I just did a quick comparison of TRS and TRRS and yes, the TRRS, to my ears, is better at imaging and there is more width and separation. Interesting but it would lower the impedance to ground and each channel has its own ground so you have a better control of EMF and influence on the signal. 
On FLAC I have not run the battery down but at 12 hours or so I still have at least half of the battery left and that is at higher power output, for what 15mw can do. :^)  I do find that amping the ZX2 works very well. I did some comparison and have to use my best amps as the ZX2 is very transparent and if you don't use a very good amp, you loose transparency. 
The OP needs to change the title of the thread. 
Do you have an image of where the lead broke loose? I could possibly fix it for you. 
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