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Interesting review. I will say that I do not hear a grainy high frequency nor a disjointed imaging with mine. I get layering, depth and I can tell where the sound is coming from. Also, I get a lot of, when well recorded, out of head sound. Maybe it is the amp or amps that I have but I do listen to live music as well, and from that I keep my ears tuned to sound, including the sounds I hear in nature. Anyway, you went to a lot of work and I can tell you thought about what...
There is a lot of info on the web. Why pay good money for high purity copper or silver just to have your signal then go through a ferrous metal or a magnetic field. Think about how electrons travel, what can induce an electrical field and it is pretty obvious. 
The thing is a lot of 1/4 plugs aren't that good. Many are magnetic either because of the plating or the central pin. Almost all 2.5 TRS are magnetic. So it is important to find out. I use Furutech as they are very high quality, totally non magnetic and are one of the best in the signal path but they are expensive. The least expensive one I will use is their second from the top of the line, which can be found on Amazon for 33 dollars and most places charge 10 to 15 more...
Link doesn't work. 
For me the only way to get rid of the veil and overly warm presentation of the 650 is balanced. 
I would think it does. For me, the only way I have found the 650 to really sound good is balanced. To me, they are then a very different headphone. 
I cleaned the 2.5 TRS well with alcohol and allowed them to be wet and worked them back and forth in the socket and then let it dry. 
Now that is an  audiophile description I had not heard before. 
Having had tube gear for years I would agree. It takes the best from tubes and has some qualities of SS, the micro.
That is the thing. It has taken a long time to get to the point where we can retrieve the details and have the acoustics to be somewhat like analog/real music. I have some R2R dacs and they are enjoyable but they can't do what a good LP can with a 250 turntable. So what do you do? I think a Sabre chip can do it, when implemented correctly but I agree that many R2R chips are great. I don't like oversampling and I do not use filtering after the dac chip. As usual, it is all...
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