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I have always secured the connectors by hand and Never had a problem. Not on any of the phones or connectors on after market cables. I truly don't understand how anyone has a problem. 
It seems no matter how much something is checked, sometimes parts fail. I bought two NOS tubes from Upscale Audio. Fully tested and platinum grade, their best and expensive, about 260 for the two tubes and each tube is supposed to be listened to and burned in and then listened to for microphonics and for matching. . They are both microphonic and one picks up any vibration, including voice. So these are supposed to be cream of the crop Telefunken. You never know. They are...
The Lyr 2 is starting to kick into high gear now. Very dynamic and solid. Nice depth in the sound field and rhythm that fits the music. Sounds good with all my headphones. The Telefunken E88CC are proving their worth. 
Yep, to go for a walk and have some of the best home audio with you is crazy. I use the DX90 or 50 as a source and have a great variety of music to listen to. The Koss Porta Pros sound very fine out of the Hugo.  
Rivals many home systems, IMO and on the go. Great stuff these past couple of years. 
Seems to be a lot of interesting offerings on the market now. These are nice looking monitors. I look forward to impressions. 
I would guess it was only allowed a certain number of downloads for a set time. 
They decreased the sensitivity on FW 2.1.0. I have no problems with it, but for me, the previous FW was too sensitive. I find that if I slide my finger on a too sensitive screen, it works better. 
The silicon case holds it in place just fine. I have done it for a long time, zero problems.    I use the Samsung and do hear a difference, an improvement. I also have 2 Samsung batteries I soldered in series and there is a little improvement with that as well as there is a lower ESR so better current availability and a more stable voltage. 
Not to get into a cable debate, as that is for elsewhere, but . . . I started with silver back in the early nineties. I experimented quite a bit and sold cables in Stereophile and a few other places. I coined the term, "dead soft silver", as many were using a silver that was not dead soft and it sound horrible and could take a tremendous time to ever burn in, if it ever did. So silver got the reputation as bright, which it was but that is because the formula was wrong....
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