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The Mojo would without doubt, have enough power for the Utopia. I don't think enough people have them to compare to the TH900, by chance they have both. I have the TH900 and would bet, know, that they are going to sound more open sounding, I bet more dynamic and have a flatter frequency response. The won't have the fun but obvious bass hump. 
The Mullard 12AX7 is noted for this. I kind of enjoy it. The tube, it's alive! 
Was it a small flash from the base of the tube? A number of tubes do this. Some Mullards, a few Siemans. Over the years, no one has had a definitive reason for this but it is normal with some types from specific manufactures. 
I use iTunes and other sources to work with my music with all in lossless. For the artwork the size needs to be around 500*500 or smaller. 
Listening to my Ultrasone Ed. 9 with the MZ2. The best I have heard them sound. Excellent depth and imaging. A well defined bass and wonderful decay. Good stuff! 
I tend to reach for newer stuff for a while. For you, do you feel that the Utopia bring you closer to the music? 
There are other systems in the body that perceive sound and frequency. Also having a higher frequency response can help with distortion in frequencies below the top level. I could hear the freq. scan until it cut off, though there were also some harmonics interlaced with it. 
I just tried this. Yes, it goes in alphabetical order. 
I have noticed that my other daps put junk on the cards. I then get rid of the folders they produce and clean the card and they all work. It is frustrating all the "stuff" that some daps put on the card. I wish they would just load the card without putting something on it. I use Clean My Drive 2 and almost always find junk to clean when not used in the DX daps. But it is easy to use the cleaner, I just have to remember to use it. 
For me it is more transparent, with good layering and quality bass that isn't overdone. It is what I would call a clean sound. 
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