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We all read and find different statements. I saw where one person compared all 3 of the current players and didn't find enough difference to warrant get the 120II and the 240 so he got the 100II.  Now to do a real comparison, would be the 901 to them since I have read of a preference in SQ of the 901 over even the 240 and at about 1000 less, depending upon when you bought the 240. With regards to UI, well it would seem the AK has it but I don't listen to the UI. :^) But it...
I don't notice a lot of hate. There will always be diverse opinions and few have seen them in person and even fewer, the finished version (like none). 
Seems like a real good deal to me. 
No not normal. I would do a FW update. Download the latest FW from iBasso and drop it onto the internal memory and follow interactions. It is pretty simple and you can't hurt the player. You could also try a factory reset. No, once you do a full scan, you don't normally have to do a scan again unless you insert a new card. You could also try a factory reset. 
It gets warm when on. If you do a full scan, then when you turn it back on, it should not need to rescan. 
I haven't had much problem powering most everything I have. There are exceptions, as to be expected
I don't think you will really much difference in 1 ohm. I do know that for me, the Ak100II required quite some time for the highs to sound good and the bass to firm up. I would bet yours just need many hours of on time with a load in SE. 
It's the chips involved. 
If you don't have a dap now, I would get the X5 and later get the X7. Enjoy the music. 
Almost from the beginning, new, the TRRS contacts on my AK100II are not tight enough. If I move the balanced jack around, it can lose contact. So yes, I think the problem in the TRRS 2.5 socket. A 4.4mm TRRS that Sony is talking about throws something else into the mix and frankly, I don't think it is needed and is too large for most daps. The RSA used 4 pin or the 3.5TRRS seems to work well for the portable and semi portable market. I have used the RSA connector now for...
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