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which resistors are they?
Yes, I was lucking in getting one. I didn't even know it was the best one available. Luck I guess. :^)
 Right, the battery life is shorter but the card is excellent sounding.
 Are you referring to the discrete card available in China from a 3rd party?
I will get back to you I'm on a trip right now just getting out of Death Valley in California it is amazing what you can do with smartphones these days
I have both they aren't even in the same room I consider the DX 90 better.
Unless using a home amp I tend to like the DX90 by itself. 
I haven't seen much info on it yet. 
I use it most of the time without an amp. Don't really need one, IMO. Unless, it is a hard to drive phone and then I use the Lyr 2 but those phones are for home use anyway. Enjoy, let it burn in and use the plug that comes with it to do that and there is quite an improvement in sound after 50 hours or so. I look forward to your impressions. Enjoy! 
I think you will have to somehow meet someone from China or try to write in English and see if they respond.  Now what about the 901s?
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