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Excellent! I never thought of that. That is why it is there. lol  At least you don't have to worry about the back falling off!
I use a piece of exercise band (made of rubber and thin) and it grips the back well and then slide it off. Once you do it you will feel comfortable taking the back off. It fits real, real snug. Just grip the back and slide it towards to top. 
I need a case. I will either buy one or make one. I have unpacked most of my leather and supplies, and used to do this as a profession but don't know if I feel like doing it right now. 
I carry an extra battery or two and most often use the dual battery from Anker or the one I made up from two Samsung batteries. 
Interesting review. As with my impressions and anyones, they are really IMO.  I notice that hiss is talked about and that the DX90 was the lowest he had heard. I can use any of my IEM's and can't hear any on the Dx90, so I am not sure how he hears any. I can hear a ticking clock that others can't and in general my hearing is very good, and I agree, I can't  stand hiss.  Interesting the AK120 doesn't do as well with the modification to the 8741. I also think that with FW...
The AK100 Mk2 just has the impedance change for the output and a few other minor things from the AK100. On my brief listen, it was not as good as the DX90, IMO. The 120 hasn't gotten great reviews. 
With the amp card out, nothing will go to the Headphone out. You have to use the accessory cable that came with the 901. 
The Hugo with the Dx90 feeding it also sounds excellent. Very open and dynamic. 
How do you mean better? Obviously they will sound different but do you mean functionality?
I use it with my iPad and a app downloaded for this use. But unless AK incorporates some app, it won't work. 
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