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Yes, sorry. I do enjoy the  RE 600. Hifiman
  I was listening close to gapless today, I get no tick.  I asked iBasso about this and it does not appear so. Obviously for music it is fine but it seems with the processing of the signal, unlike a plug and play dac, there is a slight delay in the sound. 
Yes, with the latest DAC driver I use the 90 with Windows on my Mac computer. 
If the sound quality isn't good then don't buy it. I have many daps and enjoy great sound from a number of them. To me, the DX90 is right at the top and it accepts all of the micro SD card sizes and an unlimited number of files. You are always going to find someone who says something doesn't sound good. And I have read reviews of terrible sounding products that said they sounded great. 
I have emailed iBasso about this. They have 6 computers with different Windows on them and 32 and 64 bit and can't get their computer to do the BSoD. I got a freeze once on my Mac using Windows 7 but just once. I suppose that would have been the BSoD on a PC but anyway, I am not sure either what is going on. So many variables and interactions. Quite challenging I would suspect. 
The DX90 is a single ended out. So a 3.5 to 3.5 into the PB2 and the PB2 converted the single ended to balanced and output that to your headphones. 
For balanced the pairing of the PB2 and the DX90 works great. For the HD650, it brings these headphones to life. 
Possibly but I am checking on that right now, thank you for the reminder!
Use what sounds best to you. I normally use high gain or mid and a volume that suits the music and headphones being used. Use the burn in cable and everything will open up even more. 
One song fades into the next one naturally, no vacuum like the universe sucked out all sound. :^) momentarily 
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