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The IT03 go lower in the bass compared to the JH13 FP. The bass also stays well articulated, which is important to me. Interesting. I look forward to what your impressions are. 
Has bluetooth improved enough in sound quality to work well? I read reports that it doesn't deliver on sound quality. 
I tried the Spinfit and didn't like them. I found the quality of the sound decreased. Some have found better highs and lows with them but I got just the opposite. This goes to show that the type of tip for you will vary and it is something you have to try for yourself. I was sure I was using them wrong, due to all the glowing reports but in the end, they didn't work for me. Nothing wrong or right about that and it is nice to have choices to customize this type of  IEM. I...
I am using a new Whiplash TWau litz cable with mine. Excellent sound, extension and bass impact are improved as is transparency. 
For me, I don't find it matters. I have always said that a "good" transducer will produce any type of music well, if it is designed well. I find that very true with the Focal Utopia and I have found a type of music that does do great with the IT03. 
I have the IT03 here. Amazing sound from an IEM at any price. The bass has such outstanding quality and I love the lows that go low but don't rumble but resonate and sound like notes. Also one thing I notice is that with all the layering, the frequencies stay where they come from, without one frequency being out of place that some some phones and IEM's do. In other words, like the bass, it hangs back where it comes from so you get the sensation of the sound field and...
None around me. Also I find it hit and miss with stores of the past. Often finding them not really customer orientated unless you had the money in your hand to show them. I will say that dealing on the web with a few, has given me better results and if they act like a . . . . I move on. So what is the difference between that and dealing with Amazon? Amazon has a good return policy etc.  Well the Utopia are sounding excellent. Superb as a matter of fact. I like how they get...
This is what i stated as mine burned in. They were up and down in sound and I knew I just had to hang on. At around 250 the sound totally came in and has improved in little ways since them. I use an aftermarket cable that allowed them to sound better than the stock cable and all is good. These are a totally different level of sound. 
It is interesting as the stock cables, IMO, are good sounding but it seems from my own experience and that above, that it can be improved on. I have been using the Whiplash TWau litz on mine and every aspect of the Utopia are improved on, which for me was hard to imagine as they already sound so excellent. There is such a unreal (compared to other phones), natural auditory landscape unleashed by the Utopia and my current cable combination. 
I get around 11 hours on FLAC. If you are getting a lot less I would suspect the battery has issues and I would get it replaced. 
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