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Interesting. Are you going to do a review of it?
I do not agree that the stock op amps and buffers that come with the PB2 are a waste of money. The amp performs, IMO, very well with them. Everyone has a little different taste in what they want to hear. The PB2 has a lot of power and a nice voltage swing and there is nothing I own that it won't power and do it very well. 
Ok, will have to give it a whirl. :^)
When I had RB on my DX50 it was always dual boot. So you don't have to have it. Great, the best of both worlds!
Like nc8000 states, that is up to your ear. I like the Lurker0 FW and run with that. I don't like dual boot. I like to boot and go, not have to stop and make another choice. Too many choices in life already! lol
Do you want to stay with Rockbox or with Lurcher's (sic) FW? I had RB and enjoyed it but then was constrained on some updates so used the batch tool to revert to just iBasso or Lurker0 FW. 
Let us know how it goes. I know that sometimes static can affect cards and even the player. 
I just built a very fine transistor based home amp. Ah I thought, now to take it to the next level. This kit is by Richard Marsh and is excellent sounding but it isn't a jump, not the one I wanted, which goes to show, the internal amp really is as good as I think it is. lol 
Mine looks like somebody played hockey with it. well almost. The edges are shinny aluminum as the black is gone from all the scraping and rough treatment. My Leica did the same thing, though it cost 20 times as much. If you are going to use something, I say use it. :^)
I guess but I would be enjoying it as it burns in. Mind you, not everyone believes in burn in, I do but that doesn't matter. I would enjoy it, and when not using it, use the burn in cable. 
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