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It doesn't have balanced out. It can use a TRRS because it has R and L grounds and there is a little improvement in sound. 
Yes, that is what surprised me. The Hugo can produce more volume than I could listen to without distortion. My home amp was designed by Richard Marsh and is also excellent. I am trying another amp right now using the Hugo as a source, all good. The Hogo as a source or as source/amp is not pushed very hard. 
I have been burning in the HE1000 with the PHA3 using hi res to listen and my home amp. Switching to the Hugo is superb. The dynamics and startle factor are all there with the Hugo. Listening to Mighty Sam McClain on DSD from Blues Masters is aw inspiring. I am nearing 90 hours on these and have out of head music, back to in head to a little flat sounding to open. Somewhat typical in what I have heard as things burn in. On this particular recording the audience sound is...
Even compared to some good IEM's I have, I can hear some details like recording method, with the HEK, that were not as obvious. I was listening to a song I have heard many times and restarted it because I had not noticed the tape hiss before. It doesn't intrude into the music but the differentness acoustical space/sound was not made as obvious to me that it was not only a different venue but also most likely recorded analogue whereas most of the recordings where digital....
This is a drug that can't be detected except by the silly grin. lol 
I keep getting goosebumps and haven't had this for years. The sound is starting to get out of head. I don't even want to type. lol   I hope something like this comes out in truly portable, even if not to this level. . wow great for traveling. The transparency. . unreal. 
I can't stop listening to the same music over and over. Give me a break! It has a whole new vitality to it. lol I am listening to DSD (have over 90 albums) hi res and regular. All well recorded music is just so fine but I have listened to the same album about 1.5 hours and need to try something else. You can see into the music. Piano, which is often hard to do, so many subtle tones and lingering notes. 
Since many of the beta phones have just reached the testers, there is no way that meaningful feedback has started. They need to burn in and even an opinion on sound, if no burn in was ever required, still takes time to formulate based on different types of music and amplification and even the pads forming, which I have found over the years to be very important, at least for my noggin.  I know that Fang has tested the heck out of these running them for long hours and...
24 hours on the HE1000 and they continue to improve. I was listening to Lyle Lovett, The Road to Ensenada and I had goosebumps down my back. That almost never happens. 
I never had that much cut off. About .5 second would happen but I don't notice anything now. 
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