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I asked Rob. He stated that yes, there was a change to the power supply (external converter) to charge the unit (mine works fine so I don't care) but it had no impact on the sound. 
So the yellow v1.2 was the latest of the discrete?
So what is the difference in the "new" power supply?
I asked Craig of Whiplash if they make the iPhone to mini USB connector and they do. I am not sure though if I want to use my iPhone for a storage source. The DX90 with coax has been working excellent and I like the ability to change out cards. 
Oh, I see. Well so much is available and to be honest, I haven't kept up with it. Mine is yellow and V 1.2. I sounds very good. So any idea how many 3rd party cards are available? 
Ahhhh listening with the Telefunken E88CC in the chain . . . ahhhhh. . . 
Ok, well that is why I got mine for so little, it is different than that. Mine is a type of discrete card. 
You only need a single tip on the coax, as you are using one conductor and the ground. 
I use one from Whiplash Audio. It is a specialized coax cable that does an excellent job of transferring digital signals. 
I use two Samsung batteries I soldered in parallel. Works great. I get normal life out of my single Samsung purchased from eBay and made in Korea. 
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