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Don't forget where Sony is made. 
Contact the person right above your post. 
I always format to fat32 on my mac and the cards work with everything.
oh they showed both figures so I thought it was read and write.
So what is the 90 and 95 that Sandisk advertises for the 32 and 64gb card?
Which Sandisk do you mean? Isn't the transfer rate 48 vs 40 for the PNY 128gb card? Or is there a faster PNY 64 or 128 sd card?
Per Lurker0, why not just swap cards and see how it goes?
I can't stand the covers for the slots. I have never had a problem with the exposed card and frankly, if a card is in the slot, not much is going to get in there. My experience has been positive. And, congrats on your new player! 
That is a lot of songs.  On the wheel some have mentioned, mine seems to line up fine and is very easy to navigate with. 
I imagine you have tried a different USB cable. I would also try a different computer. I had problems over a year ago and it was the computer. I got all that straightened out and haven't any complications since. 
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