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Digital out of the DX90 works fine. No hick-ups or hesitation. I have been playing 24/192 via coax to the Hugo with the Whiplash special coax cable. The Hugo indicates 24/192. 
I never found/find the DX90 lacking in power or a hint of it, unless it is something like the HE-6. Otherwise I never get clipping or compression. Also, it does take a long burn-in to fully realize the potential of the Dx90 IMO. 
The HE560's running great out of the Hugo and hires music. Using the DX90 as a source right now and a new Whiplash coax cable, that I can actually hear a difference with . Amazing, never though I would hear a difference with a coax cable if all seemed to be of decent quality. This top gear really gets to every bit of the music! 
To me, the DX50 is very musical and I enjoy it very much. The DX90 presents more layering, more impact to the imaged sources of sound, so it is different and for me, worth having both as they are different. 
Can we say, oh I don't know. . . . . . mental?    lol 
I have Sysconcepts multi fiber that can do more that 24/192 so it works fine with the Hugo and the aluminum housing that Sysconcepts uses works fine, you don't have to have them alter the cable. The 1500 fiber cable is excellent, better than their original single optical and better than the 15,000 fiber, which was never released.    Everything I have, RCA, coax, optical and 3.5 fits fine but then I make most everything myself so that helps but I don't see the big deal...
A very low noise floor will get out of the way of those ambient cues, which to me, is what is happening. As mentioned, I also hear this with the Hugo, which I am glad I purchased, though expensive, as it gives me a great handle on a top digital converter to analogue. I would not describe the Hugo as a black background, I hear the space which gives a much greater rendition of the original event. 
I understand but that is better than the 7th of May, that someone mentioned here would be the shipment of next 90's.  It doesn't make anyone feel better but I remember having to wait almost a month for my iPhone after I had ordered it. Time passes. 
I think that what some may be hearing as a black back ground or the difference with the DX90 is that the DX90 is picking up everything on the recording. You get ambient sounds, which would give the impression of not as black a background but it is possible that black background doesn't really exist. I hear the same thing with the Hugo, and I don't know of a much better translator of music than the Hugo. I hear ambient movement, sounds that have been captured in the...
Euphonic is fine but I think that with burn in, that changes to more neutral and to my ears, the DX90 does have a black background. It also has little problem driving the HE560. 
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