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I have tried it, to skip and it works but maybe I don't understand what you are doing? 
Our rooms are widely separated and I used to get that all the time. Now, never, which is great. I also have a door to the room. lol 
Why not have someone pick up what you need and send it to you? My mother had a friend who lived on St. Vincent for years and loved it. She would come to the states to have her dental work done otherwise, was happy as a sun lover could be. 
Thank you for the comparison and impressions. Easy to read and follow. Do you know how many hours the Utopia had on them? 
I think that we should include images of our ears when giving impressions. :^)
I have a number of these in NOS I bought from a big tube seller in Europe years ago. For some reason he totally disappeared but he had huge stocks of about everything from a case of 500 metal base GZ34 Mullards, etc. Anyway the tube is nice and has a warm character with a decent soundstage and solid bass though not the deepest. A good tube. Most of mine have a bit of getter appearance (looks like getter) right over the heater that can happen with some tubes when you burn...
If they are genre limited then they would not be neutral. A good speaker or headphone, IMO, should never be limited. The only limiting factor would be the person, if they prefer bass heavy, more mid forward etc. A good transducer should transcend any of these aspects and it would be hoped that in this price range, they have done that, made a reference headphone that puts out what is put in with no embellishments. 
If the Elear and Utopia are of an entirely different design type, it would seem that the only thing they have in common with the lower priced offerings of Focal, is that they go over the ears. Comparing the Utopia and Elear to the rest of the line would be like comparing them to any other convensional dynamic headphone and would seem to have little relevance except to state the possible differences but that would also be true of other headphones and not just their own...
Tell her you have a headache. 
Maybe you just need to let it charge longer. I have had batteries that took up to an hour to wake up when they have been run down. Or maybe the battery isn't good. What were you told when you purchased it? I would like to hear an R10 some day but doubt that I will. My DX100 still sounds excellent and is one of the best daps if not the best I own for sound. 
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