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Ok, well that is why I got mine for so little, it is different than that. Mine is a type of discrete card. 
You only need a single tip on the coax, as you are using one conductor and the ground. 
I use one from Whiplash Audio. It is a specialized coax cable that does an excellent job of transferring digital signals. 
I use two Samsung batteries I soldered in parallel. Works great. I get normal life out of my single Samsung purchased from eBay and made in Korea. 
Sure, I use them in my phones and have a couple for the DX90. I like the real Samsung better but the Anker is a decent battery. 
As a dac, the DX90 does a fine job. I have used it with the Lyr 2 and some of my portables. No complaints on sound quality. The dual Sabre dacs do a great job of presenting the recording, IMO. 
I use the DX90 with the Hugo all the time. Great sound, nothing wanting, IMO. 
I use op amps without filing down the inside. Snug fit but it works fine. There is a difference between the PB2 and E12 DIY with regards to driving some phones. IMO, the HD600 and 650 sound their best balanced and for me, the 650's only come to life and sound very good, when balanced and not single ended. 
Interesting. Guess I got a good deal. The parts don't cost much money. Maybe mine isn't real. :^)  What does it say on the pcb of yours?
They weren't that expensive. I got one for around 11 dollars. 
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