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Very nice!
You have two drivers. Each driver requires 2 wires. So 2 drivers times 2 wires each is 4 wires total. You have a positive voltage and negative voltage per driver for balanced. 
Interesting, I enjoy all three but find the DX90 to have more detail and in general to sound a fair bit different compared to the DX50. The Sabre dacs of the 90 vs the Wolfson of the DX50, different amp sections and higher power of the DX90. I would guess it depends upon the phones used as well. 
Right, well the motor is working. So it is lubrication, as best I can tell. I had the same thing on one of mine and used a little bit of a penetrating and lubricant, sparingly, and it freed everything up. There is a pivot point on the small gear that seems to get sticky. I also took a small flathead screw driver and gently turned the gear. 
When you turn the unit on, can you see the gear trying to moving, going back and forth but not advancing? 
I keep my album art small, 60 or 100kb and there is no problem, a 64gb scans in a few minutes. There is no reason to have larger sized album art. I find most of mine on the web and it is usually sized correctly and if not, I resize it. 
You need to apply a tiny bit of oil where the gears pivot, by the motor, not the sled with the laser on it (that should be fine now). You have the white nylon gears. You can see where they are held in place. That gets solidified and then the head can't adjust and track. 
So were you able to use the batch tool?
I have a .44 magnum with bear load, would that do it? I use a Air Lite PD by Smith and Weston. Kicks like a hyper mule but nice to carry. But we are talking about SQ here, not looks. And I remember with the new AK series came out and I saw many ugly comments. But again, it is about SQ and with it all boiling down to that, the .44 magnum hurts my ears, the 901 doesn't. lol  I enjoy them all, depends upon my mood. I still listen to my iRiver H120/140 from time to time. 
Have you used the batch tool? Sometimes there is corrupted data and the FW update does not get rid of this. I have my cards in just about every format and they all work. I have used the batch tool, as it wipes the internal memory of the DX90 or 50 completely and then when you do an install with the batch tool, you get a totally clean FW. The batch tool only works on PC's, and I use it on my mac with Windows 7 loaded. 
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