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Who said it was in the works? I imagine something is coming up but I don't see hype by iBasso about it and certainly haven't seen anything promised for a long time that hasn't materialized. Will be fun when something does come up though. :^)
Again I used the DX90 plugged into my Aux of my car for a 1900 mile trip and it was a joy. So much better than the CD player in the FJ Cruiser and the sound was dynamic and incredible sounding. Love it. 
Trance, That is an excellent write up!
 I agree that there can be brain burn in or getting used to a sound but in comparing the DX90 and many other products to a "known" sound, I can often hear the changes, which are due to time/burn in of the actual product. Most of the time it is good but I have also had products that started off not so bad in the sound and then went soft or too warm. For the dX90 I have found as so many have, that the actual product does change as the caps, resistors and other pieces, "burn...
Yes, I really like the Samsung batteries as well but I have the Korean made though I did solder two together, which will give twice the run time and an even lower ESR. 
I can't sum up the differences but the 3rd party cards, from what I have learned, are only available in China. You try and order from a seller there. 
I have been using the DX90 in my FJ Cruiser today. Excellent sound, much better than the onboard unit. I actually get imaging and some depth in front of me. The sound is exceptional for a car with voice very realistic. 
How much time do you have on the 90? It takes at least 150 hours of burn in for the bass to be well defined and more powerful. I would use the supplied burn in cable and just hit repeat. 
Yes I like analogue pots but then you have the ones that wear out prematurely, get scratchy and people complain and then more imbalance problems so you have to weed out a lot. I know that Ray of RSA gets rid of around 40% and that is good pots. There is one good pot on the market but it is often too big for the form of the portable. Xin used it all the time and the balance is near perfect but you need a thick enough form to use it. 
I guess it depends upon what headphones. I don't get that result with my headphones. 
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