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I am using the Pioneers with the Hugo, micro Zotl and Whiplash TWau modular cable and loving the sound. It is extreme, just so good. I have found though. these phones, for me, have taken a long time to really burn in. I would bet 800 hours and while some will say that is ridiculous, for me it is real. For over 150 hours, after 500 hours of time on them, they were dry sounding with a bit of grain. That has finally left and they sound now, better than they did at any time...
I am getting some wonderful sound with the Pioneer Master Series 1 as they have finally broken in. They take 600 or more hours, more like 800. They get very dry sounding for around 150 hours or more, not enjoyable and that is after 500 hours. I love the tune of these phones and they improve with the Whiplash TWau but this amp, with the Hugo and the Pioneer are a real joy. 
I am using the modular system from Whiplash in TWau and really like it. Improved transparency and bass speed. Also a nice light cable but plenty of conductor (I use the 8 plait to 4 plait for each phone). I love having to only buy the Y now vs the rest of the length. 
The dap that keeps on giving. It is still one of the best sounding daps I have and in areas of transparency, the best. 
Maybe you should get the AK380 and the amp module. ? :^)
I understand, but this is cool. And we are talking about this dap and memory. So for the future, a good thought. 
Recent studies have also found that the drives are more stable than thought. They appear to last for many more writes than what was shown during testing. 
Maybe, but for myself, I have found that over the years, it has pretty much remained constant. That doesn't mean that something may come along that I like more but my experience with a piece of equipment for the sound I was hearing, remains pretty much the same and if I liked it, I still do. I listen to live music and sounds and that is my baseline to compare to. 
If something sounded good a year ago, there is no reason it wouldn't sound good today, all things being equal. 
I love the looks of the MH40. Excellent quality, pretty much at any price range. But after burning a pair in for a few days I am not enthralled with the sound. A little too warm, lacking in leading edge attack, not real transparent and they are not a really an over the ear phone IMO. My ears are fairly normal but these are really of a more, on the rear part of the ear, phones. With my ears inside, it is claustrophobic and too hot. On sound, I have tried and tried with a...
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