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You most likely got a new DX90. It takes at least 150 hours to burn in and sound better. Using the inclosed resistor plug in, that they include for this reason, would be what I would use to keep it running all the time on repeat. 
You bet! I have enjoyed them for years, in fact I have 3 pair. 1 rewired with very expensive stuff, that improves other phones but for the PPs, I like them with the stock cable. I just use the foams that have about the size of a quarter taken out of the middle. The mids improve some and the bass is even cleaner. The pads cost about 5 dollars or so. Inexpensive fun and a true bargain. 
So many choices. I have a few HDCD's but never thought about the ripping process. I don't think there are enough around that dap manufactures take them into account.
which resistors are they?
Yes, I was lucking in getting one. I didn't even know it was the best one available. Luck I guess. :^)
 Right, the battery life is shorter but the card is excellent sounding.
 Are you referring to the discrete card available in China from a 3rd party?
I will get back to you I'm on a trip right now just getting out of Death Valley in California it is amazing what you can do with smartphones these days
I have both they aren't even in the same room I consider the DX 90 better.
Unless using a home amp I tend to like the DX90 by itself. 
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