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It can get pretty warm while charging but hot? Hot to handle? There is a movement of current so unless there is a very slow charge, you are going to get some heat. Also the DX90 has a chip that regulates the charging. 
I get no lag on the DX90. It doesn't matter what format or how long I have been playing it. I wonder what the problem might be? 
People shy from the PortaPro or want higher name recognition but many times they don't know what they are missing. Great phones. They are even recommended by that little player that now costs over 2000 dollars. 
The general rule of thumb was and is 6X  by the time it gets to the consumer. Knowing the parts in the DX90 and the general cost, iBasso is not operating even near a 6X but much lower.  On chemical, the cost to end price is like 10 to 1 or more. The owner of the company I worked for would laugh because some double the size cost little more than say a 1 pint. The initial cost is the container and many times not the ingredients. Capacitors have to form and even resistors...
Ah, I have gotten used to not having instructions. There are so many similarities, in a way, that things seems to shine through after a while. Also, on the DX90, I find that the UI is pretty simple to use. I use the silicon back and a 4400mA battery from Anker and one I made up of 2 Samsung batteries for longer run times. I get over 10 hours with the dual battery. 
No limit but it will take a while to scan that many files.
I am sure there will be other cards. And with the competition for amp cards for the 901, initiated by Hifiman, there should be some fun with new cards. 
I use the DX90 day in and day out, I don't have any problems with the UI. I can go to any album, go to a song and play it or play any album or do a shuffle. I have other daps and do the same. I am not sure where the problem is. I read in a previous that the UI is a mess, really? I find the UI easy and fast to use. Great sound so I am not sure where the problem is.    And now back to Greg Brown, great music. IMO. :^)
Nothing much cleaner than a divider, depending on what type of resistors are used. It still may affect the buffer due to the different loads, and subtle effects of frequency shifting. 
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