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The part that goes over your ear is the memory wire and you can shape it to your ear so that it lays on the ear and loops behind it. Just shape it to what you want. Try different tips and push them on the nozzle further for a different sound. I like them pushed on so that they are almost flush with the end of the nozzle of the IEM. On burn in time, I found around 200 hours as has been mentioned but enjoyed them before that time as well. I found that the bass became more...
I see that the 256gb card is available on Amazon and has been for some time. Frankly the 200gb holds a lot and is cheap now. I often don't even use the second slot on my daps that have it. 200 and some internal memory for some really favorite albums and for me, I am set. There is no way I would get my collection on 2 cards anyway, since I have a few TB of albums.    Looking forward to what this dap can do. 
I have the Mojo V and the LPS and think the LPS does a fine job. On tubes, there is a huge number you can try. I think a number of them have been mentioned in pages here. 
Mine went into a loop and would shut down. I contacted iBasso and they said to plug it into the USB of a computer. That was it. Weird. It was the only time it has every done that but the fix was so easy and fast that it doesn't bother me that it did it. 
Apple had an enhancement to the sound on MacBook pro for a while. I am not sure if it is there any longer but it sounded really good. It created very fun and open musical environment. But after a while I wanted to hear the sound as it was recorded. Sure, in mixing they apply EQ most of the time but again, that was their decision. i have never really used EQ, even when I started my speaker system, many years ago. Later none of my equipment had EQ anyway and for headphones...
No updates. Looking forward to your impressions. 
The mids are a little fuller. I like the 03 balanced and single ended. You get a little more texture of the sound balanced but again, like the mids, I  honestly like both SE and balanced. Oh, and the soundstage is a little larger and deeper but not by a lot and it depends of course on the music.  Yes, they sound fine out of them. Clean and musical, IMO. 
I have been using the IT03 balanced. They open up even more and the natural layered and dynamic sound is very enjoyable. I am now using them over my well done JH13Pro FP and they are very good. There is a little more transparency on the JH but there is a musicality to the 03 that just makes extended listening enjoyable and I don't get bored with the sound as they bring a certain life to it. 
I use the balanced amp and like the way it sounds and the power output. It works fine with my Focal Utopia. 
Good questions. He stole from so many. And some of the amps he made were dangerous. Reminds me of a SACD player modifier that did the same thing over on Audio Asylum. 
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