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Have you tried the batch tool?
It most likely charges much faster, I would think. I use a 2 amp for the DX90 and it takes the current it needs/chipped for, and charges much faster than the output from a computer, which is more limited on mA output. 
Most likely the volume is controlled at the dac but I thought the new AK line was analogue volume controlled but if controlled at the digital level of the dac, that would change the volume of the line out and you would want it set to max. 
I haven't read of this and haven't had the problem. Have you done a factory reset after updating the FW?
Cool. Looking forward to the sound and comparing to everything else I have. 
If you have a PC I would install the batch tool, that can be found on this thread and do an install with it. I don't understand why some of your files are corrupted but the batch tool can be used even on what appears to be a bricked unit.  
I have that there are some programs that can be used to adjust for the delay. Also I just got the iBasso DZero Mk2 and the sound is excellent. I can't believe the price and what you get. Two internal dace and an opamp and buffer amp, excellent sounding and plug and play. 
Good to know since I am getting the 100II. Were you able to listen to these extended at home or at a shop?
So did you get your FW loaded and working?
Exactly. I have some Xin portables here and they are very transparent, just a little different form the internal amp. For me it is enjoyable to use different amps but I am also just as happy with the complete unit, just the DX90. The Lyr 2 I use with the HE560's, they can be driven by the 90 but do better with the Lyr 2 due to the higher voltage and current but 90 percent of my phones are just as good with just the DX90. It is all good. I do remember always amping with my...
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