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I am using the DLNA. It is working well and everything is fast. It plays everything.
And that would be frustrating I am sure. I get a longer battery life than I thought this would give. For burn in I think this thing takes at least 200 hours as I am still hearing changes in openness, dynamics and acoustical spacial cues. 
I don't think so. I have None of those issues. And it sounds EXCELLENT. 
Mine doesn't scan the HD it scans each album when I pick it, which takes about 5 seconds or a little shorter. I just changed to another album. Takes about 2 seconds. 
I don't use any of the software on the WD. Just turn it on and connect with the wifi. Very easy. The artwork shows up and navigating for albums or artists and most any way is fast. 
I was walking around the house today with mine connected to the wifi to the 2 tb My Passport and even outside. Got down to one bar and the sound was fine, no odd sounds and the sound quality was excellent. That was through multiple walls at a distance of around 100 feet. 
I hope they can do something about the line out. I have two amps that I like to use and with any phone that needs more power, like the HD650, even my home amp doesn't have enough volume as there is too low a voltage out from the line out of the ZX2. 
For some reason I have no sound coming out of my ZX2. Is there a mute function? It shows the music playing and the volume a little over midway but no sound out of the line out or HO.   I had to reset it again, the 2nd time in 3 days. ??
Then the ZX2 with a digital out would just be a transport and many daps can do that. 
I don't know yet. I have been burning in then ZX2 and think it is there now. I heard changes as it went through the 1st 100 hours and less but some important things like greater transparency in the 2nd 100 hours. I will compare soon now. I have the Ak100II warmed up. The 100II better do well in performance for what I spent for it. The Sony is extremely good! 
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