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The stock tubes are really good for new made tubes. I run NOS, CV4024/12AT7 and VT99/6F8G RCA grey glass flat plate.  David Berning has been around for a long time. He made one of the only preamps I know of that you could bias the tubes. I never had one as they were hard to find but he has always been ahead of the curve on his designs. 
At 1000 dollars it should be good but I don't think I am prepared to put out that much. I have my PS plugged into my balanced AC voltage purifier and it cleans the AC better than most anything on the market. With regards to the rest of the PS, I am sure it is good quality stuff but 1000 dollars for a 12 volt supply. . . 
One, it just came out in the revised version and two, for me, it is really good. I paid 1100 for it and would agree, on looks. I would have the tubes showing and I would make it only 3 inches high with the tubes sitting on top. There are many other amps mentioned in this thread but the reason I mention this above my other amps is because it, to me, to my ears, is exceptionally good but I do wish it appearance wise, was designed differently. It also pairs very well with the...
Interesting. I can't push the micro Zotl hard enough to make anything break up. Sounds like the tubes rather than the Zotl. I can get to around 1 o'clock on the volume and it is very loud. And sounding detailed, transparent and "crisp" is what I get with the zotl. I compare it to my Richard Marsh solid state headphone amp and it looses out in no areas and the RM is very transparent and fast (no smearing of freq., and a very good transient response to sound impulse). 
For whatever reason I notice that I can hear the subtle differences in my DSD collection (when well recorded), that makes it truly different and exciting. The spacial quality on some of my classical music and that live blues is really special. Accurate depth to the recording adds to the illusion and ultimately the enjoyment. I also don't have the congested in the head feeling that I have gotten used to, and accepted, with a number of headphones. The sound reminds me of my...
I would agree, for my part. Maybe it is the shape of the ear, I don't know for sure but I get a very dynamic leading edge to the sound, when called for. The cleanest of that response and overall characteristics of the HE1000 have spoiled me for the most part, when listening to my other phones. I would like to see a portable design by Hifiman with this technology. 
Yes. It is a pain but the player does sound good but I wish they could do something about the way it works regarding the album implementation. 
I use the ceramic sand filled. They cost more, about 15 dollars for 5 but sound better than standard and I think, as good as the super expensive stuff. I have used them for years. They are a good investment. 
They started the Lyr with some newly manufactured tubes. I told them they could get the 6BZ7 in quantity and it was the predecessor of the 6DJ8 type. Also for the price you can't beat them. They tried them out and went with them. Yes, the stock tube is pretty good sounding. You can also pick up some other brands for fun without spending a whole lot of money. 
Only time will tell.  People have sold the HE90, the Sony R10 and look at the esteem they are held in. So maybe a HE1000 will come up used. I knew a guy that had 2 HE90's. He bought them right. Strange things in this world of humans. :^)
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