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I have never had this. 
 I got the mini with the 30 prong connector and a 30 prong to the USB that works on the HPA3. I did get one PHA3 that I sent back that was short an accessory package and since they couldn't replace the missing accessory, I sent the whole thing back and got a new one with all the accessories. 
Which cable do you refer to? I have a cable that came with the PHA3 that is usb to the Sony connector and it works fine to connect the ZX2 to the PHA3. 
As mentioned above, a couple of hour break helps the capacitors to form faster. Also you need a load so headphones or a dummy load, like what iBasso gives with their daps.  ------------- Listening to some DSD right now. I changed my Z5 balanced cable to Hirose (they use litz cable and very fine, what a pain to solder without a solder pot - about 1 ohm resistance per meter) so I can easily change between SE to balanced with my adapters or to 2.5TRRS etc.  Anyway the sound...
I would agree. The case should have been included. The silicone case is inexpensive enough. But does it cover the screen if you want the screen protected?
I just got the case for the ZX2, the flip case. Much better to use than the stock case, IMO. But, to charge a hundred dollars or more for this case, please. 40 or 50 dollars, tops 60, with what some cases cost but the actual material cost is minimal. Such is this hobby. I mean you could buy a dap for 100 dollars. :^) I like it though. Sony saw me coming. lol
Use them in combo all the time. Works great. 
Yep, in my home dac that I built, the analog section with tubes the PS is all oil caps. I will take them any day. I have all types of oils, some that are no longer made due to the toxic properties but how they sound. 
By the feel of the PH3, they could have put in a much larger battery. If it was easy to get into, I would open it and replace the battery. For some weird reason my PHA3 was charging from my 2 amp adapter, which makes sense to me but then it stopped and I had to get the 2.1 amp, which i provided the link to. They work fine out of the A on the charger, with is for Apple products but not out of the NA, which is for non apple products. I guess Sony wants to be an Apple....
I have an original capacitor in a 1927 Hickok tube tester that is still good. I think it is an oil type though. I also have a battery, carbon type, from 1954 in another tube tester, and it its works. Makes no sense to me. 
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