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Got it to work. No static but the music cuts in and out, every minute to 10 seconds. Now it won't play at all. No good. Back to USB. I am about 5 inches from the MacBook with the Hugo. 
How are you getting your device to recognize the Hugo? My MacBook Pro doesn't see it and I have it trying to setup bluetooth with the Hugo but it can't find it. . . . never mind. I did the unmale like thing and read the directions. lol Now to see how it sounds??
I checked the battery in the Hugo, as I thought it is the same as a 18650, with a minimum voltage of 3.7 and a charged voltage of 4.2 v. I have these up to 3400mA and while they would have to be hard wired, that isn't difficult. A 3400mA would give 1200 more mA. 
I find the 560 not bright but not forgiving of bright recordings or ones that are poorly recorded. I think you get your money's worth and some with the 560. 
I do not agree that determines if a unit has a black background as there are other factors but just for the h. . . of it.    DX90, headphone out into my fi.Q DX90 all the way up, turned the fi.Q all the way up, with both on high gain. Now that goes way above what has been asked for. No detectible hiss. To be honest, with this extreme amplification of the signal with no music, I would get some level of hiss. None.    Now for more impressions and reviews please. 
Interesting but that makes no sense to me. Because you can hear something at 100 percent volume and on high gain has nothing to do with what you will hear a normal listening levels, unless that is how you listen to music. Some of the best preamps in the world will have hiss when turned up all the way, has nothing to do with how they reproduce music. I would check it at the normal volume that you listen to. If no hiss, no hiss during playing and it is the recording. 
I leave mine plugged in when not using it. Remember, it is easy to replace the battery and to pick up a couple of extras. I have 2 2200uA and 1 4400uA and between the DX50 and DX90 have no worries. 
You need to run the Intruder balanced to know it potential and the potential of your monitors.    I have used Whiplash quite a bit for balanced and they do a great job. I like the performance of the cable when it comes to sound. 
I guess my case is the latest. The original is 10mm and mine is 11.5.. 
Hopefully a 3rd party will make a cover. So often done. 
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