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This is a Lyr amp that I bought new. Works find, has new 6BZ7 tubes, a power cord and will power most all phones with no problem. If your input is good, this is a very musical amp.    Shipping within the US is $15.00 priority. Packing is original Schiit box and packing. 
As mentioned above, the negative is where most chargers have the ground. So you need to get a AC to DC from somewhere that matches this and plug size. 
You can load the regular FW on batchtool. From there on you don't have to use batchtool and you can load Lurker0 FW etc. 
Do you get recognition by the batch tool and are you putting the USB into the DX90, pressing the top volume button and then plugging the USB into the computer and using a PC PC based computer? Has Batchtool worked for you before or is the first time? Also look over the instruction for using it again. 
Yes, wasted on a commute hasn't heard the Hugo.    Mine went down in battery power yesterday and took a good 1.5 hours to come back. Not sure what it took so long with a depleted battery. I have done this accidentally in the past 2 times and it took about .5 hour to come back.    Is there a reason larger capacity batteries were not used in the Hugo? It would have been nice also, if they would have been user replaceable. Contacts at both ends of the battery with enough...
The stock tubes are the 6BZ7, which preceded the 6dJ8 and were used in TV's and so on. I like them and for the price they are a great tube. There are many tastes and preferences in sound so, the difference in opinions but tube rolling will get you many things, like broke, but the option being there, makes it all the more fun and a pliable amp it is. 
I have a Mac. It would be nice but even though I have a huge storage and can use it with other daps or from the Mac to the Hugo, I don't . I find I get all the music I want by using the DX90 storage out to whatever I am using it for the Hugo or line out to something else or just the DX90. 
I couldn't hear any difference either. I figured it was me but I just don't hear it. 
I am using the Hugo into the Lyr 2 with Telefunken E88CC NOS and the sound with the 560's is excellent. Very lifelike with a very open and dynamic soundstage, on live recorded or well recorded studio. There is a black background that the 560's convey and the sound stands out with a shimmer to the notes and spacial cues. VEry satisfying/enjoyable listening experience. 
I do not think the DX90 can be compared to anything, to know the potential of the DX90, until it has had at least 150 hours. To do it before that, you are comparing something to something but not the real DX90. Having compared the DX90 to the Chord Hugo, the 90 does very well. It isn't the Hugo but it doesn't make me miss the Hugo either. To me the DX90 is a high end dap. Price is not a factor here, sound is and that is all that should matter. If the DX90 was priced at...
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