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I have never had a channel imbalance on the 901. I am running the new Beta right now, but no imbalance or odd functioning. 
It will be as good as anything else.
2 amps is fine or anything greater. The dx90 regulates what it needs to use.
Ok, I just tried all music, I don't use it but have tried it a few times. As soon as I hit it, with a scanned 64gb card, the music instantly comes up.  So you are doing a complete scan when you insert your card? Have you done a factory reset, just to make sure your software is functioning correctly? You could also reload the FW and then do a factory reset and then scan in the card and see if it still does it. 
I noticed this the other day and emailed them. They are working to get it back up is what I got back in an email. I suggested changing providers. 
Is anyone having any issues downloading the new beta? I can't seem to get the 901 to update with it.    Never mind. I got it to work. I had to download the zip again. 
It does make it very interesting to have all the card options. Trying the 3rd party V1.2 discrete card right now. Excellent extension, width and depth. Shows what the 901 can do. 
I asked Rob. He stated that yes, there was a change to the power supply (external converter) to charge the unit (mine works fine so I don't care) but it had no impact on the sound. 
So the yellow v1.2 was the latest of the discrete?
So what is the difference in the "new" power supply?
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