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I use the ceramic sand filled. They cost more, about 15 dollars for 5 but sound better than standard and I think, as good as the super expensive stuff. I have used them for years. They are a good investment. 
They started the Lyr with some newly manufactured tubes. I told them they could get the 6BZ7 in quantity and it was the predecessor of the 6DJ8 type. Also for the price you can't beat them. They tried them out and went with them. Yes, the stock tube is pretty good sounding. You can also pick up some other brands for fun without spending a whole lot of money. 
Only time will tell.  People have sold the HE90, the Sony R10 and look at the esteem they are held in. So maybe a HE1000 will come up used. I knew a guy that had 2 HE90's. He bought them right. Strange things in this world of humans. :^)
My near transmitters have been all used up. I now hear the truth. lol  No, I have a few headphones to compare to and the HE1000 are the real thing. Also I have had them long enough for the New Stuff syndrome to wear off. 
I can not understand why they stopped with the HE60 and HE90. While the amp was nothing to should about the 60 and 90 were and are excellent and it isn't like they couldn't still make them. 
I have a speaker system, when it is set up, with mono tube amps, my own 27 preamp, and assorted cables that take you there, on well recorded live recordings. They don't feel like they are in my room, I feel like I am there. That is my experience. 
I am listening to Beethoven: Symphony #4 In B Flat, via the Hugo to the Zotl Micro with VT99 RCA grey glass with input tubes, CV4024. Excellent depth, detail and on extremely complex passages, absolutely no compression or loss of the spread of the orchestra or depth. Dynamics mimic what I have heard in live performances. No, it is not the same as being there (nobody beside me making irritating sounds or someone coughing, lol) but, it is superb the way the HE1000 can handle...
Have you done a factory reset from the advanced menu? 
Back to using the Tung-Sol black glass round plate 6SN7. Excellent depth with the HE1000 and spot on imaging. The input tubes are the CV4024.  Listening to Mighty Sam McClain on DSD Blues Masters from Oct. 18, 2014. A great recording, very natural and excellent audience sounds and spacial cues. 
I wouldn't expect them to be driven well by the two daps mentioned. They are meant for other types of phones. 
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