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After using the Pioneer SE Master1 for some time now and using Twau 8 braid cable, I enjoy what they can do and their solid performance. The beauty of using the Whiplash modular design cable is that I can use the same cable except the Y for any headphones. So having used the Pioneer for some time now I started comparing them to the 1000 today.    What is remarkable to me is that the 1000, IMO, are truly just a better performer. They are more transparent, throw a larger...
OperationUnder normal operating conditions the current flowing through the fuse element does not provide enough energy to melt the element. The heat produced is absorbed by the surrounding silica sand.If a large current flows the energy produced melts and vapourises the element.The time taken to reach this point is known as the pre arcing time. The high prospective fault current is ‘cut off’ although an arc will still be formed. The heat produced by the arc causes the fuse...
I don't go for the expensive fuses but I do use ceramic fuses that are sand filled. They are for ultra fast fuse action and the material inside is so they can't arc over but a benefit for audio is that the material dampens the fuse material. This keeps the wire still and less prone to any micro vibrations, therefore it doesn't vibrate in a field, which can induce noise on the DC signal. I have used them for years and while more expensive compared to your standard glass...
I imagine anything can be had for a price. Well maybe not eternal life on earth but then . . . we are getting into a hole different arena. 
I have had no bugs at all with the new FW, though some have. Try the previous one right before 1.4.0. 
So you have tried everything mentioned from using the batch tool on the first page and also doing the factory reset after an update? 
They are pretty much right on for the Mojo but for some other things they have in class A and B, I am not sure what they were drinking when they gave the ratings. 
What are you using it with? 
The 12AT7 feed the 6SN7 tube an amplified signal. The 6SN7 is your output/power tube, in this situation. 
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