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I think that with this there will be a delay.  I have the dac working great now. Using Foobar. I can even shut down my Mac, open back up and it starts right up. 
to get the back off of the 100 the first time, just gently pry it up after you take out the 4 screws, two at each end. I use a plastic wedge for this purpose that doesn't mar and surface. The battery is stuck to the back you are taking off so take it off slowly. Look everything over and ask questions if you need to. I didn't find it difficult to replace the battery. I did it about 1 year ago and the new one is working great and holds a very good charge. 
Even without gapless always right on, the sound is much better than many of the older units and for me, gapless is nice but I don't really miss it. Different strokes for different folks. It's all good. Enjoy. 
Try a manual install of the driver. Do a search for the driver, depending upon whether you are using 64 bit or 32 bit. Also check your device manager. If the DX90 shows up there with a ! then click on it, go to driver and do an install and use manual to find the driver, which is fairly easy. Yes, this is what I did. I run a Mac but am using Parallels so I run Windows 7 on my Mac. Some seem to have the driver install right away, some a few more hoops. 
For some reason on mine, the DX90 doesn't show up in sound settings. Windows 7. In device manager it shows up as mango USB interface but not under the sound settings.  Ok, I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled and this time it showed up. 
Listening to some jazz, John Mayall, :The turning point. Great fun and very open and layered sound. Excellent dynamics!
How do you find manual install of driver?    Ok, finally got it. Had to manually install, most likely due to the fact that I run Microsoft on my Mac computer. Now to figure out how to play music. I have Windows 7 on my computer but am more of a mac software person, having used it for 10 years now and Microsoft before that. 
Not to interfere with the X1 thread but I have never had any clicks on the 50 and the gapless works pretty well.  I will be getting an X1 pretty soon to have a listen to. 
I emailed iBasso. they had tried it on 6 computers with them all working so I would think this will be resolved pretty quickly.  
I don't get the "Mango USB interface". The drivers load but can't find them or get past that. 
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