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So are you getting a pair or do already have them?
I would like wifi to add my 3 tb 3.5 hd with portable battery. . .    Anyway, I am using a 2 TB wifi hard drive right now. Fast to load to and I use it for a portable wifi to anything that accepts wifi. With Android that should be simple and they make some nice small portable wifi drives. 
More high drivers, more energy at the high freq without distortion and the higher the frequency, the quicker they dissipate so to try and present a low distortion sound with an even frequency response, you employ the drivers in the numbers to get to that end point. 
Ok, I have been trying to keep up with this. I see the latest post by James on the storage and no big deal with 128gb cards and 258gb coming up. What I am not sure about as I have seen it batted about is, will this be DSD? Again no deal breaker for me but I do have DSD. And is it single ended or will it have balanced output as in TRRS?
Sounds like it is a warranty issue. They are pretty fast with turn around form my experience and from what I read here. So you can't do anything? What happens if you plug it into your computer? And you have tried a hard reset by pushing the power button and volume up button at the same time? 
I have had them for 2 years or so, or whenever they came out. I guess if they get oily or something they could harden but mine haven't. 
Yes they are getting big. I would guess though, if you are enjoying the sound, you may not care how they look to others. And who is looking at you anyway? :^)
why would it mess up the cable? The cable points up and over the ear. If anything, it protects the monitor because if you accidentally jerk on the cable, there is a bit of slack from the cable over the ear. Yes, I find they sound better this way as they, for me, insert into the ear better. 
I would pretty much agree. If you place the 600's correctly in the ear (I have the cord up and over the ear and the monitor not too deep but enough to get a balanced bass and at the same time, a more open sound), the sound is very clean and open. They do nicely balanced as well. 
Wait for 100 hours or more, I don't mean don't listen, lol, but it keeps improving but you have probably read that already. 
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