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Link doesn't work. 
For me the only way to get rid of the veil and overly warm presentation of the 650 is balanced. 
I would think it does. For me, the only way I have found the 650 to really sound good is balanced. To me, they are then a very different headphone. 
I cleaned the 2.5 TRS well with alcohol and allowed them to be wet and worked them back and forth in the socket and then let it dry. 
Now that is an  audiophile description I had not heard before. 
Having had tube gear for years I would agree. It takes the best from tubes and has some qualities of SS, the micro.
That is the thing. It has taken a long time to get to the point where we can retrieve the details and have the acoustics to be somewhat like analog/real music. I have some R2R dacs and they are enjoyable but they can't do what a good LP can with a 250 turntable. So what do you do? I think a Sabre chip can do it, when implemented correctly but I agree that many R2R chips are great. I don't like oversampling and I do not use filtering after the dac chip. As usual, it is all...
Looking forward to the LC. Nice to have a larger but still transportable balanced amp.    On the discourse above, it all went over my head as I didn't see where someone wrote anything to start with that was insightful. I guess I missed it. :^)   So Cavalli, let's get a move on! :^)   I still have 1865 kn dac chips and I guess they aren't hard to find in NOS. 
I have some very nice leather pads for other phones. Do they improve the sound, I don't think so. On my Ultrasone Ed. 9, while made of expensive leather, they do take on the oils of the human body and I would like to replace them but at 200 dollars from ultrasone, not worth it to me. I have some on some ESW10 phones that I did buy a back-up pair because they need to be replaced. I don't know, I like lamb or something but I don't see the issue if it works well and they look...
Yes, I use them for all my cables now. For me they are the best. 
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