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I'm CRAZY about having centered sound. I was frustrated for over a month owning the M80 because I thought my left side was louder than my right side... Eventually I got used to it. Maybe there wasn't a problem after all. I still find them slightly uncomfortable. They don't sit flat on my ears and lean forward too much, creating more pressure on one location of my ear instead of distributing the force evenly. They're still miles ahead my M50s so I don't have much to...
  It surprises me every time to see how different people's tastes can be. My opinion is essentially the inverse of yours
I've recently acquired an M-80 from a fellow Head-Fier, and I have to say -- I'm thoroughly impressed. In comparison to my ATH-M50 (white box): -The build quality and feel is much more "premium" feeling -It seems to have a little more bass. It goes deeper and seems more controlled. -I'm liking the midrange - first time vocals have ever impressed me -MUCH more comfortable. Like heaven on ears after the dreaded "comfort" of the M50. -Much more portable! -The...
The Ultrasones are known for being great with EDM and bassier genres. They should have a more "club"-type sound. I have the ATH-M50 but I plan on getting rid of it soon. I thought it sounded decent, but it is the most uncomfortable headphone I've ever worn. Even cheap Skullcandy headphones are more comfortable. Because of this issue alone, I tend to discourage people from buying the ATH-M50.
  Sounds like the ATH-M50's situation - people always say they have huge bass, but as it turns out that's not the case at all. Thanks for clearing things up. And OP, I think we may have a winner here! Ding ding ding. Not sure if I'd invest in an amp for the DT770. Is it worth the $60 Fiio E11+L9 combo? Decisions, decisions.
  These are great recommendations. Exactly the list I had in mind. However, it seems that a lot of people consider the DT770 a very bassy can, so keep that in mind. But if your issue is with muddiness, I don't think you'll have any problems with them. The HFI 580 is fantastic for EDM, the DT770 is extremely comfortable, and the Q40 has a detachable cable. Each has its own advantages, so read up and decide for yourself what's best for you.
Ahh, the PX200-II. To be very honest, I thought they sounded boring at first. As it turns out, I enjoy more of a "fun" signature. But then again, I only had them for a few weeks before I broke the plug (sat down and yanked the cord). That made me sad. Although I thought they sounded bland, I remember enjoying them quite a bit nonetheless. I think they look fairly snazzy as well Here's some random pictures of my PX200-IIi (remote/mic version) with its broken...
I have the ATH-M50, and here are some genuine observations: 1. They do offer a decent amount of passive isolation. Hardly any noise leaks out and not too much goes in. However, I took them on a plane and they didn't fare very well in isolating the noise. I had to crank the volume up considerably (~50% on my iPod Touch). If you're looking for airplane-level isolation, I would recommend an IEM (in-ear monitor) or the Bose QC3/QC15, which has excellent active noise...
Thanks for your impressions on the M6 Sorry to hear about the comfort issues because I think they're pretty comfortable already. What I really DON'T like about them is the lack of a mesh cover to prevent debris from falling through the nozzle. It's a simple but irritating overlook in my eyes. Also, I tried sleeping with them but it didn't work. Lying on my side pushed the M6 too strongly against my ear, causing pain. They ARE fantastic for running, however.  
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