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Still for sale :)
hello, I want to sell my Lacie 3TB Porsche external USB 3.0 hard drive. It is in mint condition, and it is silvery colour. I bought it from Amazon last year but no much use for me, so I decide to sell it. I lost its original box, but I have all accessaries of it, and I will package it very carefully. Please PM me if you are interested :)
Hello, I want to buy Woo Audio WA7d Fireflies which is an amp with Dac. Please PM me if you want to sell yours. Thanks!
Hi there, I don't know whether I can sell my camera here? It is Canon G12, in excellent condition, with 16GB Sony card. I lost the original box, but I have its accessaries. I bought it on Amazon last year. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks. I list in on eBay for bidding. Please bid here if you are interested. Thank you!
Hello, I want to buy HD650's original cable, I hope its condition is good. Thank you.
Hello, I want to buy a AKG K3003i. Please PM me if you want to sell yours. Thank you!
These phones have been used for less than 50 hours in smoke free, pet free home, never taken outdoors. They're in mint condition, no physical flaws that I can see. They'll come with the original box, headphone cables, and carrying pouch.   Probably the best headphones designed for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, macbook). There is a mic/control unit on the cable, giving you fully control on your devices.    From a listener's point of view, I would say that they'll provide...
Lightly used, B&O headphone in pristine condition. Excellent sounding headphone for its price. Used in non-smoking, pet-free household and never used outside. It comes with original packaging and accessories. Buyer pays the shipping but I will pay the paypal fee. Feel free to ask me any questions. 
Still for sale.
Thanks for your reply. Yes I know there is big difference of price between Osiris and brio. I can afford both. But as you know Osiris is over 20kg for weight. If brio can drive KEF R300 well that would be better. Or any other amps advice? Is there anyone use Osiris to drive KEF speakers? I can't find any post of Rega driving KEF. 
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