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.....runs home to listen to my LC in single ended for the first time, because everyone is scaring me.
 I was a bit stunned myself.  But I think the long wait might have scared a few customers away.  I'm sure folks in summit-fi are used to these kind of waits, but us "lunch box folks" are more used to off the shelf stuff... But the first 200 or so sold in a day, and that got the process of all the ordering parts going.
 Us first batch folks could step up our swooning over our amps, if that helps...
 Its worth the $799 price.  I can't see anyone not enjoying this little champ...
 Sounds like my milk after dunking my 2 dozen Chips Ahoy in it... ...errr my 2 or 3, I ment to say 2 or 3
 Very smart, 14 days, power cord options for regions, and xxl shirts for the fatties like myself...
So, on a lighter note, will we see DDOS 2.0 this time around?
I don't know about this "upgrade" talk.  Wouldn't spending the same $200 on balanced cables accomplish the same exact thing?  If not more so since now the same headphone can access the amp's full power?
I was perfectly happy with my first run Liquid Carbon (good ole #7).  And I was perfectly content with all the swag you are giving to all 2nd run customers.  But then you had to appeal to the gambler in me with those @#$^*&^@* Golden Tickets...   ...I don't know which ticket would make me happier.  Oh sweet agony.
New Posts  All Forums: