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 ...and a cool leather case
 I just trust your ears, and in no hurry.  Thanks
 When do you think you'll be able to audition these?  And will you try both the Z and A?
Is that confirmed?
 If I was a betting man, my money would be on no.  The price difference is large...
Kimber cable internals.... impressive
Wow the weight difference is night and day.  There has to be some serious component upgrades to account for the weight difference...
Still no mention of an OS?
I have a few questions:   Same drivers as the Z7?  Or are they just the same size by coincidence?   Can the Z1R share cables with the MDR-Z7?   And what is the cup material?  And what are the interior of the cups like?  Do they prevent reflections better then the Z7?
I wonder with all the additional power, will the new Walkmans be noisier with sensitive in ears?
New Posts  All Forums: