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 I love the smell of ban hammer in the morning.   I say a temp ban for Arly, till he posts part 2....
 I threw money at the problem.  Its reduced but not all the way gone.  A fabric cover on the cable would have done the trick...
I really should get a set of the new pads.  Where is everyone getting them from?
 I'm hoping so too.  Just because I'm on the ZMF Omni tour list.  It'd be nice to pair the two together.... But I'm prepared to wait as long as it takes.
Z7s are back are Massdrop for $499....
It could be Hello Kitty themed, and I would still be happy....   ...as long as it sounds good.
I've toyed with the idea of a Silver Dragon for my HD650s, the I remember that they are the same price as a Project Ember...   Which do you think would give me more of a new sound?   I have silver plated copper, and I saw now downfall in using the material combo.
 Maybe the WyWires interconnect with the special grounding?  Alex did mention he was working with them....
  ^^^ Mine is the original DT1350
  College?  Student Discount maybe?
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