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I've always been confused at head-fi meets when I see people with their HD800 around their necks and $300 worth of amp/DAC to drive them.  Maybe they travel light, but I always wonder what they are missing out on....
 In the WA8 thread, HifiGuy mentioned an October-ish release.  But I think its more an "its ready when its ready".  They are trying a new DAC section.  ....anyways back to DAC talk for the LC.  Anyone else anxious to see what Schiit has coming August 15th?
 @ExpatinJapan out of curiosity, do the cases you use for the 5g also work seamlessly with your 6g?  Not many case manufacturers are showing updates to their offerings...
 Yes, those two truly competitors.  And very similar in cost.
....wrong coast again
 Currently its the HiFi-M8, but I do have a Liquid Carbon on the way.  The WA8 is awesome (better then the M8), if battery powered transportable is what you're after.  Its more dynamic in 3 tube mode, and has great power to noise.  I'm after a small desktop setup now, so a DAC is next, then a tube amp next year hopefully. But alas I haven't heard the LC yet to compare...
Wow, the I thought the DAC was stunning when I heard it back in November.  What does the new variant bring to the table?
..and thanks to you guys I'm anxiously waiting for my Steely Dan "Citizen" box set.
 Would this work? http://www.amazon.com/WEme-Aluminum-Charging-Converter-Smartphone/dp/B00GQRGSYI/ref=sr_1_9?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1437745354&sr=1-9&keywords=powered+usb+hub+charging It more a hub then cable, but maybe it would do the trick since it also has its own power supply?
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