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 I'm in awe.  This pairing is the real deal.  I think this audition is turning into an early present for myself.  The HD650 has subbass, who'da thunk it...  (The Jot is awesome with the Z7s too)
I don't know if anyone here has had the opportunity, but the Z7 and the Schiit Jotinheim are a fantastic headphone/amp pairing.  I'm having a little audition, and I'm hard pressed to figure out I should own this amp.   The bass has come together nicely, to allow the subbass to shine more.  The mids have come forward more, especially with female vocals.  And the treble has a little more sparkle.   The only negative I hear so far, is an increased recognition of the...
 The Mojo should be up to the task.  I never used a Chord portable, but I know the color scheme used for a readout is confusing.  Have you checked those settings?  Is there a higher gain setting you can use?
 What is your source and amp?
Boy I wish I lived near Chicago.  I would love to see the piles of prototypes you must have lying around... lol
 But, but, but..... you have a headphone jack.....?!?!?!?! Kidding aside, do those stay on the head nicely?  I need to try something different...
 The second batch was never limited by pieces.  It was just a limited time frame to place your order for the second, and final, run of these amps. I suspect what's happening is that Cavalli has enough parts to produce some more amps, and are offering them up at RMAF.  Its a show special, and I wouldn't get any tail feathers ruffled over it.  Last year they offered stupid cheap Liquid Crimsons, but I think they shipped after the show...
 In the box for sale, or extras available for order?
I'm curious @zach915m.  Which one these new headphone are more "ZMFy"?  What I mean is, which is closer to your "house sound" and which is more a departure?  I'm really hoping for an opportunity to audition these in the future, but I might not be able to wait that long.... lol
Oh so Head-Fi.  Three answers all different....
New Posts  All Forums: