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I've had a few good amps (and IEMs, see my profile) but never felt they did anything really substantial for the overall SQ of any of my IEMs. I've pretty much given up on amps/dacs and now spend my money on headphones instead. I'm not saying you're not getting a "lifelike response and decay" from your ALO amp. Only you can be the judge of that, but to any newcomers to this hobby I most definitely recommend spending your money on different kinds of headphones first and...
OK, I won't!
FWIW, I had the AKG K3003 for over a year and enjoyed it immensely. I used it both with the "Reference filters" but mostly with the "High Boost filters". I felt it outperformed all of my other IEMs at the time.   I no longer have the AKG K3003 as I sold it so I can't compare it to the DN-2000J directly, but from memory I enjoy the DN-2000J at least as much as I did the K3003, and in some respects I feel the DN-2000J outperforms the K3003. I'm mostly thinking about sound...
Couldn't have said it better myself! (3) Yeah, that's exactly what I meant!     Seriously; thank you for this highly technical description of the differences between the DN-2000J and the DN-2000. Not that I understood half of it but it would seem to me that your post clearly indicates that the DN-2000J constitutes a technical evolution compared to the DN.-2000.
Well, we'll just have to wait and see what Uberclocked has to say about it. Perhaps size and cable is just marketing too!? 
I realize that's what it may look like. The truth though is that it is the only technical driver difference I'm aware of, and nota bene if you read carefully I'm guessing! What I'm guessing is that the DD of the DN-2000J has better speed (is able to start and stop faster) than that of the DN-2000. That is, that the DD of the DN-2000J is more BA like in this particular respect but of course still being a DD pumping more air. Now as you state that I'm "falling for marketing"...
I sort of smile to my self with abashment when looking back at my own post: "I'm absolutely convinced the DN-2000J would still be more competent than the DN-2000 even if it would have the exact FR of the DN-2000J." I've basically thought about FR in a rather one-dimensional way; basically as the SPL for any given frequency. Thinking a bit more multidimensional about it, it's obvious that any sound wave has a life, i.e. it's born in a certain way, it lives in a certain way,...
Yeah, I say; stay away from the RHA T10s! 
I'm not bothered by any sibilant sounds at all but I believe this has been reported as a problem by a few posters so better look elsewhere I guess. Good luck!
^ Very nice review! Thanks d marc0!
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