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Thank you very much for your kind words , and happy to hear we can agree on that the SM64 isn't hard to drive.
Lasting Impressions from This Thread   If I were an IEM noob having read all posts in this thread, I believe I would be rather hesitant to buy the SM64. If I were a noob I believe my lasting impressions of this thread would be …   that the SM64 is flawed by a serious suck out at 5 kHz, that some filters (“what’s that and where do they sit!?”) need to be removed using some tool that I don’t have or know how to use, that I must spend extra money and time on third...
average_joe, I've only read under "Sound" and "Summary" but excellent write-up, thanks! As usual I'm late to the party and it would seem the SM64 isn't getting much love or attention these days which seems a bit unfair to me. I've only had the SM64 for a couple of weeks, but I find it very musical and engaging, more so than perhaps my other IEMs. It seems to be able to recreate in me the same kind of emotional response that I often get with live music. Anyway, you write...
I'm afraid I can't answer your question. I suppose you've like me noted that it is listed among their products but not in their shop. Drop them a mail ( and let us know. Thanks!
My favourite track for testing sub bass (1:03):    
May I suggest you screw on the "High-boost" filters? It appears to me the general consensus is that the reference filters are the best but personally I always felt they subtract some of the "naked and glorious truth".
Indeed! That ghost will always haunt this thread (and the moderator's homes)
Thank you! Guess after all I have to change my mind about cables. Obviously they do make a difference! (Absolutely hilarious!)
Did you subject your friends to a blind test?
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