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I have the DN-2000 and as I understand it, it is not too different from the DN-1000 and the DN-2000 is very, very good! Haven't got the DUOZA yet though, but I'm sure you won't go wrong if you pick the DN-1000, especially at U$ 160. Good luck!
Thanks for the info and the picture! Very clarifying! I might want to try them nevertheless. We'll see... What? I hope you're not referring to some super wide stock tips that weren't in my DN-2000 package!? The only wide stock tips I found were the foam tips.
Lol, and thanks, I hope so too!
Hard to say, but I doubt it as the "out-of-head" or "somewhat external speaker like" quality of the SM64 seems very, very unique. Haven't heard any other IEM coming even close that characteristic, so I'd be very surprised if the DUOZA and the SM64 were to sound similar.
Yes, the brain is a very (sometimes too) adjustable device. My latest phone, the DUNU DN-2000 has a very different tonality (much meatier sound) compared to the Tenores, and a bit to my surprise I'm beginning to feel the Tenores are a bit too bright. It's really funny because I used to feel the Tenore's tuning was more or less god sent.   The thing (one of them) is that the SM64 is a bit like listening to external speakers rather than IEMs. I guess that's why some compare...
I think the FX850 was a fabulous phone (one of the very best) in most respects but just too detailed; like a magnifier on details making me feel it's going to start to distort any second. Of course, it never did, but I just couldn't shake the feeling and it made me nervous, unable to relax and therefore unable to just sink into the magic of music. I think one of the most musical phones I've heard is the SM64 as it isn't tuned for technical brilliance but for musical...
Great! I do look forward to read about your comparisons and impressions! Thanks!  
Tough question really. I consider both the SM64 and the Tenore to be greats, but quite different. However the SM64 is about 10 times more expensive and since I'm raising money for other gear it was pretty natural to sell the SM64, although I miss it and I might want to get it again once I become rich . Here are some of my thoughts about the SM64 that obviously were appreciated in the SM64 thread. Hope it will be helpful!? Huh! I wasn't aware the Tenore has poor treble...
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