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Thank you very, very much Tomscy2000! This is going to be so interesting to analyse and eventually hear. 
^ Great stuff and I'm still moving and can't stop!    (Unfortunately access from my country Sweden to tidalhifi is limited to HiFi Partner voucher holders only, and I'm not. Nevertheless, Hi-Fi isn't critical - although nice - to be able to bust a move)
^ You got me too, and you got me good! 
I'm pretty much there as well. I keeps growing on me and that - in my experience - is a reliable sign of very high quality. It adds a new dimension to my listening and the way I perceive it, it's its resolving capabilities that impresses me the most. It especially adds to vocals and I keep hearing myself thinking: "this is just border line unbelievably good". I really can't remember having that experience with the K3003, but as I no longer have it I can't compare them....
Try not to bust a move when you hear this...  
Thank you very much for the heads up! I'm well aware you've promised never to talk to me again after our incident in the K3003 thread, but I I'm sure most readers of this thread (including me) would appreciate if you'd let us know as soon as your separate 2000J thread is up. I've more or less dissected your impressions of the 2000J in this thread so I'm really starving for more. Thanks!
if the DN-2000J is a good as the K3003 (although it's bound to be different in some respects) and is a third or half the price of the K3003, then it's going to be really interesting.
Yeah, well, we'll see... It's quite a bit of money, but it sure would be interesting, especially after having read tomscy2000's impressions of the DN-2000J.
Absolutely - All Good 
then I could compare them...
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