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What about the Shure KSE1500!?​  Well, I haven't done any serious reading about it so I basically have no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if it sounds pretty marvellous. Then again, $3,000, or so!? Anyway, to some people money is never an issue and maybe squyyz is one of them.
I guess the AKG K3003 disqualifies as too similar in form? Sound wise, with the K3003 High boost filters, they share quite bit.
My ability to pick up differences in treble isn't the best but as you say it affects soundsage and makes the sound very cohesive.
The DN-2000J is the most comfortable IEM I've had to date (anyone surprised? ) White silicone stock tips, red extensions rings and nothing else. Isolation is decent. If isolation (and flat FR) is a priority I'd recommend Etymotic Research's ER-4PT.
OMG, stop the presses!!!  
Nevertheless, and to make it very short; both IEMs are very good. I had the A83 for a few weeks and although it has its virtues, in the end I felt its signature to be a bit too mainstream, a bit boring actually. The A83 is a better option if you want to listen at louder volumes than is really possible with the DN-2000J. I prefer the DN-2000J over the A83 mainly for its superiority in detail, resolution and larger/spacier sound stage. Overall, the DN-2000J simply feels more...
Comply Foam T-500s worked pretty well for me, but in the end I preferred the stock tips.
I can relate to everything you have to say. I had the K3003 for well over a year and as I mentioned in my previous post I definitely preferred it with the "High boost" filters, so the step to the DN-2000J wasn't a big one. From memory and in the fields of detail, resolution and sound stage I even feel the DN-2000J surpasses (to some small extent) the K3003 with High Boost filters. When I first heard the DN-2000J I too found its treble somewhat too strident, but over time -...
Thanks for your reply Subhakar. Over time I've learnt it's wise to humble. I know very little about balanced mode. All I know is that it was conceived and successfully implemented as an idea to neutralize interference from strong electrical currents and powerful radio signals running in parallel with long audio cable equipment on a stage. As interference isn't usually a problem in our hobby I simply fail to see the reason to why we should consider it at all, and so far...
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