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Great, thanks! I'll have a look and see what I can make out of it!
Googling ER4SR/ER4XR the only real review I've been able to find is this (, but I'd certainly like more impressions/reviews before I pull the trigger, and I haven't seen any graphs either (not that I've been looking too hard). Guess it's still too new!?
I absolutely loved the ER4-PT, but in the end sold it as I felt the sub bass just couldn't do a track like Mike Oldfield's "Tubular World" justice. Without sub bass oomph (< 70 Hz or so) that track just dies. However, with any "mid range music" such as a string quartet, violin concerto or what not, the ER4-PT was just out of this world phenomenal and I appreciated it just as much as my K3003, DN-2000J, and FitEar 334, and in a sense perhaps even more.   So XR for added...
Please PM me your best offer all-inclusive (registered post with tracking number) to SWEDEN. Thanks!
Didn't you just sell these or what happened to your other now closed ad?
That's excellent and I wouldn't expect anything less from a serious reviewer/Head-Fi:er! Because you want more review samples. A definitive "thumbs down" review - or two - and those review samples would probably stop coming in. No, in my experience serious Head-Fi:ers have no need to justify their purchases! You may occasionally see that kind of behavior with some wannabe audiophiles/Head-Fi:ers, but not with experienced Head-Fi:ers. Take a look at this profile and posts...
As I don't have the luxury of spare time at this point in my life I haven't read all posts here, so the following may already have been discussed.   To me it's very important to know that the reviewer isn't associated with the manufacturer or have some hidden agenda. I simply don't trust (with some variation) reviews reviewing samples sent to them by the manufacturer as it will inevitable affect the review.   So, personally I really only trust reviews where the...
I had the HD650 for well over a year and although I didn't use it much I always experienced its bass as rather neutral, even a bit shy. However, I do agree on smooth and (perhaps to your surprise) slightly warm. The funny thing with the HD650 was that I always experienced the tempo of the music as much too slow. Perhaps that's what's called laid back!?
OK, noted!
Nah, I don't know... I'm sure they sound really good but I still think Beats must be better. After all, most famous people like artists and athletes/footballers use Beats and there must be a reason for it. After all, most successful (and rich) people could easily afford this but they still prefer Beats. Also I think that "thingy" on the table will be too large heavy to carry around while commuting.  
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