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I had the HD650 for well over a year and although I didn't use it much I always experienced its bass as rather neutral, even a bit shy. However, I do agree on smooth and (perhaps to your surprise) slightly warm. The funny thing with the HD650 was that I always experienced the tempo of the music as much too slow. Perhaps that's what's called laid back!?
OK, noted!
Nah, I don't know... I'm sure they sound really good but I still think Beats must be better. After all, most famous people like artists and athletes/footballers use Beats and there must be a reason for it. After all, most successful (and rich) people could easily afford this but they still prefer Beats. Also I think that "thingy" on the table will be too large heavy to carry around while commuting.  
So, about USD $1,800.00...  Heard somewhere they're sort of darkish, no? Anyway, they look really beautiful!
If you ask me the DN2KJ is by far the better phone. Although it shares some blood with the DN1K the DN2KJ is a completely different sounding IEM. However, if you're really into the signature of the DN1K I'd say stick with it. The DN2KJ is not for casual listening, and requires quite a bit lower volume than the DN1K. Oops, just realized I was thinking of the DN2K, not the DN1K (which I haven't heard)! Oh well, good luck!
OK guys, let's get serious and bust a serious move while I celebrate my post #1000!  
What about the Shure KSE1500!?​  Well, I haven't done any serious reading about it so I basically have no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if it sounds pretty marvellous. Then again, $3,000, or so!? Anyway, to some people money is never an issue and maybe squyyz is one of them.
I guess the AKG K3003 disqualifies as too similar in form? Sound wise, with the K3003 High boost filters, they share quite bit.
My ability to pick up differences in treble isn't the best but as you say it affects soundsage and makes the sound very cohesive.
The DN-2000J is the most comfortable IEM I've had to date (anyone surprised? ) White silicone stock tips, red extensions rings and nothing else. Isolation is decent. If isolation (and flat FR) is a priority I'd recommend Etymotic Research's ER-4PT.
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