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One thing to rave about is Etymotic's customer service and product quality. It's just outstanding, second to none! Now, whether or not you'll be in to the SR's signature is a different matter. One thing you can be sure about though is that Etymotic delivers what they say they'll deliver; "world leader for response accuracy to which all other earphones are compared". Hope you'll like truly neutral sound! Last time I tried it (ER4-PT) I wasn't perfectly happy with its...
Thanks! I'll let you know how I think it fairs to my Carbo Zenors and my DUNU-DN2000J, which are the only two earphones in my collection worth mentioning.
Came to think of it. Anyone new to this hobby looking for their first IEM should take a good look at this. It will give you more than a substantial slice of what it's all about for less than $30 bucks.
I’ve been thinking pretty hard about whether to go with the SR or the XR. The more I’ve been thinking about it the more aware I’ve become of how flawed the very concept of IEMs is (and it can be extended to headphones too). Bass can never be realistically reproduced by IEMs no matter how flat the FR is portrayed. The reason - of course - is that in real life bass is very much perceived by the inner ear from sound waves entering the body from other parts than the...
Just pulled the trigger on the XR from Thomann. Thanks for the tip! It's going to be interesting.
Yep, definitely looks like it! Thanks!
Any retailers in Europe? Can't find the ER4SR or ER4XR anywhere over here yet. :( Thanks!
Great, thanks! I'll have a look and see what I can make out of it!
Googling ER4SR/ER4XR the only real review I've been able to find is this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqFmrEPo9no), but I'd certainly like more impressions/reviews before I pull the trigger, and I haven't seen any graphs either (not that I've been looking too hard). Guess it's still too new!?
I absolutely loved the ER4-PT, but in the end sold it as I felt the sub bass just couldn't do a track like Mike Oldfield's "Tubular World" justice. Without sub bass oomph (< 70 Hz or so) that track just dies. However, with any "mid range music" such as a string quartet, violin concerto or what not, the ER4-PT was just out of this world phenomenal and I appreciated it just as much as my K3003, DN-2000J, and FitEar 334, and in a sense perhaps even more.   So XR for added...
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