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I agree with what you write to 100 %!!! The insertion procedure you describe is how I do it as well. The only thing I want to add is that I also pay a lot of attention to the insertion angel. One way to verify that the angel is optimal is to very gently push and pull on the phones in different directions while listening to one of your reference tracks. While doing this if the sound improves the fit is wrong, and if the sound deteriorates it is right. Another method which I...
Well, the bore diameter looks just right, but I'd perfer something more rounded (ball/olive). Nevertheless, thanks for the picture and the effort! 
Thanks! Tried to order them on eBay and Amazon but none would ship to Sweden... Oh, well, will give it another go tomorrow!
I’ve now been ABing the Comply Ts-500 tips and the stock tips of my Sennheiser CX300, which seem to be identical to the Fitear black medium stock tips, but are slightly softer and for some reason give me a slightly better fit (material?/not exactly the same shape after all?/imagination?). The Sennheiser CX300 tips also have a bore diameter of 6.0 mm (outlet side) instead of the 5.5 mm diameter of the stock tips. Anyway, basically I consider them identical. Listening to...
Can you provide a link to the "FMJ tips"? Anything in this repsect is worth investigating. Thanks!
Yes, that certainly sounds ideal to me as well! Don't forget to keep us posted of any breakthroughs in this respect! Good to know I'm not the only "nut" around! 
I think I can hear it too, but I suspect my own hearing (FitEar ToGo 334 + CEntrance DACport)... despite passing "Golden Ears". Why not drop an e-mail to them (there's an e-mail address on the "Golden Ears" site) and ask them about it?
I do suffer from this myself, so if you could tell me more specifically about what software you use I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
Well, well, well, I cannot but agree with you. I do (sort of) get the “best sound” from the medium black stock tips. I felt – in a positive sense – provoked by your post(s) so I dug out the stock tips and went over them again. However, I also found out why the black stock tips have been, and still are unsatisfactory to me.I do agree with you that it must be desirable to use ear tips with a bore size of 5.5 mm - the diameter of the 334’s nozzle - so as not to obstruct the...
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