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What's so great about customs, exactly?
What about the upper frequency shimmer of the SE846?  (Guess we're going to see all combinations... )
Well, that was refreshing to read! Thanks! I wish more people would share their not so great experiences with CIEMs, but I guess CIEMs are pretty much holy cows around here. CIEMs can be great, but UIEMs in my experience can be equally great. As a matter of fact, my best sounding IEMs are universals (AKG K3003 and FitEar ToGo! 334). It will be very interesting the hear this new Shure UIEM.
Do you know fore sure (like really shure) that the JH16 is a better sounding IEM? If so, please elaborate on why!
In all fairness you mustn't forget to mention FitEar!
Why exactly not?
Look at it this way; you'll get three IEMs for the price of one. Each sounding great depending on your mood and recording!
Well said, and really can't be repeated too often!   Yes, that was my impression as well, and really what I meant, i.e.: "the words of an experienced and fairly credible HF'er"
You're being very humble! That really impresses me and makes me happy! Thanks!
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