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As I plan to pick up the DN-2000J myself it is going to be interesting to compare my impressions with yours. Reading tomscy2000’s remarks (again) about the DN-2000J, my impression is that DUNU is trying to clone the signature of the AKG K3003. If DUNU succeeds with this (assumed) ambition then one thing is for sure; the DN-2000 and the DN-2000J are going have very different signatures, and I would expect some, perhaps even quite a few, to prefer the DN-2000. I had the...
JM2C about CIEMs here.
So, I take it you'll be ready to take one for the team and give us an extensive report, perhaps even more than a sentence?
With the mod applied to the Carbo Tenore it became very close to neutral and the sound stage became a little wider so it is an interesting mod to have in your arsenal considering there aren't many truly neutral phones out there. For me though, in the end, some MeElec silicone double flange tips gave me the desired (less neutral, but very pleasant) sound.
Funny, in my dictionary that is the verbatim definition for "self-deception"!  
I'd like to know as well! PM please!  
You may want to try "james444's FX850 mod". I've applied it very successfully to the JVC FX850 (of course) and the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore, both being single dynamic driver phones. The DUOZA is a dual dynamic driver phone (if I'm not misinformed) but chances are - I believe - that the mod just might work very well with the DUOZA. I definitely think it's worth a try. Please let us know if you do try it! Thanks!
No, you can't! Pick up a pair of these while you're waiting. You might even prefer them over the DN-2000 /DN-2000 J once you get them.
I have the DN-2000 and as I understand it, it is not too different from the DN-1000 and the DN-2000 is very, very good! Haven't got the DUOZA yet though, but I'm sure you won't go wrong if you pick the DN-1000, especially at U$ 160. Good luck!
New Posts  All Forums: