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So did you try their "private" version and did you pass it as well? Can you ask them if there's some way we (Head-Fi:ers) can get access to their private version? Thanks!
Congratulations Jude, glad you made it! Now we're waiting for the rest of the famous Head-Fi reviewers to pass! (Don't feel any pressure )
Superb initiative, and thanks for the link. I will follow the thread with huge interest.
I don’t think we should demand that people like Jude and Tyll (or anyone else for that matter) must pass the Golden Ears challenge to prove their right to be reviewers and/or have opinions about audio gear. First of all it would be wrong principally and secondly even if they were unable to pass it they still have so much experience comparing so many different headphones and other gear that their opinions still matter. If I had been unable to pass it – and mind you, for a...
Thank you! After the "MP3 Artefacts" challenge on the silver level I learned to take it easy - to relax and just listen - and I have now realised it's (mostly) a matter of training. There seems to be nothing wrong with my hearing despite my rather old age (can only hear a sinus tone up to about 11 kHz) and tinnitus. I was mostly frustrated to suspect there might be something wrong with my hearing. So, pretty big sigh of relief! I really dislike my tinnitus, but this...
Wow, you know about ”Scandinavian Airlines” (SAS) and ”Statens Järnvägar” (SJ)! Guess DK in you location tag stands for Denmark!?Yes, the Golden Ears challenge is educational and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s into sound. I'm really happy I took myself the time to finish it.
Thanks Jupiterknight, I'm already flying! 
It makes perfect sense and may even have contributed to me finally getting my Golden Ears!Not being English speaking myself I can’t judge your English, but anyway it looks impeccable to me.
Switched between my Etymotic ER-4S and my AKG K3003i with reference filters and finally made it all the way! I now got my Golden Ears! 
Sweet! Congratulations! Am still struggling with "the frequency bands cut/boost".
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