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I must say I'm sort of puzzled by the constant discussion about the too hot/too bright treble. I really feel it goes a bit to the limit. With some burn in (brain and/or hardware), james444's blu-tack mod, the red extension rings, and the white silicone tips I'm as happy with the treble as I am with the rest of the gamuts. As a matter of fact I appreciate the treble enormously and the DN-2000J wouldn't be what it is without it.   I certainly know that how we perceive...
Looks like you need a dosage of Dr. james444's Blu-Tack mod!
Interesting, thanks! I guess I'm a "red ring fan" so I'll give it a try eventually!
Someone PM:ed me about the DN-2000J vs. Carbo Tenore and this is what I had to say about it:   I really think the DN-2000J overall is the best IEM I've had, sound wise and otherwise. You can take a look at my profile to see which IEMs I've had. Overall it bests the Tenores with a wide margin. However, when it comes to pure tonality/timbre when listening to non complex music (solo violin, single voices, etc.) I still  think the Tenores have the upper hand.   The sound...
Thanks for the info, I had no idea! I bought mine used and just assumed nothing had been altered as the seller didn't mention anything about it. Can someone else verify? Thanks!
I use the extension rings (red) to extend the distance between the drivers and my ear drums, i.e. I don't use them to get a deeper fit. They don't make a huge difference and I haven't analyzed why exactly I prefer them. I only know I prefer the sound I get from the red extension rings. It's probably very individual, but I definitely feel they add to the usefulness of the DN2KJ. At least, I feel it's a good idea to explore the effect before dismissing them.
Unfortunately, it's too lose and consequently not good enough so I've fitted my own...
I've experimented with JRiver's crossfeed a bit but in the end found it tiring to my hearing, perhaps because of the bass loss. I'll try it again with bass rings. Thanks!
They aren't! They're better! 
Thanks for the review! I agree to a very large extent! (I don't mean to be rude but your spelling of the word "unbelievable" in the review (twice) is incorrect)
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