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John! Let us know why you prefer the DN2002. Your opinion matters!
For anyone possibly interested I just want to mention that I made a few minor alterations to my "ER4XR mini-review (the stuff that interests me)" in an attempt to balance my wordings a bit more. I also added a link to a post where I compare the ER4XR and DUNU-2000J with a few additional words.
I agree, if we can't easily tell the difference between L and R it's a problem. Comply Foam have the 100 series ear tips (recommend by CF for many ER4s) which come in various colors. That is, you could use different colors for L and R. However, a big warning here! The T-100 medium size I've tried with the ER4XR didn't work very well at all. They felt much too soft and the isolation was (to my surprise) very substandard.
Can't say for sure as I haven't heard the SR, but a qualified guess would be the ER4SR. Personally, I'd stay away from the SR and pick up the XR. That is, if sub bass is at all important to you at - what I experience as - "normal" listening volume.
Though questions but I'll do my best to answer them... Well "better" just doesn't cut it, but I'd say the XR is cleaner (more transparent) and more accurate for acoustic instruments. But it's not that easy. Unlike the 2KJ, with the XR you do not really have the option of listening at low volumes to pick up details in treble and bass. The XR requires at the very least a "normal" listening volume to be able to shine in all frequencies. For non-classical music - where lots of...
For those of you interested I just posted my impressions of the new Etymotic ER4XR (the legendary neutral reference IEM) in this post and made a few comparisons with my beloved DN2000J.
You’re welcome, and thanks!Also, thank you guys for adding reputation to my post! As you know; it takes a bit of effort to put your thoughts together in writing, so much appreciated! I should take the opportunity to mention how happy I am I gave the “ER4 concept” another chance. As I have a history with the ER4PT I pretty much knew what to expect. And as I’m one of many having expressed a wish for a tad bit of extended bass response in the past, I felt obliged to give it...
Thanks for your post Dave and welcome! You got to be kidding me! Better sound, of course! Cables are the most magic part of the entire set up. Get the right cables and it can transform any IEM into a ticket to heaven (or nirvana depending on your religion). Anyway, even more efficient than aftermarket cables is this stuff. Simply soak the entire set in it and your IEMs will sound like nothing else you've ever heard. Seriously, I have no idea, but I'm sure someone will...
ER4XR mini-review (the stuff that interests me) Why is Head-Fi so full of positive reviews? I guess because we like to write about the stuff that we like, and I really like the ER4XR! So where do we start? How about the ear tips?   Ear tips It can’t be emphasised enough. The more we can make the ER4XR isolate the better the sound it will yield. It’s absolutely crucial to achieve a perfect seal!   I’ve tried all the included ear tips and the ones I like the best are...
In short, yes! I'm pretty excited about the XR so far and I'm planning for a mini review.
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