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This is definitely my experience as well! Well recorded stuff from the eighties and nineties - more or less free of dynamic range compression - sounds more or less perfect to my ears, whereas many of the newer recordings can sound pretty off. As I remember it my AKG K3003 where a lot less sensitive in this respect making it better all round, but unable to excel the way the DN-2000 can with the right recording.
I couldn't agree with you more, and this is what I'm hoping for in the DN-2000J (though I have no indication that is the case).
I've had the AKG K3003 and as much as I loved it I'm actually not hoping for a clone but more for a more "refined" DN-2000, whatever that means. Perhaps something a little less smooth in the mids. For classical I still use my Carbo Tenore for its outstanding realistic tonality, and my DN-2000 for anything else. If the J-version would be a 2000 that tonality wise would be somewhat tuned towards the Carbo Tenore, I'd be very, very excited!
No need to worry! Having been into this hobby for a few years now I can guarantee we'll be among the first to hear when it's out.
Then you may want to consider another hobby. Bird-watching? They "sing" you know!  Seriously, there are always the classifieds if something should go wrong. Sure, most of the time you lose some, but if you take well care of your gear I'd say expect to get back at least 50 % (more on headphones).
I think so! Comparing some pictures, the 2000J seems to have more details than the Titan 1. For example, the DN2000J has the DUNU logo printed on its back.
Call the news!
You don't have to. Trust me, the 5 kHz dip is there, and you don't need a graph to hear it. All you need is a sinus wave generator and a pair of ears. Wrote a post about it - and a few other things about the SM64 - here.
The DN-2000 is an amazing piece of sound gear! Why would you want to sell it? 
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