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Yes, I’m afraid that’s my impression as well, i.e. that there is no real consensus around hiss and the “HiFi-M8+334” combo. If CEntrance’s HiFi-M8 sound wise is akin to their DACport - my best sounding DAC/AMP combo - that is really a pity. I guess the only way to find out is to try it yourself. Sensitivity to hiss seems to be very individual. To me personally when music comes out of total blackness (except for my tinnitus, that is) it adds a dimension to the overall...
Not that I'm aware of I'm afraid. I considered using the EQ in Media Center 18 for practice but eventually felt the training you can have directly on their site is the most convenient. I felt exactly the same way initially, but with a bit of practice (quite a lot actually) I finally nailed it, and I'm sure you'll eventually nail it as well. Just keep going, and when you get (really) tired, take a break and come back later. Good luck, and remember to announce your victory...
It’s a good thing you brought it up, and in principle I definitely agree with you. Actually, when I read Steve Guttenberg’s review of the 334 I was led to believe amping it would make some sort of substantial difference, and it sure did, but not the way I expected it to. The truth is I found Steve’s set up (”iPod Classic + ALO Rx-MK3B + Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo”) to be quite horrible and commented it like this (can be read online as long as you’re a CNET member):”I find...
Now have a Skullcandy Titan on order from ebay (14 GBP). If it doesn't work I can always give it as a present to someone I don't like. 
You'll make it; it's "only" a matter of training! "Frequency band" and "MP3 Artefacts" have definitely proved to be the most difficult challenges for most people.
Let me check my dictionary... "crazy guys* n. [mass noun] members of"
Thanks! XXXOOO 
Guess you've already tried it, but did you empty all history, cache, etc? Usually works for me for all sorts of strange broweser problems. Good luck!
SilverEars, can you post a link to a phone with the TMJ large tips or a picture of the tips? I'd really like to try them, perhaps even if I have to buy a phone with them!  
Just making sure you're awake, ok!  Anyway, with the 334 the angle can be an angel!
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