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I fear the worst, but we'll see... The signature of the SM64 is the one I can identify within fractions of a second. It is unique (in the true sense of the word) and outstanding. I have great trust in the integrity of EarSonics. I hope the Velvet won't change that, bringing us just another highly resolving phone with a spacious soundstage and a screwdriver to make it V-shaped. I need my 5 kHz suckout!
Wasn't quite aware of this, thanks!
Really goes to show what I've come to realize during last six months or so, that what we appreciate when it comes to IEMs and sound is very personal. Oh yes, I've had my share of TOTL IEMs (see my profile) but right now there's really only one other phone that I appreciate as much (and sometimes even more depending on what I'm listening to) as the FX850, it costs just USD $50 and is too just ****** AMAZING!
Great, and thank you very much! Having some hearing problems these things make me paranoid. Now we are at least three people who hear it so that is very comforting, i.e. these distortions are (most likely) not due to my (our) hearing but to the recordings.
Tonight I listened through the album ”Past Masters” from iTunes’ ”The Beatles Box Set” (recommended!). Most of these tracks sound really decent, even excellent, but when I came to track 27 “Get Back” my jaw just dropped in disbelief. Absolutely horrible sound with the FX850, distorted, unbearable! Fortunately the same track is available on the album “Let It Be” where it sounds just fine. I would say the FX850 is very, very unforgiving. Anyone to disagree? The really fun...
Very interesting! I must have forgotten about "the barells tips". I'll see if I still have them and if they fit me. Well, that was certainly a very interesting take on comparing tips. Never heard about this method before and obviously not smart enough to figure it out myself . I will just have to try it!  Thanks for the tip (pun intended)!
Here is a Swedish review of the phone: Please use Google Translate to translate the page to your language. Can get this for $112 (10 % discount tonight between 8 pm and 3 am). Hm...     Here are a few more reviews (haven't read them all but get the impression they're rather V-shaped):
Why detachable cables aren't always desirable I believe that is the first time I’ve noticed any kind of rational objection to detachable cables. I though it should be interesting reading to all of you AKG K3003 owners. BTW, I still miss my AKG K3003 which I sold to my fellow countryman ”thebratts”. Will I ever get over it…?  
Congrats on your new FX750! Don't know the bore size of the FX750 (only have the FX850 myself) but if it is the same as on the FX850 I think the opening on Wooduo tips may be a bit too small, at least on the somewhat olive shaped tips (if those are the ones you use and as I remember it). I would expect that to affect sound negatively, but it could (of course) be the other way around. Did you notice any difference in sound?
To be perfectly honest, IMO the FX850 outperforms the EM6. I'm sure the EM6 can be considered a better phone is some respects, but overall I feel it's just no competition for the FX850. As a matter of fact, I even appreciate my SM64 more than my EM6, way more!
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