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If you're happy with your iPod I say stick with it. At low to normal listening volume levels the difference in sound between your iPod and my preferred full blown portable rig "CLAS -dB" + Portaphile 627" is far from revolutional. Now, my only reservation is that I haven't personally heard the generation 6 of the iPod (nor have I heard the SE846), but I do have a generation 5.5 iPod, the Classic (generation 7), Touch generation 4, and Nano generation 3. If your interested...
Wow, something I wrote was actually useful to someone else! Thanks for telling me!I’ve ordered a bunch of replacement tips for the CX300 so it will be interesting to see what they’ll do. For now I use the medium size stock tips of the CX300 and they’re almost perfect for me in size, just a tad too small. I wish I would have saved the large CX300 stock tips to try. The fact that they are a bit softer perhaps contributes to making it easier to get a better fit.I never used...
I guess that was sort of my impression as well until I got the right ear tips and the right fit and applied a bit of treble boost (need to because I'm pretty old). Do you still have the 334, and if so are you positively sure you have the right tips and fit? Experimenting with tips and fit was extremely rewarding for me. I now appreciate the 334 at least as much as I appreciate my AKG K3003, which according to james444 is very similar in sound to the 1P2, which I believe...
And I prefer IEMs for their generally more intimate and detailed(?) sound. Of course, haven't heard anything but the Sennheiser HD 650 which I own but hardly ever use. When I bought the HD 650 I had the EarSonics SM3v1 and the EM6, but was blown away by the HD 650. However, once I got the AKG K3003 it was a completely new world. I simply love the AKG K3003 and believe I'll keep it forever.
Unless you intend to keep it for the rest of your life or at least for a very, very long time, I don't think it's impossible that is what a $1000 or so universal IEM will cost you in the end, i.e. about $200 to $400. C'mon, go for it, you know you want to, or you wouldn't be here!  
Feeling a bit confused here. Are you talking about the AK120 or the 334?
So you did it! Congratulations and welcome to the "Golden Ears" club!  
Compared to you I'm really young, 10 years younger to be precise!  Can't hear sinus tones above about 11 kHz but somehow managed to nail it nevertheless, but I oh yes, it was a tough challenge. Don't know how come, but even when I change the 16 kHz bar EQ in JRiver Media Center, I can still hear a faint difference. I wonder why. Anyone? Anyway, hang in there, you'll make it!
I'll second that, but should mention that I feel the same about the Etymotic ER-4S. However, there is some extra magic/energy in the 334 that I really don't want to be without now that I can have it.
Opened JDS Labs' C5D page and read: "super fine volume control to handle sensitive headphones and IEMs". Don't know anything about it though, but thought it a bit funny in contrast to what you write. Looks like a very interesting DAC/AMP combo.
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