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Oh, that's really sad and should be so easy to fix. My impression is that Chinese people like large things with super bright and preferably flashing colors. Maybe I'm being prejudiced. Anyway, no offense intended!
I missed that link completely! Thank you very much for this very useful information! This means I can have my flac collection readily available for my coming X3ii whenever I want for a fraction of the cost of a (legit) 128 GB microSD. Just brilliant!  
Thanks! Any chance for a reply to my other questions as well? I'd really appreciate it!
What type of USB port does the X3ii have? I don't seem to be able to find this info anywhere. It definitely looks like a micro-B port though, no?
What will you be doing in the meantime? Whistle? 
IMO the number of drivers doesn't say much at all, perhaps not even anything. There are several single DD phones that can definitely be described as TOTL. For example, the JVC FX-series, the Sennheiser IE800, etc. I really don't think we can say much about how these new multi driver phones will fare against the 2KJ until we've heard them. They could be better is some aspects, but they could definitely also be worse. Anyway, really great to see DUNU's go-ahead!
Don't think you need to answer that after I read through the other posts; no problem swapping, it's just inconvenient and could mean a lot of wear and tear. Hm... think I'll go for the OTG solution if for some reason I would want to play my FLAC files instead of my MP3s on my coming X3ii.
Thanks for sharing about OTG! I'd never even heard about it, and for my purposes and budget it's an absolutely beautiful solution! For example, would this OTG cable work? Any other recommendations when selecting an OTG cable? Thanks! Oh, also, can I just plug it in, or are there certain X3ii settings required to be made?Will it affect the UI, or will the X3ii see it as just another microSD card?Can I use the OTG and a microSD card simultaneously?What would be the maximum...
Not sure I'm following you! If I get another card, lets say with only my collection of jazz on it, then when I want my jazz I can simply swap. No? EDIT: Think I answered this question myself a couple of posts below, lol!
So, may I ask where you picked up this info, or is it classified?
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