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I don't even know what S/PDIF is, but... -dB• Digital S/PDIF output – acts as a digital converter – send decrypted audio to desktop DAC’s -R• Digital S/PDIF output I would guess -R isn't any different from -dB in this respect. If you want a -dB click below.
Actually heard on the radio it has been scientifically proven that our hearing improves when we're hungry. Been trying this a few times myself and I definitely enjoy music/sound a bit more when I'm a bit hungry (not too hungry though!) and I think it makes sense. Anorexia warning!!! 
I think it would look really cool without the screw stopper, no? And, yes, streaming is the future! Who needs lossless anyway? Sure, if you're eight years old, have perfect hearing, is located in a laboratory environment for sound, have perfect hearing (am I repeating myself?) and a bit of imagination (eight year olds have plenty)...   My hearing isn't perfect, I suffer from a slight hearing loss on my left ear, but at least I have Golden Ears . Is it possible to...
I'd like to know if anyone of you have compared the AKG K3003i to the DUNU DN-2000? I miss my AKG K3003i which I sold and it would seem to me that I just might get most - even if not all - of it back (sound wise) in the DN-2000 (used for about $ 250 or there about), or am I just dreaming? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!
Sure! A true audiophile can even tell the difference between a FLAC file and an Apple Lossless file standing next to a freight-liner passing by! Well, seriously, if you go for the closed version, the volume isn't too low, and the buss isn't too noisy you probably could. I might pick this up (the open version, that is) but I wouldn't be too surprised if it ends up as a classified on Head-Fi. Not because I think or expect it to be bad sounding, but because I get such great...
I’m not sure about the design. It looks too sophisticated; more like a premium car than a device for high fidelity sound. Definitely not designed for Head-Fi’ers but for people who what to look like they know something about sound. And no offense Jude, but you look like… I don’t know… like a Teletubby in it (I probably would too, so nothing personal). Anyway, if it sounds really good I’m all for it. I might even pick up pair (despite their looks). The LCDs on the other...
Well I certainly second that with emphasis on "lots of" and "when you fix the bass"! Very well written by the way!
Please click here!
Yes, may I suggest the JVC FX850 (or perhaps even the JVC FX1100)? I wouldn't call the FX850 "fun" in any derogatory sense of the word as it is a phone with true TOTL sound (I personally don't limit TOTL sound to neutral or even close to neutral) in its own way, especially with james444's FX850 mod.
Yes, and not just any, but plenty! The K3003i goes under the name "The King of Incoherence" and it's just awful. Get the entire story by reading this thread from the beginning.
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