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Wow, that's interesting! What on earth is a "resistance adaptor" and where can I get one? I know this thread is about the 1Plus2, but I thought this may be of general interest. If it is what I think and hope it is it may very well solve my problems when AMPing my TG334. Basically, the only device I can use with the TG334 is the iPod Touch Gen 4. Almost all other combinations are too loud. Specifically, I would like to listen to the TG334 through my Portaphile 627X + CLAS...
It’s certainly not a silly topic. No matter how well an IEM sounds, if the ergonomics are inadequate it’s pretty useless. I feel the K3003 is my most comfortable IEM. As a matter of fact it fits me so well I hardly notice it even if I wear it for many, many hours. I’m always puzzled (just don’t get it) when other Head-Fi:ers complain about fit, weight and sharp edges (with the stock tips? I just don’t get it!). Maybe we just belong to a lucky few, or maybe this is just...
  I'm afraid non of these names are familiar to me (I guess I'm not very broad ) Perhaps you can provide a few links? Preferably to tracks (samples) you find go particularly well with the K3003?
I agree with your summary completely. Very well put!
Just followed up Heinrich Schiff on Wikipedia and saw this: ”his recording of the Shostakovich concertos won the Grand Prix du Disque” Well, I’m not surprised! As far as I know, Mozart never composed a cello concerto. But if he had, I somehow feel Schiff would have become its most revered performer. Between 48 and 52 seconds into the first movement of Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto #1, I clearly hear Schiff being inspired by Mozart. It is very virtuoso and exact. I...
Stop torturing yourself. I have the perfect remedy for you. Buy the AKG K3003 and never worry about cables again. BTW, you'll be falling asleep with a big smile on your face every night!
Dang! Didn't know you could do that. Computers are really complex, aren't they?!
Nice video/song. For what its worth here is my favourite video/song for the same artist.
For what its worth here is my favourite video/song for the same artist.
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