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Very nice review, thank you! I have it on order and I'm looking forward to hear it. Interesting that you do not characterize it as being bass heavy as most other reviewers do. This gives me some hope the bass won't be too much for me but maybe just what I'm hoping for in this particular IEM. Also, I believe someone described the highs as being recessed. What that person meant was perhaps what you mean by "extension is somewhat lacking". Anyway and hopefully I'll be soon...
Great review! You never really mentioned what the the T-400 comply tips do for this IEM. Just better isolation or do they have some positive effect on the sound signature as well such as even more (or less) bass? It would be great if you could tell a little more about it!   Just ordered it BTW, couldn't help myself after having read your and some other reviews. I really want to know what a bass heavy hi-fi IEM (that doesn't cost a fortune) is all about. Thank you!
No, you don't! It just that some people love to hate hybrids, or that's my theory anyway...  Seriously, I love hybrids as a concept and right now in the form of the AKG K3003i (the "i" is for incoherent, ask tmoscy2000 if you don't trust me). I trust your impressions completely and I will eventually try to listen to this IEM. Thank you very much!
Don't know if we've read the same review, but this review states: "The nozzle is a perfect fit for the T-400 comply tips"
Spot on! LOL!
Super-tweeter. WOW! This must be the break through I've been looking for. Hearing stuff above 20 kHz through the skin of your face. I just got to have it, and just $49! It almost sounds too good to be true. Seriously, how can you keep a straight face taking about what must be a complete hoax from beginning to end, and it wasn't even published April 1?! Putting your hands in front of your face, especially while covering the ears with your thumbs as you do in the video, and...
Well, I just tried this and it worked very well, although mine weren't extremely dirty.
So, which UIEM did you eventually go for? As long as it wasn't the "King of incoherence" (the AKG K3003 - dreadful in every possible way imaginable) I would expect you to be quite happy about it? No!?
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