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(1) Wow, that really surprises me as I feel that the DN2KJ is a truly open, 3D, holographic, stereophonic (whatever you want to call it) champion. Never heard a more open phone (IEM or full size headphone, i.e. my one and only Sennheiser HD650). Actually, I think this is one of the DN2KJ features that really sets it apart from all other IEMs I've heard. It puzzles me... Could it be the effect of tips!? Well, guess I need to try some other tips! (2) Again, I'm absolutely...
I agree with you! Some recordings become too intense with the DN2KJ, but like you conclude I too feel it's in the recording and not in the monitors. My only - very minor - complaint is the mid range that I feel is slightly too recessed which makes it a bit too smooth for my taste (in this respect it's similar to its sibling the DN2K). Anyway, the overall SQ is so impressive that I don't mind giving the mids a bit of EQ boost. I've had the FX850 (too) and it was a fabulous...
So, mike200, what is it about the Titans that make you prefer them? It would be very interesting to read. Thanks! BTW, haven't heard the Titans myself!
Allow me to disagree! I've owned both the K3003 and the 334 and although I've sold both (had each for over a year) the DN2KJ is IMO definitely on par with the K3003 (High Boost Filters) and bests the 334. The treble and bass of the 334 is simply no match for the DN2KJ but I still think the tuning and timbre of the mids of the 334 is some of the best I've heard; plus more forward which I prefer (can be fixed with a bit of EQ though). Anyway, in my book the DN2KJ is...
That's a habit of mine too, and I've never had any problems with fixed cables. A protective case, some common sense and that's all there is to it. Oh, and I always move a bit slowly when I'm around cables, all sorts of cables!
I don't know what kind of work you do, but for me personally I would instead go for rugged phones designed for workout and similar activities. There's a lot to choose from that's quite inexpensive. Of course, sound quality won't be quite the same, but do you really hear and enjoy all the fine qualities of a phone like the 2000J when working out? I for one can't! (That's not to say the same goes for you, though!).
Does this setup - PC to X3ii DAC - mean you can use the amplifier/headphone out port of the X3ii? Thought the use of the X3ii DAC required a separate amplifier connected to the X3ii's line out port, or maybe that's just optional? Thanks!
(1) No, I wouldn't say that. IEMs - for example - can sound vastly different and so may well be worth the money. (2) That's exactly my point. What I didn't realize (I guess?) is that some people are in it for the cable itself then, and not for what it does, no? Anyway, I don't wish to debate cables! All I can say is that I personally don't believe in cables. To me it is just "snake oil". I would recommend any new Head-Fi:er to spend his or her money on headphones/IEMs...
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