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Yeah, I saw that, but I felt the X5ii was just too much (and too expensive) for my needs. Anyway, I've ordered the X3ii now, and if it doesn't work out I guess I'll have to reconsider the X5ii. Thanks!
Please elaborate on legit vs. super-legit! Just kidding LOL! , and thanks for your input which most likely saved me a lot of trouble! 
Well, that's very useful info! I think the album art is embedded in most of my files, and for those files where it isn't it's rather easily fixed. The important thing is that the X3ii can handle it. Coming from years of using iPods I guess I'm a little worried about the X3ii UI overall, but it seems to me most people are happy with it, and I'm flexible. As long as I can easily find artists, albums, song titles and see the album art I'll be more than happy. Never cared much...
Thanks, that's a relief to hear! I was on the verge of cancelling that too, but it had already dispatched. So, most likely I will get a reliable legit card. That's good to know. Again, thanks for letting me know! EDIT: This is my #800 post. Never thought it would happen. Guess, it's a hobby after all, lol!
Well, I'll give it a shot and will report back, eventually! Anyway, it won't ruin me, and I can always get something "bigger and better" if need be or it doesn't work out. Anyway, thanks! EDIT: One negative review mentioned trouble surfacing after a few month of use! Hm... Still, I'll give it a shot!
That sounds reassuring. thanks! Yes, my id tags should be pretty much in order. I just hate it when they aren't right and edit them (I use the dBpoweramp Edit tag program). But what about album art, It actually means a lot to me? Thanks!
Yeah, well, thanks! Gosh, those legit 128 GB fast MicroSD cards are really expensive, like approx. 50 % of the price of a FiiO x3 2nd gen. No wonder it affects the price of the player, lol! So, change of plans! I'll go for this card instead (OK?) and will be using my compressed iTunes files instead. I only have about 25 GB of those, but it covers my current collection of the music I love and like. I can play my flac files using my computer OBEJCTIV DAC/O2 AMP. Question...
Thanks for your replies concerning the "fake" 128 GB MicroSD card. Actually placed an order before I asked in the forum (as knew it could be cancelled) and I've now cancelled it, lol! Guess I need to do my shopping from some reliable source.
Just realized I will need a MicroSD card for my FiiO X3 2nd gen. Do I dare to buy this? The price just seems too good to be true so I guess it's not, huh? Thanks!
My last worry before pulling the trigger on the FiiO X3 2nd gen is if its balance feature (Max bias 5dB L/R) is likely to be sufficient for my needs. I use the parametric equalizer "-4.5 dB (right)" in JRiver Media Center 18 to compensate for my left ear hearing loss. I wonder if  -4.5 dB in the FiiO X3 2nd gen would have the same effect as in JRiver Media Center 18!? Thanks!
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