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Wow, consider yourself lucky! (No, you're not boring but the test sure is!)
Wasn’t too impressed with this test which true purpose is only to figure out what we’re going to buy next. Really annoying that classical music wasn’t an option. Also, whether you’re an addict, guru, buff, or what not, the detailed explanation is the same for all and only designed to flatter you. I recommend you boycott this survey, unless you want to stay friends with Jude . It will only steal your precious time and give you nothing in return, and life is short, very...
I feel a bit unsure about how to interpret "attack speed" (first time I read it, I think...). Is there some other way you can express it to make the meaning more clear to me? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
Well, you can say that again, and really an inspiration for those who're struggling! Well put! I know exactly what it feels like to miss 4 in a row, especially when there's just one remaining. Frustrating just doesn't cover it... Anyway, congrats, and welcome to the club!  
For those interested I should mention I've read the entire "Earsonics SM64: The Impressions Thread" and have made a summary of my lasting impressions of the thread here.
And, here is a video of how it is actually done!  
Thank you very much for your kind words , and happy to hear we can agree on that the SM64 isn't hard to drive.
Lasting Impressions from This Thread   If I were an IEM noob having read all posts in this thread, I believe I would be rather hesitant to buy the SM64. If I were a noob I believe my lasting impressions of this thread would be …   that the SM64 is flawed by a serious suck out at 5 kHz, that some filters (“what’s that and where do they sit!?”) need to be removed using some tool that I don’t have or know how to use, that I must spend extra money and time on third...
average_joe, I've only read under "Sound" and "Summary" but excellent write-up, thanks! As usual I'm late to the party and it would seem the SM64 isn't getting much love or attention these days which seems a bit unfair to me. I've only had the SM64 for a couple of weeks, but I find it very musical and engaging, more so than perhaps my other IEMs. It seems to be able to recreate in me the same kind of emotional response that I often get with live music. Anyway, you write...
I'm afraid I can't answer your question. I suppose you've like me noted that it is listed among their products but not in their shop. Drop them a mail ( and let us know. Thanks!
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