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Have the ER4XR. Haven't heard the ER4SR. From memory, the ER4XR is even more transparent than the ER4PT. The way I hear it the XR treble is just perfect. Crystal clear but not detailed to a point to where it would become fatiguing. I've such a hard time imagining how the delicate bass elevation could mask the treble. I really just believe it's a matter of getting used to the overall signature. The way I hear it the treble - all of it - is there for sure.
Absolutely! Let's put the United Nations on the case! 
Hope this qualifies!
Jerry Williams & Dynamite Brass - Keep On, 1969
John Tejada - Sweat (On The Walls) [Original Mix]
That picture reminds me of medical equipment. 
For me personally I'd say it's a "step in the the right direction" period. I want no more and no less.
Any price is a good price as they're priceless! 
Alright, that's what I suspected, thank you! As a matter of fact, the more I listen to the ER4XR the more evident your statement seems to become. I'm so pleased I gave the ER4 concept another chance! So, Floyd Toole, thanks!
That is indeed exactly what I'm saying, and your conclusion is spot on! Oh yes, indeed! I think your conclusions are more than valid and make a lot of sense!
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