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Great! Sometimes it's good to be on the European side of the Atlantic ocean! 
I could enjoy that stuff through a $10 mono transistor radio  Thanks!
I assume you might be referring to my impressions? Any impressions that I share are based on listening through my "Objective DAC"/"O2 AMP" which are considered neutral. Anyway, I don't pay too much attention to sources these days (as long as they hold a reasonably level of quality) as the differences they make don't really affect the basic characteristics of IEMs which is what I focus on. In my experience sources make minor differences, but don't really affect the basic...
[[SPOILER]] Anyway, this is the wrong thread for this discussion so let me just finally say that if you're looking for a bass heavy IEM none of the DUNU DN-xxxx IEMs will satisfy you.
I wouldn't say that. For bass heads there are better and less expensive options (if that's what you're looking for) like the HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2.
FWIW, you'll find my opinion here, under "Third Party Ear Tips". As far as I remember the Earsonics biflanges aren't that expensive and can be ordered from their site (and/or possibly Yes, 2 EUR per pair (s or m)
Not at all tomscy2000! Your writings are extremely interesting, and I really can't thank you enough! Your only problem is that you're bit too sensitive (probably the soul of an artist) and consequently read more into things than are actually meant. (I know you've promised never to talk to me, but I never did, so I take myself the liberty! ) Please, keep on feeding us your knowledge and opinions through your excellent posts!
Not really, to be honest! Every word you've written about the DN2K so far has been in perfect alignment with my own perception of it, so your opinion will be hyper interesting to me. Can't wait really, and from what I've picked up so far it sounds promising.  
My perception of the DN-2K exactly! I do hope tomscy2K or someone else soon will be able to share their experience about this. It would be extremely interesting. Thanks!
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