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Thanks for the help, much appreciated and luckily the seller is going to sort it out for me, so I'm good!  
[[SPOILER]] Wow, thank you very much!!! Pretty much confirms mine aren't new but used and a bit abused. Really sad! Anyway, I just love their sound and I just can't imagine there's anything wrong with it.
I’m becoming more and more impressed by the DN-2000. One thing (among many) to tell me how superb this phone is, is how very unforgiving it is with recordings with too much dynamic range compression. For example Sade’s non-compressed albums from the eighties sound absolutely marvellous through DN-2000; better than I ever heard them before. The synergy is phenomenal! Audio bliss! In stark contrast is Sade’s album “Soldier of Love” from 2010. It really suffers from the...
I'd like to ask a favor from those of you who bought your DN-2000 new. Please take a look at these pictures, then take a close look at your own DN-2000 and let me know if yours looked the same. Thanks!  
Wow, you do know how to describe sound; brilliant! The best Wooduo 2 "review" I've read so far as it describes exactly how I hear it. I've sold most of my TOTL phones but actually kept the Wooduo 2 as it is the only phone that I feel can do some serious justice to my most sub bass demanding favorite tracks, like Mike Oldfield's "Tubular World" (to mention one). However, it is not my daily phone (although I guess it could be) but for those special occasions where it is needed.
Yes, very, very worried... that you won't be able to take'em out of your ears, that is! So, just relax and enjoy, cause you will! EDIT: Post no 600! Woohoo!!! 
Haven't (yet) got the DUOZA, but if you know you're a basshead my guess is you'll probably be more happy with your JVCs, and if you want something new with a lot of bass but still with great overall fidelity try HiSoundAudio's "Wooduo 2". Read my review here.
X2 - It will probably be a very different but in the long run rewarding experience!
Well, I’ve been listening critically to IEMs for some years now and I’ve had a few TOTL phones ("FitEar ToGo! 334", "AKG K3003i", "EarSonics EM6", "Etymotic Research ER-4") and I feel my hearing abilities have developed quite a bit during these years, and I am naturally (as most of us are) more sensitive to and more critical to what I hear in the mid-range than to what I hear in the bass and treble.  [[SPOILER]] The DN-2000’s mid-range didn’t sound perfectly right to me...
Interesting to hear, thanks! I'll PM you soon. As you may guess every bit of free time is now spent with my DN-2000! 
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