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Have you tried with the "bass boost" filters? Can't remember the effect on the treble but it might at least be worth a try. BTW, I just love the treble of the DUNU DN-2000 (yes, I know this is the K3003 thread!); resolving, transparent, easy to discern and never harsh.
I never noticed they were leaking, doesn't mean they don't because I have no one around me (silent enough - kids never are) to let me know. Anyway, be careful with them ears of yours! Remember, you've only got one pair. I abused my hearing when I was young and now suffer from both tinnitus (Morse codes, humming refrigerator, sighings, sinus tones in various frequencies, etc.) and some hearing loss on my left ear. Not worth it, trust me!!! EDIT: Just saw the other posts...
Hm... wouldn't the slight bump around 1 kHz of the SM64 have more impact on female vocals than the "mild bump" in the harmonics (around 5 kHz?) of the B3ProI? I'm not implying anything; it's an open question, but considering that the highest fundamental frequencies ever sung by a soprano never exceeds approx. 1 kHz wouldn't that have more impact than those subtle harmonics up in the stratosphere? I may be completely wrong about this, but the question intrigues me.
It doesn't sound at all! That is, unless you listen sinus waves instead of music? It affects sound of course, but in a way that it was meant to. Good luck with your purchase!
Has anyone here done any direct comparisons between the K3003 and the DUNU DN-2000 hybrid? From memory, having owned the K3003 for quite a while, the K3003 would generally be the more competent phone except maybe for resolution. Personally I think I would also prefer the treble of the DN-2000. A few posts ago james444 (thank you!) quoted tomscy2000 who partly compared the new DN-2000J with the K3003 and pointed to some similarities. Especially for those of you considering...
Well, I'd feel sorry for him anyway! After all, who wants to have a heart attack? 
Dopaminer is right; I'm mostly thinking about the K3003, especially since tomscy2000 partly has compared the 2000J with the K3003. Other phones in the $1000 class that come to mind (not because they share similarity with the 2000J, but because they're all approx. $1000) are the Shure SE846, FitEar ToGo 334, Sennheiser IE800, etc. I believe Westone has a $1000 phone as well? I'm sure there's a complete list somewhere!?
Getting a good fit with UIEMs actually takes a bit of practice and technique, and noticing that you're somewhat new on Head-Fi I got the feeling that this could possibly be the problem. Of course, that's only an assumption on my part and you could very well be a "tip ninja". Anyway, with the right technique I can pretty much fit any kind of tips (medium to large) these days (but not too small). It's not just a matter of depth but also a matter of angle. What's most...
I'm a software developer too! (who aren't these days?)  Anyway, don't worry, ultimately the client is to blame as they're never prepared to pay for out full potential, right? 
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