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Yeah, we all wondered where you were! 
The really funny thing is that CIEMs are described by many as superior to UIEMs. However, when asked in what ways CIEMs are superior no one seems to able answer it in any ways that I find convincing. I definitely don't wish to start a CIEM vs UIEM debate, but statements of the kind "CIEMs are superior" are just plain silly. My personal experience of CIEMs is that they are inferior to UIEMs. In this post I counter some of Jude’s many positive arguments about custom in-ear...
In the light of soon five years in this hobby and having owned and regularly listened to several TOTL IEMs I find it more than unlikely that the 2000J will ever be described in overall negative terms by any review. The J isn't perfect, but in my opinion it as as close to perfect as I've been so far. Unlike many other IEMs I've had I've noticed it makes me smile every time a listen to it and that's what triggered me to get my own copy.
No I do not, as I mentioned that portability, certain sound features (isolation implied) and innovative technique (combination of electrostat + isolation implied) probably make up for the price. You missed the whole point of my post.
Is something wrong with your Layla or is it no good? Why do you need another IEM?
They forgot to put in the word 'and' between 'electrostatic' and 'sound isolating' in the name of the video.
I'm skeptical too and I believe Jude indicates that it doesn't hold its ground against TOTL full size headphones in the video. Anyway, it's portable, has (probably) some great sound features, and it's elecrostat which will make those in it for the technique excited.
Yeah, isolation is superior! At least 37 dB I'd guess! What else, hm...Anyway, doesn't matter as CIEMs are FAR, FAR superior.
Well, doesn't Jude describe it in the video, and I'm sure a Google search will give you plenty of additional information. Anyway, the reason it's "better" than your 12 driver CIEM is that it's a universal IEM!  
You seem very fortunate and/or skilled! Congratulations!
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