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The funny thing in that case is that the EQ must then be applied to the encrypted (compressed) audio stream since according to Cyper Labs "Advanced software and the integrated processor control the decryption of the digital audio stream from the Apple device". I don't see why this should be so difficult to explain unless Cyper Labs has something to hide.
x2, as simple as that.
With all respect, that’s a different matter. My concern is that the CLAS is marketed as ”taking the sound out digitally”. On Cypher Labs’ site we can read:"Advanced software and the integrated processor control the decryption of the digital audio stream from the Apple device, then pass it to the on-board digital to analog converter for output to the analog output."This gives me and obviously others the impression that the CLAS effectively turns the iPod into a storage...
Exactly, and that's why I feel Cypher Labs needs to explanation what the CLAS exactly does and does not.
Exactly my point! That's why I've asked David Maudlin to explain this to us in detail. I did receive a somewhat casual reply from David and so asked him to be more specific. However, so far he hasn't replied. If I haven't heard from him by tomorrow I'll relay his only reply to me. One thing is for sure, it is not taking out the pure digital stream directly from the storage device on the iPod. It goes through the iPod's operating system first.
Great!  Some IEMs begin to sound a bit funny when EQ:ed, but not the EPH-100. Haven't tried to EQ the bass and mids as I've had no need for it, but EQ:ing the treble really opens it up. I'm absolutely thrilled about it.  
That sure is funny considering what David Maudlin, CEO Cypher Labs has to say about it: "the EQ settings on the iPod/iPhone do affect the audio". Are you using an iPod or are you listening through your computer? If you do use an iPod can you please share with us the type and generation of the iPod? Thanks!
No, not specifically, although something about it was mentioned in his reply. I'll eventually publish our entire correspondence. Right now I'm waiting for his next reply. If I haven't received a reply by Tuesday I'll publish what I have. Please be patient!
On my iPods I simply select "Settings" -> "EQ" -> "Treble Booster". Most of the time though, I use my laptop, JRiver Media Center 18 and a 1 Ohm modified CEntransce DACPort DAC/AMP with the following EQ settings. I should mention that I can't hear above about 12 kHz, but for some reason I can definitely hear some difference changing even the 16 kHz bar. 
Adding a bit of EQ treble boost to my EPH-100 has completely changed my perception of it. I have several TOTL IEMs to choose from (AKG K3003, FitEar ToGo 333, Etymotic ER-4S, etc.) but I’ve noticed that after this change I keep sticking them into my ears more and more often. What a great sounding IEM this is! Punchy controlled bass, detailed, spacious, excellent instrument separation, sparkly treble without any harshness (with the added treble boost). Overall just a great...
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