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Thanks, and I agree! I've had a few TOTL phones, but as of now I must say the DN2000J is by far the one I appreciate the most. The things that really grab me are many but that detail retrieval, resolution, instrument separation, sound stage and dynamics are - with quite a margin - the best I've heard in any phone. I'm thrilled every time I get a chance to listen to it. I'm now officially a DUNU DN-2000J fan boy!  
So, after weeks of listening to my loaner DN2KJ (thank you very, very much james444!) and comparing it to my other phones I've finally made up my mind.   Yes, I'm getting my own copy! The funny thing is that the treble no longer bothers me one bit. On the contrary, it now seems to be near perfect. I don't know what happened, but I guess the BA drivers finally are burnt in. I just don't believe in brain burn in    The only thing that I'm not perfectly happy with is the...
I once tried a similar method using cotton to fill the silicone tips. It worked really well. If it's not too much bother perhaps you could try both methods to see if there's any difference!? Who knows, maybe cotton sounds better than Complys! 
Up for sale is my Fidue A83 Reference-Class Triple Hybrid Universal In-Ear Monitor in mint condition with all original accessories also in mint condition (all ziplock bags unopened!) as well as the outer cardboard box.   The condition is like Brand New in Box and it's near impossible to tell the package has ever been opened (please see the images). I've only tested these at home (smoke free and pet free) for less than about 50 hours. I've only had these for a couple of...
I would assume that by "earguides" you mean the memory wire near the monitors!? A good fit of "any tip of any size" suggests that your fit is shallow as any tip larger than your ear canal won't actually "fit", no? As with any shallow fit the projection of the sound into the ear canal - the angle of the nozzle - is in my experience crucial. Of course, in that case the cable could be a problem tugging the monitors away from the ideal angle.
Tried the Spiral Dots tonight and got a somewhat airier more out-of-head sound compared to Comply Ts. Not sure I preferred it though as I felt it subtracted from the "realistic rawness" of its tonality. Maybe my insertion depth was a bit too shallow. I think I have all sizes of the SDs so I'll try with small pair/deeper fit as long as I get proper isolation.   I must say; the tonality of A83 with acoustic instruments, especially strings is really quite fabulous! I'm not...
I used to buy Spiral Dots (and Spinfits) from Head-Fi:er Dopaminer. Good prices and fast delivery. I believe he has/had a large private(?) stock.
A few first Fidue A83 impressions   Authoritarian well controlled bass Present meaty mids Crystal clear higs Wonderful tonality Addictive sound Non-fatiguing Picky with tips (has tremendous impact on sound/signature, so better get it right!) A+++ Cable Worth its price
Thanks, and no problem! I haven't heard the Fidue A83 yet (hopefully this week though), but what I'm hoping for is more intensity/presence in the mids compared to the DN2KJ. The way I hear the DN2KJ with my OBJECTIVE DAC/AMP (which I believe are neutral) are mids that are too smooth and a tad too recessed for my taste and a treble that is too intense and somewhat sibilant, especially at what I consider to be normal volumes and of course louder volumes (I know, it's not...
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