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Welcome aboard!  I'm afraid I can't help you with your question, but I have a question for you. What is "spinfits"? I believe "spiraldots" are the stock FX850 ear tips, no? Thanks!
Thanks for the input! Very useful! As I said in a previous post I need more sub bass than the ER-4 gives so that's why I'm selling. Anyway if I ever miss my ER-4 too much (I will miss it) I'm sure it will be around for many more years to come. After all; when was it first released? 25 years ago? Incredible but very understandable as it is a truly stellar sounding phone, TOTL despite its more than modest price compared to other TOTL sounding phones.
Do you (or anyone else) know if the DN-2000j has been released anywhere yet? I've read somewhere (I think) that the DD has somehow been treated by titanium, no? Sounds somehow worrying as I don't and can't associate a DD with metal, but what do I know.  Any comparisons between the "j" and the "non-j" version out yet?
Just had a session A/Bing the stock 2K tips and the Titan tips and I must say I agree with you. For example, with intimately recorded voices (example) some of the presence and intensity is lost with the Titan tips. However I feel the 2K tips tend to add a tad of veil to the sound (most easily heard in the mids/voices). Other listeners may describe this veil as warmer and smoother though. Now, with instrumental music (example) and especially with symphonic but not...
Please do! I'm just selling my ER-4PT but should I miss it too much I will probably want to replace it with something very similar and I was thinking the Doppio (or Singolo) just might be the ticket. Especially as the Doppio is approx. half the price of the Etys. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I consider the Etys to be absolutely stellar in sound, especially the mids, but I really need more bass, especially sub bass which sometimes is more or less missing in the Etys....
Do you know of any comparisons with Etymotic Research's ER-4? (I can search for it myself of course but once in a while there is a "gem" post not that easy to find)
Thanks for sharing! Have you tried the DN-2000 with other AMPs and if so how do you think the C5 holds up against them? I'm interested in the C5 myself as I have JDS' OBJECTIVE 2 which is think is absolutely fabulous. Hm... Guess the DN-2000j will be hard to resist for most DN-2000 owners. 
Well, I was basically kidding as really do appreciate your observations and the way you so well describe them, thanks! I mostly listen to instrumental music and that could be the reason to why I haven't really noticed or thought of it the way you describe it. I will listen to some of my favorite vocals (Sade, Anastacia, and some Opera) and see if I agree with you or have some other or additional thoughts about it. It's going to very interesting so really thanks for your...
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