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I think I can safely conclude that you don't believe in BA burn in.  I really wonder why I perceive the treble so differently now compared to how I perceived it initially. I don't know how many hours I've put on it since I got it but it should be quite a bit. The most plausible explanation is of course brain burn in. On the other hand people in this thread have reported that they perceive the treble less sibilant/hot with the bass ring, and that's why I'm thinking burn in...
Jim Graff to the rescue! OUCH! 
If the DN-2000J has the kind of signature your looking for there's just no way it's going to disappoint you! What it does it does better - with a pretty wide margin - than any other phone I've heard.
Gosh, I had no idea (guess I should have )! No wonder we haven't seen much of you here! Sorry about that! Absolutely, don't misunderstand me! It's just that I find some Head-Fi:ers to be über credible and you're not one of them as you depend on your sponsors. It may or may not effect your statements and assessments at all, but it really doesn't matter as we'll never be able to tell for sure. It's just the way things are and a choice you've made, no problem, and as I'm...
When you see or hear about something that really excites you - like the Shure KSE1500 - it could lead to breathing too quickly and so causing too much oxygen to enter the blood which eventually may make you fall unconscious. English isn't my native language (Swedish is) and so I inaccurately thought the word "hype" was short for "hyperventilating". I've just learned that it's not but a word with its own meaning. Thanks! 
I think you have a very, very valid point there and one that is important to remember! All respect to Jude for running this amazing site. For example, without it I'm not sure I would be able to afford this hobby. I'm referring of course to the classifieds. And it's just the perfect place for all sorts of help you might need and questions you need answered, not to mention all the news first! That said I think we must remember that the more headphones sold the better for...
Jude, you started this thread and so far your name has been mentioned at least 25 times in various posts with questions and statements. You have written three posts in this thread so far (not counting this). If you could a bit more active in it I'm sure it would be appreciated by many. (Who knows, it might even help to keep the thread on topic) Just saying!
The "state" of Norway! Never heard of it? Well that's because it's on the east side of the Atlantic. It's the world's richest country per head and has fewer citizens than your average US large town. Norwegians are funny people. We have all sorts of funny stories about them in the country where I live, i.e. Sweden. 
Well that could be the truth, but is unfortunately more often than not the ramification of what's called the new toy syndrome! What you need to do is get to know the sender before you judge the credibility of such statements.
There’s something truly magical about an automatic wrist watch. In the hands of a skilled watchmaker about 150 inert metal and jewel parts are put together and magically springs to life. Once we strap it around our wrist its heart begins to tick, and as long as we give it our love by wearing it and keeping it near us, it loyally serves us by telling us the time.
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