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How about Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo -dB? Thread here!
* * * Got my Silver Ears * * *      
I think it is good advice. I can now pretty well identify 96 Kbps and to some extent, 112 Kbps, but it still feels more or less impossible at 128 Kbps. My hope is that it actually is mostly about training, but I am far from sure that it's enough. It is easy to become exhausted and when that happens, nothing works. Additionally my tinnitus increases when I get pissed.
Congratulations! Impressive!
If I remember the little mathematics about statistics I once learnt, the likelihood is about 1 chance in 25 I’ll be able to guess it provided I’m able to nail 96 Kbps without guessing. Provided I don’t need to guess at 112 Kbps the odds increases to about 1 chance in 10. No, I don’t think this method will work for me. Thanks for the suggestion nevertheless!Guessing four: (1/3) * (1/3) * (1/3) * (1/3) = 1.2 % (1 chance in 100)Guessing three: (1/3) * (1/3) * (1/3) = 3.7 % (1...
Hilarious! Wish you luck and hope that you get your "Golden Ears"!
Are you referring to the "MP3 Artefacts" or the "Reverberation" challenge?
Interesting! Please keep us posted!
I'm not sure about that at all! Just be careful with your loudness levels and make sure to use hearing protection when needed and then I think you'll be just fine. Take care of your hearing; unlike me you still and hopefully have many, many years left to enjoy it.
I was feeling so frustrated about the "Details - MP3 Artefacts" challenge on the "Silver Ears" level that wrote the below e-mail to the e-mail address found on the “Golden Ears” site, However, I haven't received any reply, and I sort of doubt that I ever will. Anyway if I do receive a reply I'll publish it here.   “Dear PHILIPS - Golden Ears,   First of all thank you for the very entertaining ”Golden Ears Challenge”! I can see that a rather large percentage of people...
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