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Brilliant! Congratulations and welcome to the club!  
I think your question is both very interesting and relevant. What the CLAS and other similar products bring to the table in the form of overall increased SQ can certainly be debated, but unfortunately seldom is. After all, who wants to confess not being able to hear differences in a place like this? For me personally I would be very, very surprised - and would become quite happy too I may add – if I were able to pass a blind test between the CLAS and a simple LOD. For...
[[SPOILER]] To me it seems funny that the “volume it is dismantled in code only”, because when I connect any of my amps using a simple LOD to any of my iDevices the volume bar is visible but disabled. The LOD can’t very well contain any code and I would be surprised to learn that all portable amps contain code for this. Well, maybe they do? Feel free to elaborate if you wish (i.e., I don’t demand that you or anyone else do).  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, and thanks for the link. The tip to the left looks quite like a lot of tips that I've tried that just didn't do it for me.
In my case, thank god! 
^ Yes nakedtoes, I did try the MeElectonic dual flange tips and for me they were even worse than the stock tips, as was most of the other 10 or so MeElectonic tips I tried. Again, let me be absolutely clear about it. The HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 large olive shaped ear tips has meant an absolute revolution in my relation to the 334. Thank you nevertheless!
I've ordered directly from Ortofon (to make sure I get the original ear tips) in Denmark which borders to Sweden where I live. Still approx. 10 EUR (~14 USD) for the ear tips and another 10 EUR for UPS shipping within EU  They're delivered in three sizes, small, medium, and large. I'll make sure to try them all. Thanks! If they don't work as well as my Wooduo 2 tips, I'm actually prepared to buy another set of the Wooduo 2 just to get the tips, but I still hope someone...
I will, thanks! It will be very interesting to see if they can match my Wooduo 2 olive shaped tips. If so, I won't mind their price, at all!
Of the 350 or so posts I’ve written since I became a Head-Fi member, this post is probably going to be my most important, even if it’s only helpful to one other owner of the FitEar ToGo 334. I got my 334 about 10 months ago, and pretty much after a month or so felt I wasn’t too happy with it, and so began contemplating to sell it. In many ways it sounded quite excellent but too dark, a bit congested at loud volumes, and sometimes somewhat anaemic, and more often than not...
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