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Did you subject your friends to a blind test?
Cables and balanced mode to me just seem like hocus pocus. Tried to get something going here, but it attracted zero attention.   To give you an example; I can just barely hear the difference between a 128 kbps MP3 and lossless and I'am unable to tell the difference between 160 kbps and lossless , so, no, I don't think cables would do anything for me.
I don't believe in cables, but this I want to see, so +1.
Don't do it man, you'll be sorry for the rest of your life... How can you sell you baby???!!! Haven't heard the SE846 but I just bet it won't sound anything like the SM3 . The SM3 is pure magic and always will be. Had a long good session with it tonight and it blows my mind. I love it and always will. Tonight all my other gear feel like mistresses, younger and sexier but the SM3 is the real deal.
You did very well, thanks!  So, the O2 may not be ideal for, say the 300 Ohm Sennheiser HD 650, but pretty perfect for any low impedance IEM. Well, I just love the sound of the O2. my mini review here.
Please bear with me, but what does that mean? I'm not a technical person so please try to explain the way you would to a six year old. Thanks!
In that case, may I suggest the OBJECTIVE 2 (+ portable in case of emergency) and the ODAC then? Just magnificent!
Thanks for the correction!  You're wrong about that, I'm your fan as well! 
I'd recommend the Etymotic Research ER-4PT. Extemely neutral, transparent, resolving and open sounding. As close to perfect sound as I've ever come. Very coherent sounding. For example, when I listen to Liam Neeson's voice here it sounds like the real deal. I.e, all voice frequencies sound like they're coming from the same voice/source (not even my 334 or K3003i can pull that off perfectly). I once spontaneously described the ER-4PT as "perfect sound in miniature". Don't...
If you are sensitive to hiss at all, be very contentious about what source you choose as the 334 hisses like a madman with lots of sources. The only hiss free sources I have so far are the "COWON J3", the "iPod Touch 4th generation", and my “ODAC + OBJECTIVE 2” setup (which BTW is absolutely magnificent). I wouldn't be surprised if all of your candidates would hiss quite a bit (“Cypher Labs Theorem 720”, “ALO the International”+ and the “Centrance Hifi-m8”), and you really...
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