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I use the extension rings (red) to extend the distance between the drivers and my ear drums, i.e. I don't use them to get a deeper fit. They don't make a huge difference and I haven't analyzed why exactly I prefer them. I only know I prefer the sound I get from the red extension rings. It's probably very individual, but I definitely feel they add to the usefulness of the DN2KJ. At least, I feel it's a good idea to explore the effect before dismissing them.
Unfortunately, it's too lose and consequently not good enough so I've fitted my own...
I've experimented with JRiver's crossfeed a bit but in the end found it tiring to my hearing, perhaps because of the bass loss. I'll try it again with bass rings. Thanks!
They aren't! They're better! 
Thanks for the review! I agree to a very large extent! (I don't mean to be rude but your spelling of the word "unbelievable" in the review (twice) is incorrect)
Just want to mention that if you live outside of the U.S.A. this is probably one of the best shopping options.
Where are you located? Why not come to Sweden? Everyone is welcome here! No questions asked! You don't even have to identify yourself. Just tell the authorities you're an asylum-seeker from Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria or Eritrea and you'll be guaranteed life long support for you and your family! Your best option is to claim you're a child, i.e. below 18 years of age.The immigration authorities have strict instructions from the government to consider anyone who looks...
OK, thanks! I might want to pick it up and have a go with it. I must say though that I'm extremely happy with the white stock tips, the red extension rings (not for a deeper fit, but to extend the distance between my ear drums and the drivers) and james444's blu-tack mod which I've come to consider more or less indispensable with the white stock tips.
I say; if you truly know you want it, it's within reasonable reach, then go for it! That goes for pretty much anything in life. Sooner then you might expect the opportunity is lost and often for the most unlikely reason you can imagine. Life is short. Don't wait for it to be over with! 
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