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Did I mention that I prefer the K3003 "High boost" filters? If you haven't tried them don't forget to!
Oh, I'm having a cup of coffee now. Can't decide if I should wait for the DN-2000J or just get the K3003 again and be done with it.
Been listening to the DUNU DN-2000 lately. It's not the K3003, very different sig. but pretty marvelous nevertheless.
Remember when I had the K3003i... Think I got to have it again... 
Only about 1500 posts to go... Wish I was there already...
No it's not, the Carbo Tenore is absolutely fabulous. (Oh, can't wait for that title...)
I just realized I wasn't very clear at all so I've edited my post. I have no problem whatsoever with your preferences but not mentioning that you're referring to the harmonics and not the fundamentals of the human voice frequencies sure gave me the impression you had a skewed perception of the frequencies of the human voice. I was merely trying to be what you officially are; a contributor to you and others, and that's why I'm "going on about this". So... If you have a...
Me too, just amazing!
Yes, probably one of the most underrated phones on the market, and the map app is just outstanding TOTL, really.
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