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Couldn't agree with you more! EDIT: Didn't mean to imply that the mod is tip independent. It's just how my words (a bit carelessly) fell.
That's correct, and I do feel I can live without it. However, going a bit back and forth I now feel pretty confident I prefer it with the mod. The thing is that I feel the mod is a bit tip dependent. With the T-500 (Comply Foam) tips I prefer to go "mod-less". However, with the white stock tips the mod is more beneficial, and I think I now prefer the white stock tips. I can't say I've made up my mind completely about the mod (and choice of tips), but it's definitely an...
I certainly know the feeling Hifihedgehog!  A word of warning though; remember that the DUNU engineers do recommend these monitors to burn in. In my experience they're right. Whether it's a matter of driver or brain burn in I don't know and it doesn't really matter. FWIW my current DN2KJ configuration consists of the red extension rings, the white stock tips (large), and james444's blu-tack mod.
It's finally happening!  Let us know what you think! 
Pure poetry! 
I can certainly second that!
Absolutely! You are very perceptive, lol!
Come to think of it. I really don't need this phone as I'm in it for the music, and for that my $35 Carbo Tenores + my $195 FiiO X3 2nd gen satisfies my musical needs to 75 %. To reach 100 % (or near it) I now and then spend another $30 or so on a live concert in a church or concert hall. I guarantee that beats the sound quality of this $55,000 phone. Just realized I can go to approx. 1,800 concerts with perfect sound by definition instead of buying this phone. I think...
Yeah, better go with Beats!
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