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Living on the edge of distortion   I’ve had a few TOTL phones, and I can appreciate why they’re called TOTL. Nevertheless, I feel the FX850 is easily the most exciting phone I’ve owned and heard. The energy it projects is unsurpassed by any of my other phones. When listening to the FX850 I can easily envision the size and weight of instruments. I.e. instruments feel very live. The other distinguishing aspect of its signature that I really appreciate is its resolving...
Thank you very much! I'll try it tonight and will be reporting back. If any other FX850 owners can do the same I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
If you can provide an example track (or two) of this I'd really appreciate it! A bonus would be some links, but certainly not a requirement! Thanks!
Thank you very much for your input! Did you listen to the first track (Peace on Earth)? If at all possible, I'd really appreciate if you could take a listen to it! Well, good to know! Yes, the short keyboard part! Funny they kept that, but maybe they liked "the rawness" of it... (I didn't!) Again, thanks!
Owners of the FX850 (or ER-4S) Please help me out!   JVC HA-FX850: Has my hearing deteriorated or improved?
First some background. Suffering from a hearing impairment on my left ear and tinnitus I don’t always feel completely confident about my own hearing. To hear as well with my left ear as I do with my right ear, the left ear needs about 28% more sound pressure level, and my left ear tinnitus sometimes interfere with frequencies in the mid-range, sounding like a car horn (kazoo) when listening to a sine wave, especially at low volumes. So, what am I doing on Head-Fi among...
Both options look a bit like luxurious packagings for bottles of liquor. I guess it is the handle. I think you should get rid of it. Definitely "Alto", everything else is named Forza these days.
I've had my various EarSonics IEMs for years and haven't had any problems with build quality. Of course, I take well care of them and always store them in the enclosed EarSonics case. IME I would call EarSonics' build quality sufficiently good, certainly not "infamous". I really don't think that is a correct description and consequently not very helpful to the Head-Fi community.
Wow, that's just an amazing B/W picture! Thanks!
Hm... I still think it is mostly a matter of training. Anyway, as I understand it you got your Golden Ears, so congratulations!
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