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My post was meant to backup Up Late's post that AKG's marketing is misleading (which it indeed is), not to argue it's made of aluminium.
You'll probably find this post by james444 interesting reading.
Just had a look at eu.akg.com (EU = European Union = Complete failure) and this is what I found:
A month or so I had a look at one of AKGs sites and felt positively convinced there was a new version in aluminium. So, amen to that! 
I'm certainly no expert, but in my experience there are so many factors in play that we sometimes make mistakes about the actual source of changes in sound. For example, the sound stage can change with tips and how they're are fitted from time to other. I'm not saying that's the case in your case. I'm simply trying to make a point. What seems to be somewhat critical though is the output impedance as if it mismatches may cause changes in frequency response. The rule of...
O.M.G., I just have to have this phone!  Thanks! 
That's exactly what I was waiting and hoping for. I'll most definitely be getting a pair after these impressions! Thank you very much H20Fidelity (I believe I've mentioned it before but I seem to hear things the way you do) When you write that "the resolution sounds higher and its slightly brighter" I take it you mean that the J is more resolving, no? Of the TOTL phones I've had, or that I consider TOTL phones anyway (TG334, K3003, ER-4PT, FX850, DN2000, and actually the...
A DUNU DN-2000J/AKG K3003 comparison would be highly interesting!
To many it would still be the "best". I had the K3003 for quite a while and although I haven't had the opportunity to A/B it with my present hybrid, the DUNU DN-2000 I'm pretty sure the K3003 would be the overall "better" phone. However, DUNU is just about to release the "J"-version, that is the DUNU DN-2000J and from initial impressions gathered it could possibly pose serious competition. Especially at less than half the price.
 Good to know the little bird is still alive and thanks for sharing!
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