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And neither do I (I'm much too old for that)!The fact that I referred to you was basically just by chance. I guess I could just as well have picked twister6's reply (or someone else's). Anyway, thank you for informing the "new and un-experienced" in clear language! Well put!
I'm simply trying to be a helpful Head-Fi:er to those who might be led to believe they need to spend hundreds of dollars on balanced output to achieve the best possible sound. So no, I'm not offensive! Mentioning the lack of balanced output could possibly be perceived as a product disadvantage between the lines. I guess especially when it is written by someone with the prestigious title of "contributor".
Why do you need balanced output? Do you expect interference from powerful radio signals and/or strong electrical currents running in parallel with the audio cables of your set up? As long as there's no interference, balanced output is about as useful as a pair of sun-glasses in the night. I.e. a complete waste of money if you ask me. Well, I guess I could be misinformed. If so, please enlighten me. Thanks!
Are there any two words in the universe other than "studio reference" that would get a Hear-Fi:er more excited? Personally I get more excited by "extended response", but I guess that's just me...
Certain treble frequencies are elevated. No doubt about it, and it's very clear when compared to a neutral IEM as for example Etymotics' ER4-SR/XR. This is IMO what makes the 2KJ über resolving and über detailed. The only thing I've heard coming close is the AKG K3003 with "High Boost" filters. My theory to why opinions differs so much about the 2KJ's treble is mostly about listening volume. To loud with the wrong mastering and it can certainly become piercing, but give it...
Welcome FastAndClean! 
All for the Art! Good work mdiogofs!!!  If I didn't know any better I would have thought you were speaking about the DN-2000J treble (low volume). Well, wow, if these already (more than) excellent sound characteristics of the ER4XR can be improved upon with a reasonably maintained bass and mid-range response I'd be quite, or rather very excited about it. It would perhaps be another step away from neutral, but what is scientifically neutral and what we subjectively...
Looking forward to your impressions!
Couldn't agree with you more! 
Thanks! I tried to read it but unfortunately Google translate is really hard on the eyes, especially as English isn't my native language... Guess I'll have to try to "chew it in small pieces". Anyway, it seems like a really impressive/interesting review!!!
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