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John Tejada - Sweat (On The Walls) [Original Mix]
That picture reminds me of medical equipment. 
For me personally I'd say it's a "step in the the right direction" period. I want no more and no less.
Any price is a good price as they're priceless! 
Alright, that's what I suspected, thank you! As a matter of fact, the more I listen to the ER4XR the more evident your statement seems to become. I'm so pleased I gave the ER4 concept another chance! So, Floyd Toole, thanks!
That is indeed exactly what I'm saying, and your conclusion is spot on! Oh yes, indeed! I think your conclusions are more than valid and make a lot of sense!
Can you please elaborate on "more details"? The reason I'm asking is that I can much more easily pick up details in the treble on my DN2000J (which isn't neutral) than I can on my ER4XR. I guess this must be because some of the DN2000J treble key points are indeed boosted, and it may well be on the expense of some details in the mid-range, but not to an obvious extent (not to me anyway). To be able to hear the same treble details with the ER4XR I need to raise the volume...
The ER4XR bass quantity is definitely and a lot less compared to the DN-2000J. With the right recording the DN-2000J bass is pretty awesome (although not eardrum neutral). As you may remember, the DN2000J bass (unlike the ER4 bass) didn't cause any kind of controversy in the DN2000J thread. To the contrary, everyone seemed to agree it was some of the best bass they had ever gotten from an IEM. On the right day with the right track I just love it However, today isn't one of...
Indeed, with the "right" SPL the bass that I get from my ER4XR is amazing. As a matter of fact, after directly comparing it with the bass of my other favorite IEM, the DUNU-DN2000J, I definitely prefer it (at least today and at least with the tracks that I've been listening to today). The "bass problem" has little to do with the ER4s themselves. It's a general problem with IEMs. They just can't deliver the kind of energy good speakers can (except for to the eardrums)....
Oh it's good, trust me! Unfortunately it won't last for very long, lol!
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