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No need to worry! Having been into this hobby for a few years now I can guarantee we'll be among the first to hear when it's out.
Then you may want to consider another hobby. Bird-watching? They "sing" you know!  Seriously, there are always the classifieds if something should go wrong. Sure, most of the time you lose some, but if you take well care of your gear I'd say expect to get back at least 50 % (more on headphones).
I think so! Comparing some pictures, the 2000J seems to have more details than the Titan 1. For example, the DN2000J has the DUNU logo printed on its back.
Call the news!
You don't have to. Trust me, the 5 kHz dip is there, and you don't need a graph to hear it. All you need is a sinus wave generator and a pair of ears. Wrote a post about it - and a few other things about the SM64 - here.
The DN-2000 is an amazing piece of sound gear! Why would you want to sell it? 
Have you tried with the "bass boost" filters? Can't remember the effect on the treble but it might at least be worth a try. BTW, I just love the treble of the DUNU DN-2000 (yes, I know this is the K3003 thread!); resolving, transparent, easy to discern and never harsh.
I never noticed they were leaking, doesn't mean they don't because I have no one around me (silent enough - kids never are) to let me know. Anyway, be careful with them ears of yours! Remember, you've only got one pair. I abused my hearing when I was young and now suffer from both tinnitus (Morse codes, humming refrigerator, sighings, sinus tones in various frequencies, etc.) and some hearing loss on my left ear. Not worth it, trust me!!! EDIT: Just saw the other posts...
Hm... wouldn't the slight bump around 1 kHz of the SM64 have more impact on female vocals than the "mild bump" in the harmonics (around 5 kHz?) of the B3ProI? I'm not implying anything; it's an open question, but considering that the highest fundamental frequencies ever sung by a soprano never exceeds approx. 1 kHz wouldn't that have more impact than those subtle harmonics up in the stratosphere? I may be completely wrong about this, but the question intrigues me.
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