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Looking forward to your impressions!
Couldn't agree with you more! 
Thanks! I tried to read it but unfortunately Google translate is really hard on the eyes, especially as English isn't my native language... Guess I'll have to try to "chew it in small pieces". Anyway, it seems like a really impressive/interesting review!!!
That looks really great! That and a tactile indicator on one of the cable connectors and I think we'd be done!
C'mon, a true audiophile can easily detect fractions of dB difference even at 20 kHz (or more) even when standing next to a passing freight train. A true audiophile can also tell the difference between various uncompressed file formats (FLAC, APPLE lossless, and so on). The brain of an audiophile is simply a scientific precision instrument that should never be underestimated.  
Interesting, and I had no idea the SR treble would be any different from the XR treble. Anyway I'm perfectly happy with the XR treble. So far I haven't found any track where I find it too hot (unlike my DN2000J) , but rather just crystal clear.
Have the ER4XR. Haven't heard the ER4SR. From memory, the ER4XR is even more transparent than the ER4PT. The way I hear it the XR treble is just perfect. Crystal clear but not detailed to a point to where it would become fatiguing. I've such a hard time imagining how the delicate bass elevation could mask the treble. I really just believe it's a matter of getting used to the overall signature. The way I hear it the treble - all of it - is there for sure.
Absolutely! Let's put the United Nations on the case! 
Hope this qualifies!
Jerry Williams & Dynamite Brass - Keep On, 1969
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