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If you ask me it would be a "side grade". SQ-wise I consider them equal.
Tonight is one of those nights that made me think that if I was forced to choose one and only one of my IEMs I’d take the DUNU DN-2000J. How can such a small device create such a monumental sound!? It’s certainly not just the bass but the bass treats me like royalty. Well, just had to get it out of me. After one year I guess I’m still one happy DUNU DN-2000J owner.  
How is the durability compared to Ety's own excellent tips which - unfortunately - loses their elasticity quite fast? Thanks!
Got a PM about ER4 tips and thought my reply might interest someone else as well.   "Thanks for your question and your kind words! And yes, I have a new pair ER4-XR with a much needed bit of extended bass response (if you ask me).   Yes, seal is absolutely crucial, and it can't be overemphasized. If you don't get a perfect seal you just won't get the best possible sound. Fortunately, the ER4s are comparatively easy in this department. I remember spending a year or so...
Unfortunately, I've lost some interest in this thread as I feel much too much of the music exposed here don't follow the guidelines and intentions of the OP. Of course, what makes us "'bust a move' when it was completely involuntary" is highly subjective. However, a really slow ballade that touches our hearts has definitely a place on Head-Fi too, but maybe not in this thread.   So, with that in mind, let's bust a move!   
Just read the “Important Message from HIFIMAN CEO, Dr. Fang BIAN”. I really don’t see why a multi-threaded OS should have to cause any audible ill effects. After all, most CPUs of today are lightning fast and have multiple cores meaning several threads can run in parallel, i.e. if you program it right. Very simply put; one thread could take care of the sound and another thread the interface simultaneously on separate cores (if the OS allows it, but HiFiMan develops their...
Informative and well written, thanks!If you need a DAP for high impedance headphones I’m sure the SuperMini will be a very fine option.(On a side note I find it a bit funny that someone should be prepared to carry bulky full size headphones on the go but need a tiny DAP to do so. Oh well; to each his own!)Personally I wouldn’t want to pay anything extra for balanced output on the SuperMini, and if removing it would make it less expensive I’d say that would be a very good...
Ordnung muß sein  
 I have - honestly - no doubt about that. What those "positive benefits" exactly were isn't all that important. The important thing is that you had a positive experience. My only wish is that non-experienced Head-Fi:ers don't get the idea that balanced set-ups is a requirement for stellar sound. In other words, before entering onto the path of a balanced set-ups, I'd recommend anyone to first make sure they have the "best" ear tips for their phones, the "best" recordings,...
Unfortunately, sweeping statements of the kind "superior" and "better" - which are far too common on Head-Fi - isn't helping anyone, quite to the contrary! No, it is my way of trying to tell the "new and unexperienced" not to spend their hard earned money on balanced output. I'm quite satisfied with my current DAP (FiiO X3 II) and I don't wish to review anything right now.
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