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Sorry, but I have no idea! Anyway, a friend of mine has expressed interest in this iPod as well so I'll close this classified for now. If my friend changes his mind I'll reopen it and will let you know. Sorry about that!
No problem whatsoever james444! I just felt this was very important to clarify as we are at least a few who prefer the High boost filters. You're the best!!! 
I don't know where we'd be without your personal reflections mocill? They somehow bind the endless universe and our small existence on this planet - who knows where - together...
Yes, I do! Yes, that's the advice I'm giving in my 1st post. No, I say; scrap any and all kinds of hierarchy / classification of the members.
Amen to that!
Couldn't agree more!
My post was meant to backup Up Late's post that AKG's marketing is misleading (which it indeed is), not to argue it's made of aluminium.
You'll probably find this post by james444 interesting reading.
New Posts  All Forums: