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​Some noise in the first half hour after start up is normal . If noise persists after warm up I would discard the tube
12 months now no problemBought 2 pair but still on the first set
Yes x2
 Cut away the knurled tube and chamfer so you are left with only the centre conductor and the semi open tube surrounding it . Solder positive to  the centre pin and negative to the back of the small semi open tube . Makes soldering easier and should be short enough to fit
J​ust spent the last couple of hours running the TH-X00 through my tube amp . My amp uses the same tubes as the 336se , single 6sn7 driving a single 6as7While conventional wisdom says this is not ideal for driving a low impedance headphone I have not noticed any problems . Switching between the tube amp and my Violectric 181 in se mode the tubes seem just fine . Differences are what I would expect with ss vs tubes . Tubes are softer in the treble and mids are forward while...
Probably not a great match , output impedance would be more than double the rated impedance of the TH-X00I have an amp with a similar tube set to the Darkvoice (same output tube) so I will give it a go this evening and report back tomorrow
Best wait for Woo to reply . If it is 115 and you give it 220 the magic smoke will escape for sure
I had scan issues in fw 1.3.3 with 2 200 gb sandisk cards they would scan only after many attempts . Now running fw 1.4.2 they scan ok My unit did reboot at the end of the second card last time but all the files seem to be there
 Please forgive my stupid questionBut , are you certain it is actually switched off ? I know that when I first received my unit I thought I had switched it off but I had only paused it and turned off the screen . Now I know you have to wait for the "see you" message and the relay clicks
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