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Hows this one I have some tubes from the US incoming they made it to my local FedEx office on the first of October but because they are "not due for delivery" they will sit in a bin until the tenth Is that ridiculous ?
Bottle Head Crack says differentThese are dual triode tubes one of each is plenty in a well designed amp
Sorry , Addicted to Audio Melbourne Australia
I had one d.o.a unit then the second one lost its magic smoke after 6 months of flawless service , the third one is a little over one year with no issues
A2A have them $29.95
Much improved White Lotus Focus is immediately on the subject without irrelevant distractions Another way to deal with backgrounds is depth of field , by employing lower light levels (larger aperture) and higher zoom you can soften the background focus   Now I'll get nit picky , the angle you have chosen is interesting but you still have a 50/50 thing going on I would crop out half to two thirds of the white space . Remember Loquah's 1/3 rule , in design terms the...
@CongeeBear it's an Olympus Omd-Em1 with stock 14-42mm @cesupro excellent summary I believe that is the state of play so far @JoelT After extensive research on arcing it seems the blue arc is caused by gas , common in tubes that have been in long storage and not a problem . A bright white flash on the other hand may indicate a tube is close to failure
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