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A2A have them $29.95
Much improved White Lotus Focus is immediately on the subject without irrelevant distractions Another way to deal with backgrounds is depth of field , by employing lower light levels (larger aperture) and higher zoom you can soften the background focus   Now I'll get nit picky , the angle you have chosen is interesting but you still have a 50/50 thing going on I would crop out half to two thirds of the white space . Remember Loquah's 1/3 rule , in design terms the...
@CongeeBear it's an Olympus Omd-Em1 with stock 14-42mm @cesupro excellent summary I believe that is the state of play so far @JoelT After extensive research on arcing it seems the blue arc is caused by gas , common in tubes that have been in long storage and not a problem . A bright white flash on the other hand may indicate a tube is close to failure
No idea on year can't find any etched code or tag , print looks very 70's but that's just a guess Certainly a family resemblance with the Cifte tubes , lose the coating and morph the hole into a slot I have only seen a few of these silver tubes over the last couple of years so I think you're Cifte version is a more practical option for keen rollers Seems tubes which excel in a preamp or amp (these are well documented) are also proving useful in the Tp , probably build...
You really need a magnifier to see the markings around the screw There is a dash for fully closed then two small vertical lines equally spaced then a dot for full open 180 degrees from the first dash My ASG 2 turn without resistance over the last two thirds to full open and there is a slight resistance in the first third from full closed with clear stops at each end I can also confirm one turns clockwise the other anti-clockwise so they mirror each other
Wa7 Fireflies Tp
Apologies to all but these are really good Teonex? Mazda? Cifte? who knows but the structure is quite unique Shot of the label One more for luck
They are labelled Teonex and came in Chelmer boxes but the design is unmistakably Mazda / Cifte I don't think anyone else ever made a 12au7 like that The seller did not know what they were so I only paid $30 for the matched pair Last pair I saw on Ebay went for $300 I will try and post a pic later today
I use glu dots , Blu Tack brand by Bostik , removable typeI take one 10mm dot cut from the sheet with backing papers intact and cut it into quartersI then have four little sticky corners which are easily applied to the corners of the ampI have removed the glass half a dozen times and the dots still function perfectly the glass stays firmly in placeI had some difficulty lifting the glass the first time and had to slide a plastic knife blade in to lever up one sideI have had...
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