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​I do not think the technical details are the problem . A one or even two terabyte dap is easily within the bounds of current tech . Problem is the bulk of the market has moved on to streaming as the primary source .
​@mdoxey73This is a good option if you don't want to buy a meter . Just hold one wire on one end of the battery and lightly brush the other wire across the other terminal . Back in the day we tested speakers with a 9volt this way so a AA should be fine on headphones . Remember it is just a quick light brush DO NOT hold the wires on both terminals . With my TH X00 I terminated with a 4pin xlr then made a female 4pin to 3.5 adapter and a female 3.5 to the stock 1/4 to finish...
​You will need a continuity tester or multi meter . Left +ve has continuity with left -ve etc.
Sorry to contradict the previous post but I would say they are almost certainly Chatham /Tungsol .Getter is wrong for Russian and construction wrong for RCA
​I agree the delay is not the fault of Audeze .However the decision to announce in September and make statements likePost # 19"The new headphones ship in October ....."was down to Audeze .Continuing to announce ship by dates when said date is being controlled by a third party is unprofessional and only serves to erode confidence in the company .Difficulties in dealing with Apple need not be visited on the customer .
Thanks , order cancelledMight be a plan to sort the paperwork a little earlier in the release next time
​You know if know one posts on the thread it will just sit here quietly not wasting anything . Until the DX200 is released and we all explode with enthusiasm
You have Pm
​Some noise in the first half hour after start up is normal . If noise persists after warm up I would discard the tube
12 months now no problemBought 2 pair but still on the first set
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