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Just added an Octave MkII to my collection Really happy , compared to my Yulong Sabre D18 it is much more HD800 friendly Presentation is so gentle but still full of detail with beautiful tone They are running out at very good prices right now , I paid a little over 900 US all up
Happy camper 3 Running fw 1.4.0 no problem Scanned 2 x 200gb cards without issue EQ working All Good
      My 6x6 switch Seiden switches and Mundorf hook up
I use my DX80 every day either as a transport or naked depending on the weather . Honestly I can not point out any bugs in my day to day use . Looking back over the bug thread I see some instances of user error , other faulty gear and the same issue repeated many times While the DX80 clearly had some firmware issues and possibly a couple of hardware problems (hiss and card slots) as others have said it is no more than normal
​Some members have posted pretty poor impressions in the past so not much 
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