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Really , Are we going to be doing "are we there yet " every few hours ? Going to be a looooooooong wait At least three months probably more like five , my guess
Generally half the rrp is what the retailer would pay , cost would be closer to quarter rrp
All publicity is good publicityI think it is just vinyl hot printed to make the texture
Can take no credit it's just a OEM skin included in the box , agree it is a good look though
There is a slight texture just enough to catch the lightNot the best faux carbon I've seen but not the worstNice quality, easy to apply/reapply no bubbles 
Fiio X1 in carbon skin
After a small delay in Hong Kong due to "public holiday" (demonstrations) the x1 has landed down under I have been an ipod/ iTunes guy for ever but Apple seems of late to have forgotten me After much deep thought I decided to look for a new way Unsure of how this new way would integrate with the old way (iTunes) I was hesitant Enter the x1 , at the price even if things did not work out I would not lose much My micro sd card arrived last week and it was quite easy to...
Apex Tephra   "Tephra" a general term for volcanic fragments
Ebay Global shipping program , I expected it to be a slow ship and was pleasantly surprised to see the parcel had landed in my local capital well ahead of scheduleThen for two days in a row tracking indicated the parcel as not due for deliverySo I made an inquiry and was told it would not be available until the tenth of OctoberI purchase too much on line and sometimes shipping is slow sometimes it is fast but to hold a package that was fast just because I didn't buy the...
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