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I'll be there. Not sure what I'm bringing yet, depends on prep time.
I'm in. If someone want to carpool from westchester, have them PM me. I can have a big station wagon and can take at least 4 people and their gear.   Victor
Im in
Count me in.
I am interested. I tried to PM you but it wont go through, Please PM me.
I am interested. I tried to PM you but it wont go through, Please PM me.
I want to the NY meet this past weekend to have Jack Wu help me setup my WA7 with Foobar, and Dan "lured" me to his table to listen to his 'phones. I told him that I had heard them last year and the tone was not to my taste. What I did not tell him was I really didn't like them at all back then. Well I let him sales pitch me and I tried them again. What a huge difference one year of development makes. I had just listened to the Thunderpants not 10 min. before at another...
I have the HE500s and I was able to compare them to LCD-3, T1 and HD800. Unfortunately, the HE500s were certainly bested by all three, but they are still great and I enjoy them everyday. I just got the WA7 amp and the the HE500 are much more lively and enjoyable to listen to compared to my hybrid desktop HP amp. I was not able to compare to them to LCD2.
Great review! I got mine today and the bassiness you described is the same for me. The treble seems ok, tho. The WA7 is definitely a step up from my Vincent HP amp. I have not even tried the DAC yet due to driver issues I have yet to work out.
I plan on being there, also. Not sure if i'll be bringing anything yet. I have the wa7 on order, but Jack should be there with his fine stuff.
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