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Anyone has a experience of contacting Shure for warranty, one of the piece of SE846 has completely no sound. I wondered if they would replace a new one for me or repair for me with charge. This pair is only 2 month old so it is absolutely in warranty.
Just forgot to take away my SE846 from my pants and put it in the washing machine. Wash for around 2 minute... Now they are surrounded by tissue. Any other advice now?
Got this headphone from a friend as a birthday gift, I still prefer IEM, so I decide to sell it. It is brand new in box and price includes shipping to Noth America. Some extra fee will be added if buyer is in other countries. 
Got a pair of Sennheise IE800 for authorize dealer, absolutely genuine, but just don't like the sound signature and incompatible to iPhone control so I decide to sell it. Just used for 2 hours but missed one tip. No trades please.
Only used for 2 hours, The reason for selling this is I don't like the feeling of wearing and still prefer IEM. Ship internationally from Toronto but the fee is paid by buyer.
Just switched to Westone W40 and this IEM is for those who is not really into iPhone control, for the iPhone compatible cable is not working properly, everything else is working just fine. Thus I deduct price for this premium IEM. All accessory included. Shipping to US and Canada preferralby and shipping fee is not included.
Do you have the contact info for phonak?
In mint condition, seldom used, no scratches, selling for 260
I am selling this IEM because I want to buy the westone w60. Heir Audio 4.Ai for $290 like new condition with less than 50 hours use. Come with all boxes and accessories. Canada and US preferrable. Shipping and paypal fee are both not included on the price.
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