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One year use, in mint contition, shipping worldwide, but buyer pay for the shipping fee. Come with iPhone cable, original box not included. Come with all the accessories and the container. NOT interested in any trades.
in mint condition, but only a little scartch on the screen, since it is made for listening music and has no video playback funtion, I think is is not much big deal. Shipping fee excluded, located in Toronto Price Dropped!
Brand new one, Shipping included
Looking for a Apex HiFi Audio Glacier or HeadAmp Pico Slim in good working condition with all the accessories. Will accept paypal, Canada and US preferred Also I am very interested in Portaphile 627X. PM me if you got one of them!
which phone number or email address didi you use ?
I bought a Ultimate ears cable with mic from the official website, after 1 month I still don't received anything and I tried to contact them, there is no reply for email at all, then I switch to phone call. They just transfer me over and over again, but no one is willing to handle my issue. Anyone coming accross the inability to customer serivice of Ultimate Ears? 
Just listened for 2 hours, the size does not fit my ears, that is why I want to sell it, all accessories and the earphones are almost intact, woudl like to trade for w4r, k3003i, Fitear 334, the price difference will definitely be considered. Price drops from 750 to 720
Why you need to ship to India, definitely US will be cheaper and faster, shipping to India will vary from 20-40, if for US, will vary from 15-36
Just got a pair of UE900, it is in brand new in box, replacement from logitech customer service.I accept paypal and interac transfer, Canada preferrable. Buyer will pay for the shipping fee.
I own many high IEM, but I lost some of the cases such earsonics SM3, any IEM case which is suitable for IEM and not that expensive?
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