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Have a sandisk SD card for my DX90 loaded with an assortment of Music from CD's as well as purchases from HDTracks. Using the J River Media 20. Tonight, I ripped newly purchased CD's to JRiver and was ripped as an APE. Format. Drag and transferred the music unto the SD card. I then installed the card back to the DX90. Suddenly, the DX90 is not reading my music files on the card. My laptop is reading the files and it is present on the SD card. Hoping someone has...
Such a lively phone at a great pricing. I'm liking it with any genre thrown at it.
Not only listening but spent a few minutes with Scott Henderson.
Thanks for the warm acceptance to the group. Used to have a midfi speaker system but due to acoustic restraints at home, I could not fully appreciate the beauty of the sound and the music and therefore resorted to the headphone journey. Which i am continually appreciating. Nowadays, I have confined myself to portable listening. My favorite setup right now is the DX90 with the amperiors. My musical choices are bebop, classical, solo guitars, and chicago/texas blues. Hope...
Also a great pint Mark. All the albums or CD's that I've enjoyed listening to are from the german ECM label as well as the blue note reissues. Older columbia recordings of the mahavishnu orchestra, though the musicianship is fantastic, the recording is like I said so so. With all the recent DAPs that have come out that represents great recordings, I tend to just put the old mahavishnu recordings aside. Wish HD tracks could reissue them in a higher bitrate format. But then,...
Loved the Mahavishnu Orchestra during the late 70's but the recording was so so. Just got this album recently and it is Mahavishnuesque but a great recording.
Not to be put aside!
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