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BTW, prospective buyer pays for shipping and 4% Paypal fees.
Selling a DT880 600 ohm version. I have enjoyed it beautifully with my recently sold BH Crack. Too much traveling has made me switch to my portables. I don't have an amp now to drive this beautifully. The pad may need to be changed and thats why I am offering a fair pricing for it. When I sell, I enjoy the interaction with the buyer. PM me for additional queries. Thanks for your interest.
I am the original owner. Fantastic sounding amp but have not been getting alot of use. Have two other portables and decided to confine my listening to what I have. The current screws have been scratched up but on the original box, comes with a spare. Paypal plus 4% fees. Thanks for looking.
Had it for two (2) years. Sounds amazing. No electrical or cosmetic issues. Comes with Tungsol 5998 and RCA 12Au7 Clear Top plus the stock tubes that came with it. The tubes will ship separate from the carefully packed amp. Will post more pictures.
No speedball. It has tungsol 5998 and RCAclear top 12au7. PM me if it interests you.
Still available? Local here.
CK2III is such a great amp and will push your HD to powerful levels. Great amp for the price. Good luck on the sale.
Don't worry about it. I didn't even sense that you were starting an argument and I didn't get offended. As a prospective buyer, you just asked a valid question. Cheers!
$350, fair price for a great amp.
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