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  +1 I have M6 and the she3580 sounds much better. In-fact, since I bought my CK-700, I have hardly touched the M6. It's just somewhere gathering dust. The fit on the Philips is new to me. I always forget I have them on. It complements my CK-700 very well.
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No the red one is quite different in specification and in sound and it's named CK-M700 with and impedance of 40ohm while the CK-700 is rated 16ohm. I have also got the black CK-800 which not same as the black CK-700. All of them sound good, but i much prefer the sound signature, design and comfort of the CK-700. It's pure joy and fun to listen to.
Yes, it's takes quite some days to arrive. I got the red one too, but much prefer the CK-700. And i'm looking forward to the group buy for the Monoprice 8320 which i have heard some good things about.  
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Try the CK-700 from Focalprice. Follow this thread  for initial impressions. Cost only $6. I own both M6 and CK-700 which has dethroned my M6 in both sound quality and comfort. We enjoy same genres and these babies handles they superbly. Oh the bass from these...! extends so low too with great mids and highs. Such fun iem. The best bang-for-bucks buy and yet to be discovered here.      
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I have just been ZO-ed! Just placed an order for the ZO2. Thanks to you, RPGWiZaRD for all you well received advice.
Maybe this link will help. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B002R5ABPU/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new   Some of the vendors ship internationally. And I got an email from Amazon UK that they have received new stocks and a replacement for my broken one has been shipped this morning. Doesn't say so on their site yet. Cheers.
Just a heads up! I just downloaded this file and couldn't install it because my anti-virus (Avira) flagged it as a virus/trojan, specifically named  'TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen' [trojan]. This is same when i scanned it online @virustotal.com. It may be one of those false positives as no other engine found anything, but i'd advise caution before running this files until it's fully checked out and certified as not malicious. It really bogged down my system. My browser hung and and...
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