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I received mine yesterday also. They do seam to fit well and sound just as I remembered. The finish looks as nice as I were to expect. It did take a long time, but as I said in an earlier post, I knew that going in. I didn't contact rob until a week or so ago, and he was very responsive, and apologetic.
My Impressions were received in FL on May 15. I haven't really followed up to see what stage or how far off they are. I figure I'll just wait my turn, I was aware before I ordered of the increased lead time. Hopefully it's just a few weeks longer.
I just see so many appreciation threads, everyone wants to be part of a "team". I own the TF10, and have my own opinion, I bought them because I couldn't wait any longer for your review.   The RE-262 packaging is a little assuming by me. In the review below there are pictures of what I believe is included, which I also received when I purchased in April at $149. I'm not on team RE-262, and I realize they are a  kind of boutique company, but this seamed to be the standard...
Joker,   Two questions, first i will thank you for your diligance, You have never lead me wrong,.   1: Same as the quote, the triplefi10 is somewhat a benchmark for iems. It would help many, if you plublished your results. Don't worry about the backlash................ 2; With the added case and adapters of the RE-262, will you change the overall ratnking?          
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