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Just got mine and have been charging it for about 2 1/2 hours and the red led has turned off, does that mean it's ready to rock, or does it need to be charged more for the first charge?  Sorry for the lame question, just don't want to degrade the battery since it's the first charge.   Thanks, and thanks to Fiio for making such an awesome product.  I'm amazed how small and light it is too, so wicked.
Sweeeeet can't wait till my e11 from pjbox arrives!  Whoo hoooo!!
Feaio, Has pjbox received their shipment yet?  If not, when will they be getting theirs?  Many folks have pre-ordered from them including me, so I'd like to know when they will be sending them out please.   Thanks!
  @Feiao:  I would really like to know this too.  Will there be any differences at all between the E11's being released earlier compared to the mass produced E11's later? Such as the soldering or the finish or components used etc?   I've already ordered one with an L9 LOD from pjbox by the way, can't wait to get it! :)   Thanks Feiao!    
Just order it from the link that was posted, they ship international.  I live in Canada and it came to 65 shipped for me :)
Thanks for the link to pj, ordered one this morning. I've been watching this thread for what seems like forever so I'm glad to see it's finally available! And also thanks for the first impression review too.
I've got B&W P5's, I'm pretty stoked to hear what people say about this amp when it comes out.  Will this be a good amp for the P5's?  I've tried my buddies E5 and it made a pretty decent difference on my P5 cans, so I'm hoping that the E11 will be even better.   Thoughts?   Can't wait!!
One thing that I've noticed in this review is how quickly people are giving up on these prior to allowing proper break in.  It has been stated a number of times, including B&W's owner's manual, that these cans need to be properly broken in to sound their best.  A good couple weeks of solid listening will get them there.     I understand that if you don't listen to them often enough, you might go over your time frame to return for a full refund prior to properly...
edit: post removed, didn't realize it was sold.
Is this sold?  I'd like it if it isn't.
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