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 I can't comment on that , but no doubt the phonak tips and resistance really improve the sound quality of the W4R to my ears.  
  I was responding to huggs2, who didn't seem to be using an app that did auto-switching. I actually use BitPerfect and Fidelia, which also change sample rates. Interested in Audirvana because of the new UI, but I have been using Spotify more and more and haven't been able to justify the cost.  How stable do you find it?
Generally speaking, you want to set the Audio Midi settings on your Mac to match the resolution of your source files (typically 44,100 unless you have Hi Rez files). Otherwise, you are using your mac to upsample before sending to the dac.  That said, no harm in doing whatever sounds best to you (that should count for something). 
 I know many DACs do this, including the vastly more expensive Chord Hugo.  I am far from an expert, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think they up sample because it allows them to do whatever DSP magic they are doing without introducing additional noise to the signal. 
Funny that you say too.  There have been times that I have been close to selling an IEM (the IE800 comes to mind), only to have it sound fantastic the next day.  I was thinking it maybe had to do with my choice of music for that day, but maybe we are more sensitive on some days vs others.
I think your explanation is spot on.
"the Explorer2 now upsamples all digital inputs to 176.4/192kHz (if the inputs are lower than 176.4/192)"
I should add: In the meantime, I am really enjoying the Explorer2 with just plain ol' Spotify.   For some reason, the IE800, in particular, has never sounded better. EXTREMELY holographic, big soundstage.   Having trouble getting work done right now because it is too distractingly great sounding. So I thought I would come here instead  
I would not be very happy if I didn't qualify for this. I's just a trial.  But I am going to be patient and assume that I will be able to take advantage of the offer when Meridian provides more details. I just double-checked my box to make sure there wasn't any info or a code or something (there wasn't).
I suspect the lack of comments about the bass may be unintentionally revealing.  Doesn't seem like the bass will be a strong point.
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