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These were purchased in December 2012.  Not sure how much head time overall...I was going through a lot of headphones for a period of time (I've since reformed).   Not planning on shipping internationally at this time.  Thanks!
For sale: Beyerdynamic T1 1st Gen w/ original metal case, box.   They are in great condition. I am the original owner.   Price includes both shipping and PayPal fees.  U.S. Only.  No trades please (trying to reduce headphone collection, not maintain it! )   Thanks for looking.
Well, after 6 weeks of anguish, my replacement K3003's should be here tomorrow.  I can't wait to be back in the game! I will be relieved once I actually have them in hand, though.  For some reason, they have my shipping address with the right zip code but the wrong city name.  But UPS already notified me about the shipment so I think I am good.   I have to say that, in the end, AKG really stepped up to help with my issue once I got in touch with the right people.
Well, if you insist.  Just opened the bottle (of Caol Ila Moch) and am enjoying a dram right now.   I don't want to draw any definitive conclusions yet as, in my experience, the first pour isn't always indicative of the rest of the bottle.But so far, I quite like this.
??? Sorry, can't sign off on this.  I guess I am not part of the "general consensus".
I have an unopened bottle waiting for me...will probably break the seal this weekend.  Sounds like a pretty good chance I am going to like it.
When did you get yours? That's the configuration I have on order.
I wonder if there is some variance.  I have no issues with the spiral dots (using the large). They fit perfectly and have never once come off in my ears...and they sound pretty darn great.
I agree.  That is a bum rap.  The K3003 has plenty of treble, no doubt.  But harsh?  nah.   The K3003 does cymbals better than any IEM I have ever heard.Not  sibilant either, when compared to something like a GR07.To have that fantastic treble with nice full bass and great mids is really a beautiful thing. Oh wait...this is the IE800 thread.  I like them quite a bit too  
Thanks for that comment ^.   Apathy diminishing and now impatience ramping up!
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