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 Me either.  I find the treble just perfect on the reference, but I can't imagine having more.  That said, given the price tag, I probably should at least try out all the features! 
Go big or go home. Just picked up the HD-800.  Let the buyer's remorse begin!
Yup.  They sound great!
Hmmm....tough question.  I would guess about 150 hours.   I was primarily using them as gaming headphones, but have decided to stop playing so much Xbox!
Includes HD 598, 3.5mm adapter, original box.    They are in excellent condition, as can be seen in photos. I am the original owner.   Price includes shipping and PayPal fees.     U.S. ONLY please  (Sorry...but I will ignore requests to ship elsewhere)   Thanks for looking!   (Note: stand not included)
Here is my experience:  My cables were originally soft and supple.  But, unfortunately, they got less and less so over the months that I had the IE800.   I just got them replaced under warranty for this reason.  Replacement pair is again soft and flexible.  I am just afraid that it will not last.   On the one hand, I love the cable.  It seems very strong and looks kinda cool. On the other hand, I HATE the cable.  It is too short after the split and seems to harden...
 If I had to keep just one, it would be the K3003 (although if Sennheiser fixed the non-sound related issues, it might persuade me other otherwise). But, like you, I am choosing to keep BOTH  
 Those are exactly my 2 gripes.  The treble is nicely extended. It can be delicately pretty... and I actually do like it much of the time.  But it is not realistic. For me, the answer to the treble extension with "weight" is the favorite treble.  And it still has great bass and mids.
You are setting expectations too low.   The ie800 is much more enjoyable than the hd598 IMO. But as Duncan mentioned, there is much more bass than hd598.  The sound signatures are not similar.
Gentleman, start your engines.  Just got the following email.   Thank you for your interest in the OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones. You are receiving this e-mail because you registered to be notified of the PM-1’s availability. We are currently accepting orders for the PM-1 and expect to begin shipping on Monday, April 14th. Initial availability is limited. For your convenience, you can use the following link to place your...
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