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My BA is modified by Craig himself to accommodate both PX25 and PX4.  Craig also made a pair of B4 to UX4 adapters for me at the same time.  I trust Rosgr's words, who is a real expert on tubes in general.  The modification of my BA could be just to accommodate the use of PX25 tubes.  Osram PX25s are my personal favorite power tubes in BA, usually with either a Raytheon or National 6F8G as the driver for HD800.  6SL7/ECC35 are preferred driver tubes when using PX4 or EML...
Modification of BA is required to accommodate AVVT PX-4M.  A pair of adapters are also required.  Check with Craig if your BA could use these tubes.  Be aware of possible reliability issues with these tubes.  They sound very nice (especially with a Mullard ECC35 as the driver).  My pair became useless when one of them burned out after less than a year of moderate usage, although this could just be my bad luck.     
Good luck and best wishes.
Just as Grokit described, mine is also dead silent.  No problem at all. 
What are the tubes?  Is there going to be a SE version?
Except when there is one used by a private owner for no more than 100 hour total.  Mine was bought around chirstmas time, packed in the original box ready for shipping.  I highly recommend the RA150, especially with a tube preamp in the front.  I bought it for $180-200.  If anybody is interested I will let it go for $80 plus shipping from Boston.  My WA22 is gone.  I am driving the HE6 with a couple of tube speaker amps.  HE6 is truly a great phone.   
My WA22 is sold so my next statement has nothing to do with my own interest (in fact what I encourage will hurt my own interested).  I think you shold go with WA22.  You will have the flexibility to use it for different phones.  People has reported great results pairing LCD3 and WA22.  Of course, this is just my opinion. 
I do not think there is any disagreement between our experience.  I also feel a little bit uneasy about leaving it that way forever.   I think that is just because I do not know the electronic side of things well enough to feel safe. 
An ECBA still in California being modded by Craig.  After the mod, the amp can take PX25, PX4, 300B.  A weapon of money destruction. 
What a pleasant suprise!  We have never met even on this site, but I want to thank you for your tube rolling thread with WA22 driving HD650.  I read it from begining to the end many times.  I own WA22, HD650 and many 6F8Gs because of your thread.  I always recommend people to read that when they have questions about WA22 or HD650.    After tomorrow I will loss  my Woo membership as I will ship my WA22 (with preamp out, influence from the Master) to its new owner.  I love...
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